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What in the world have I gotten myself into...

So; the game is called Overlords of Infamy; and the design of the game feels like it is a mixture of Catan style hexagons with worker placement in some way. Except it isn't as you have to build out your terrain as you feel is the 'right' way by exploiting the land you choose between, you have to steal precious artifacts from the 'Kingdom of Good' to finish some nefarious plots, and you have this good guy who runs around trying to do fix your bad schemes...

Ok as you can see there is a lot going on in this game. How about some basics:

1) You are an Evil Overlord - there are several to choose from (each has an affinity to something in the game and you may or may not get a very good boost from the ability... it depends on how you use it!)

2) You have minions who exploit the land, steal precious artifacts, go on dangerous scouting and elimination missions for you, and overall... they are minions!

3) You have the ability to complete nefarious plots such as: slowing down the internet speed to 56k everywhere, making socks slightly wet, stealing candy from babies.. I think you get the idea. It makes the game feel tongue in cheek and for that I love it. I can play this with my kids.

4) When you 'exploit the land' you take a few of the available tiles and you place ONE of them. So you might say right now "I don't need more water resources.. but this magic ore resource..!"

5) Once you send your lackeys out you must bring them back to base for them to do another action. Since the game is very nice to new and old players by limiting actions each turn to 3 you have to be strategic on how you do this.

6) There is a whole phase of your turn called Espionage that you can go into other Evil Overlords' territory and do nefarious things to each other. Be careful about the ultimate good guy spoiling your plans.. and also be careful of your other Overlords who might just want to sabotage your chances of taking over Fred as well!


The game plays in rounds, and as the game goes the "Nefarious Plots" get harder and harder to finish.

Some of these require you to go to the "Kingdom of Good" and steal an artifact to finish the plots. This will take resources, management, and worker placement game enthusiasts into their happy places because of the rich, and strikingly different ways that you must act and react to how the the game is going.

The world tension tracker grows each time something evil is done, and when it reaches as far as it can take: A WORLD EVENT! (which is the true 'turn counter' for the game)

These world events could completely cripple something you are working on, or they could help you finish it without even realizing it. Be prepared to handle the consequences of not turning in your evil plot last turn because you wanted to do just 'one more thing!' before doing so.

Overall I appreciate the campy humor, the standard tropes, and the presentation of this game the most. I suggest when it gets to Kickstarter you give it your attention as this is a small game development team that will definitely put their name on the map.
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