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Deck 3 Scenario Wintersun - Party Arueshalae, Ekkie and Arabundi

From the chronicles of Jonah the Scribe:

(From now on Arueshalae has insisted on her name being Arue and Arabundi is to be called Bundi. So be it.)

Two messengers from Queen Galfrey had arrived, Vinst and Cecilla the Uprooter, both familiar to Arue. They were to travel to Wintersun Hall and check out what was going on there. Something about barbarians and whether they were still loyal or not.

On the way Arue did as Anevia had recommended, building the potential relationship with Bundi slowly. Cecilla being a ranger, like Bundi, caused them to have many talks. Arue kept away, unsure as to what was normal, and what was expected of her.

When they arrived it was clear that they had five locations that they needed to check out.

The simplest ones were the Armory and the Marketplace.

They had to check Wintersun hall. The history of this place was rather grim. Build by Corag Grunhuld-Wintersun, the place had survived the first wave of demons when the Worldwound opened. During the second wave the clan had been infected by demonic energies. This caused some children to be born deformed.

The clan was now led by Marchevok Grunhuld-Wintersun, who had by now been transformed into a demon, at least according to the rumors that had reached Queen Galfrey.

There was also a dragon's lair in the area, always a dangerous situation.

Close by was Eagle Rock, the ruined remnants of five towers. That place was now overrun by demons, again according to rumors.

They made camp in a remote area that they considers safe enough. Plans were made. Arue wanted to see how Bundi behaved in battle.

Early the next morning they left camp. Arue and Bundi went together, which meant that his Vulture ally came along as well. Arue had a new recruit; this one was not under her mental control.

Their target was the Armory, mainly because Arue wanted to check the place for weapons and armor, and because she wanted them to start with an easy location.

The Armory was not guarded. They slipped inside. Arue found a Corroded Helm, but it was corrupted, and she didn't really want it, so her attempt at retrieavel was botched.

The new recruit didn't impress Arue, so she sent him on an errand. Continuing her search she, meaning sorting through piles of crap, mostly, she found an armor they might be of use. The Gossamer Shrouds was magic, but made of very fine material. Trying to get it loose without destroying it, she failed miserably, and it was torn apart when she pulled at it.

She decided that the Leather Armor she had in her backpack would have to be sufficient. Light and soft; it didn't hamper her movements.

The other team was Ekkie and the Demon Hunter. Arue had never used her telepathic powers to charm the Demon Hunter because she guessed that he would not be as efficient as a body guard for Ekkie if she did that. Ekkie's safety was very important to Arue.

Ekkie was dressed in her Eagle Knight Dress Uniform, armed with the Radiance sword and carrying a Holy Water Grenade. She walked slowly toward the Eagle Rock. The Demon Hunter likewise, a short distance behind her.

A Giant Maggot Swarm surprised them, which caused them to be sprayed with acid. Otherwise weak; the swarm was quickly disposed of. The grenade was broken because of the acid, but that was the only item affected.

Deciding to approach Eagle Rock from two sides, Ekkie sent the Demon hunter away to the left side, while she took the other path.

Bundi was exploring the Armory. Dressed in Scale Mail armor and a Bejeweled Helm, he had the spell Life Drain memorized and ready.

The first thing he found that might be of use was a magic Spellcaster Shield. Checking it, he found it to be in order. He put it in his backpack.

Arue found a Sickle. The small weapon was probably not useful to her, but she put it in her backpack anyway.

Ekkie found something. Showing it to the Demon Hunter he suggested it was left there as a hindrance. Temptation of the Big Die, he called it, whatever that might mean.

Bundi came across a human man, who said he was a Teamster. Checking if he was a threat or a possible ally, Bundi decided he was neither, and left him alone. He found a Sickle nearby and put it in his backpack.

Arue found another Corroded Helm. Tainted by corruption, something still made her keep it. She wrapped it in a piece of cloth and put it in her backpack.

Ekkie was surprised by a Mongrel Wizard. He managed to attack her with acid, which corroded some parts of her armor, so she had to discard it. She quickly cut him down with her Sawtooth Sabre +2. The poisonous cloud that came from the dead body made a prayer scroll crumble to dust, but didn't do any more harm than that.

