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Subject: First Impressions of Trap! rss

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Jose Chavez
United States
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I've seen this game sitting on the shelf of my FLGS this week, the cool art and low price made me pick this game up despite not being able to find any info about it. I've only been able to play a couple of times with one other person.

The Story So far
Zela Von Flatuous has a hankering to collect baddies from various planets and her attentions have been focused on EARTH! Although she is collecting people, Zela promises that whoever assists in the captures will be rewarded

Stuff In The Box
- 1 Rule book
- 27 card deck
- 1 Black Die
- 1 Cloth Bag

I am conflicted with the component quality. The cloth bag with the logo of the game and the die are really nice. It is an great carry bag. The cards on the other hand feel thin and a little flimsy. The art for the ninja cards are nice and whimsical (as whimsical as ninjas can be anyway). When the heart of the game is flipping cards, having thin cards really worries me since it feels like they can easily be damaged. Damaged cards can ruin a deduction/memory game.

Game On!
Getting it to the table is quick and easy. Shuffle the deck and deal 3 cards to each player. You can look at your hand then you set a card in each of the 3 positions (Left, Mid, Right). Roll the die to see who goes first

How do I win?:
The goal of the game is to score the most points by the end of the game. You score points by capturing specific creatures during each of the 5 rounds. The number on the creature card correlates with the round it must be captured in and how many points it is worth at the end of the game. (i.e. Round 1 you need the 1 Creature card and it is worth 1 pt, Round 2 you need to capture the 2 Creature card and it is worth 2 pts, etc).

It's my turn, What do?:
On your turn you will flip one of the cards in front of you. It will either be an Action, a Creature, or a Trap. If it is an action card, you do as the text says, or you don't and then you discard. If you flip a creature card that is not the one that needs to be captured, you discard it and the creature gets away. If it is the creature that needs to be captured (i.e. the 1 creature in the 1st Round) then the card is auto-captured and the round ends. (more on that later) If it is a trap card then you choose an opponents card and they flip it over. If it an action or trap card then the card is negated and they both are discarded. If it is a creature card then you must roll the die. If you roll lower than the number on the card, then the creature does not get trapped and returns face down. If you roll the number or higher then you take control of the card until the end of the round.

Here is the rub with capturing the specific creature. The person who captures it may not get to keep it. When you capture the needed creature for the round everyone flips over their cards and the person who has the highest creature (either controlled from capturing or sitting in one of the 3 spots in front of them) gets to take the creature for points at the end of the game. If no one has any creatures when it is captured, then the card is removed from the game and the happy ninja gets away.

After that you get new cards and start the next round until you hit the end of the 5th round and the game ends. At that point you add up all the points you have earned from taking the captured creatures. If you tie with another player, then you roll the die.

Both of my Cents
I walked into this game not having high expectations...and I still felt a little underwhelmed. Some of the components and the art are really nice, but the game play doesn't sustain the game. I have no problems with games that are light, but this feels more like just a straight guessing game and not a deduction game and hardly any memory is involved. Due to there only being 6 creatures in the entire deck (numbered 1-6), the last round just consists of waiting until someone had the 5 and 6 card out and then hoping you have a card to nab it. Usually you stumble on it and you take it before you really want to. Once someone captures a monster, the round feels like its over since they will more than likely win the needed creature. I am hoping that the game feels a bit less luck driven with more players, but I don't expect the game to feel very different. The game didn't last very long, the 30 minutes on the box is pretty accurate...but I felt those 30 minutes by the end of the game. I might give the game another shot, but as of right now I think I need some time away from trapping ninjas
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