Bundi found a working Scythe. Deciding he didn't need another melee weapon he left it there.

Arue ran into a Barbarian Horde.

Two of the barbarians ran off and attacked Ekkie. She and the Demon Hunter managed to fight them off, but not before she had lost two of her weapons and some prayer scrolls in the commotion.

One barbarian surprised Arue and managed to hit her. His sharp axe cut through her leather armor from her chest area and down to her waist. It left the armor useless, and her skin was cut, but not very deep. Tossing the armor to the side, the pain from her cuts made her mad and she attacked the barbarian head on, grabbing his axe with one hand she bit his neck with her sharp teeth and tore loose a large part it. She spat it out. Her tail then curled around his torso and she threw him violently to the ground where he bled out.

Her rage made her fire her Markman's Bow rapidly against the remaining barbarians, her arrows hitting her targets one by one until they were all dead.

Afterwards she told Bundi to get out of the location at once. She set the place on fire. As she ran out she grabbed a weapon she saw. On the outside she found it to be a Flaming Spear +1. Behind her the Armory collapsed.

Ekkie continued with her exploration. She came across a Wolverine. The animal was too wild to be an ally, and ran away from her.

Bundi studied Arue. Her face from her nose down was red with the barbarian's blood, her neck and upper body also red with blood. Her shirt was cut open and blood was trickling from an open wound running from her chest to her waist. The blood had already reached her trousers, one trouser leg red and wet from her blood.

"Do we need to rest, to dress your wounds?" he said.

"It's just a scratch. Nothing to worry about," she answered.

"It doesn't look like a scratch."

"Look here. You don't know how I get during a battle. The more I'm hurt, the wilder I get. This here just makes me mad. More cuts madder and madder, until full-blooded crazy. The crazier I get the better I get at killing enemies. So trust me, unless a cut severe a limb, all cuts I get is mere scratches to me."

"If you say so."

"I do. If you see me go all crazy, really letting the monster out, then just keep a distance from me, for your own safety."

"Will do."

Arue put on her Scale Mail, both for protection, and to spare Bundi the sight of blood trickling steadily from her long wound.

Arue and Bundi walked to the Marketplace in silence. There they split, each taking one side of the place until they would meet at the end.

A little later Bundi came across an Apprentice. Having some familiarity with Divine magic, Bundi could need his assistance. In the end he managed to persuade the Apprentice to join him. Bundi even warned him about Arue so he would keep his wits when he saw her.

The Apprentice was sent on a search and came back with a strange armor, a Sweet Dragon Costume. Thinking it may be of use to Ekkie, Bundi put it in his backpack.

Arue was searching the Marketplace. Mostly deserted, the place still had many places for their enemies to hide in. Going after some noises she found another Barbarian Horde.

This horde attacked both her and Bundi. Bundi managed to avoid a volley of arrows by shielding himself with the Spellcaster's Shield.

Arue was hit by three arrows. One made a cut in her right leg, the two others stuck in her armor. One arrow tip had penetrated the armor, and was scratching the area that was already cut. She had to remove the armor.

She took to her wings, flying low and high, she was a difficult target hit and impossible for most of the barbarians who was armed with axes only. She managed to kill them all with arrows.

Seeing from high up that the location was almost empty, she landed close by Bundi.

"Who is this?" she asked of Bundi. She was looking at the Apprentice, who looked at her, all of her, but most at her almost bare breasts, just partly covered by her broken shirt, but covered in blood that had begun to dry and some of it had already peeled off leaving her pale bare skin visible.

"Ollienok. He is here to aid my divine magic."

"Ok. His your responsibility then. We need to close this place. There is a woman hiding in there. I doubt she will come if I approach her, looking like this. Send your apprentice and she will come."

Bundi agreed, Arue explained where the woman was hiding. A little later they came back; the woman said her name was Belthis Loumis.

Since the Marketplace was now empty they closed the location and moved on.

Ekkie found a jar with a label on it that said "Swarmlord's Jar". The lid was stuck; the stuff inside it looked murky, so she left it there.

The Demon Hunter had called the Warhorse to their location. Sorting through things on the ground, the Warhorse provoked an attack from something hiding in the rubble, a Worm Demon. Ekkie stung it with her Shock Lance +1, killing it quickly.

Arue and Bundi and their allies moved to Wintersun Hall. The place was large, little light shone through the dirty windows. The whole place looked to be in dire need of repair.

Bundi opened the large front door. No guards where inside. On a cupbord lay a spell scroll. He studied it. It was a Refuge spell. Part of it to worn, he decided he would not be able to cast it properly. it was left on the cupbord.

Inside the building Arue went upstairs. A Spectre was floating above the floor. The ghostly undead, in full armor and its face covered by a hideous mask, ignited just hatred in Arue. Throwing her magic Flaming Spear at it, it passed right through the undeads incorporeal body. The Spectre dissolved and was gone.

Belthis Loumis tagged along behind her. She found an item of sort. It was a bottle that required magic powers to open without destroying its content, which looked like spell scrolls. Arue had no use for it, and didn't want to spend time more time on it. She sent Belthis away with the bottle.

At Eagly Rock Ekkie and her allies surprised a Barbarian Horde. Some Barbarians stormed off to Wintersun hall, bursting through the front door and attacked.

Bundi fended them off without injury. Arue was also unhurt, but she had to use a lot of arrows. Since she had no arrows left for the Shortbow and the Markman's Bow she put those weapons in her backpack.

Ekkie and the Demon Hunter fended off the rest, Ekkie using her Shock Lance.

Afterwards she had no trouble closing the Eagle Rock location.

At Wintersun Hall Bundi managed to sway a Researcher to work on their side. He quickly led Bundi to a hidden weapon, an Unholy Aspergillum +3. The weapon was corrupted, and not suited for him, so he did not take it with him.

Arue found a Sniper's Studded Leather armor. Deciding it was too small for her, she left it.

Having closed her last location Ekkie moved to the Woundwyrm's Lair. A dragon's lair is a place where you better thread carefully. Ekkie and her party moved a quietly as possible.

The first thing she found was a skeleton. Long dead, the crusader was dressed in celestial Armor, still fine after all the years the skeleton had been there. It would make a lot of noise to remove it from the bones, so she had to leave it.

Inside Wintersun Hall Bundi found the Barbarian Horde in a large room on the ground floor.

One barbarian escaped through an open window. Running toward the dragon's lair, he attacked Ekkie. The Barbarian hit her Lance with his axe, shattering it, but Ekkie managed to plunge the remaining part of the weapon into his chest, killing him.

The Horde attacked Bundi. His Bejeweled Helm was broken. Stabbing with his Longspear, the fact that far away Ekkie made a prayer to Baphomet to aid him, and Arue shouting a prayer to Deskari, made Bundi victorious.

Thinking the battle was over, and the location being able to be closed without any hassle, Bundi found himself facing a dragon. The dragon had no eyes, but was very large.

"I smell you", said the dragon, "A tasty morsel you will make." The dragon released an acid cloud that spread through the building.

Arue was not immune to acid. Her Aklys weapon was destroyed and her Sage's Journal damaged.

Bundi fared no better, a spell scroll was damaged as well as the Sweet Dragon Costume.

Bundi attacked the dragon with his Longspear. He made a prayer to Shax and Ekkie made a prayer to Iomedae, prompted by her telepathic link with Arue.

The dragon seemed to sense where he was, probably sensing his body heat. Its hide was very tough; most stabs by his spear didn't penetrate the dragons hide.

The dragon was not fast, but very powerful. It did not use a fire attack, maybe it couldn't or maybe it knew that to be unwise inside a building. It used bite attacks and tried to hit him with its powerful tail.

Bundi had to use more time to stay safe than to actually attack the dragon. Facing defeat rather than victory, Bundi had to change tactics.

He decided to move as little as possible.

"Weak it is my meal. To tiny to fill my belly, more like a tasty snack." The Dragon obviously felt in control, and moved slowly closer.

Bundi decided to try to throw his weapon. Aiming for a hopefully soft spot at the base of the dragon's neck, he threw the Longspear with all the might he was able to muster. The spear hit, and entered the dragon's body almost to the hilt.

The dragon roared, and tried to pull the spear out with its mouth, only to break it. Soon its legs became wobbly and it keeled over.

The dragon's dead body started to emit foul fumes and Bundi and Arue quickly left Wintersun Hall, closing its doors behind them for good.

Arue and Bundi ran toward Woundwyrm's Lair.

Inside the area Arue was met by a Pitborn Scoundrel. Arue ran toward him holding her Flaming Spear in front of her, pushing it through the demons chest so hard that it was pushed straight through the body. Afterwards Arue had to pull it all the way through out of its back in order to get the spear loose.

Feeling a little low on energy, she used her only spell, Cure, on herself.

Ahead of them Ekkie found a Corrosive Dagger +1. Not that useful for her, but she put it in her backpack anyway. She pulled her Radiance sword from the backpack to be as prepared as possible.

Bundi found a Create Pit spell, and Arue found a Heavy Pick. They decided to banish both.

They searched long and hard, and up a steep hill Arue spotted their target, the villain Marthevok Wintersun. When he saw that he was spotted he ran away, and a big dragon appeared, coming toward them.

The dragon took to the air, flying low above them it emitted a very cold breath attack at both Arue and Bundi, flying off to attack Ekkie, and then returning.

The extreme cold made stuff brittle, and Arue's Shortbow and Markman's Bow broke asunder. Bundi managed to take shelter behind a rock and was unhurt. Ekkie lost several weapons as the result of the attack.

This attack made Arue mad. The cold made her wound extremely painful. Shivering her fangs popped out, her claws was extended and armed with her Starbow she jumped into the air and flew off. The dragon was much larger than her, but she was more agile and able to make sharper turns.

She fired several arrows, only one hit, the others repelled by the dragon's tough hide. The dragon made several attacks some hitting her; Arue's attacks rarely hit the dragon. She got frustrated and mad and started to lose control of her sanity. Then the dragon managed to hit Arue with another cold attack that almost froze her wings. The pain made her snap.

The darkness lifted. She came to herself again. The first thing she noticed was that she was very hungry, and that she was chewing on something. It was soft and nourishing. She swallowed.

The next thing she noticed was that she held something soft in her right hand. She lifted her hand, and saw that she was holding something that was red and soft, meat of some kind. She took another bite.

Then she noticed the dead dragon in front of her, its mouth open, its tongue cut in half. The stuff in her hand must be the other part of the tongue.

Chewing she looked around her. She was holding a knife in her other hand. She must have cut the tongue with that.

Turning further she saw Bundi emerging from behind a large boulder, and further back the Apprentice.

Her wings were still fully extended, and she felt very cold. "My wings must be too cold to fold," she thought. "Better wait a little longer." Calming herself a bit, her fangs retracted, as well as her claws.

She swallowed again and took another bite.

Bundi was closer now. "What happened?" she asked.

Bundi kept some distance between himself and her. "You were both flying high, circling each other. Then you disappeared. The next thing I saw was you clinging to the dragons neck."

"I teleported," she said. "I can do that, it's hard, but I can definitely do that. Used it in my old life. Seducing my victim, get into a room with him or her. Lock the room. Give them the kiss of death. Then teleport out of the building. Very effective. Leaving behind a mystery and avoid suspicion and capture."

She stood there thinking for a while. She took another bite and chewed long on that. Then she extended the hand holding the tongue. "Want some? it's very fresh."

"No thanks. Let me continue. Clinging to the dragons you dropped your bow, pulled that knife you're holding, and you cut the dragon's throat. It fell toward the ground. You jumped off. The dragon crashed. You landed, and cut its tongue."


"Are you feeling alright?"

"Of course. Just need to eat this and warm my wings so I can fold them. Then I'm ready to catch the bad guy."

"Maybe we should wait for Ekkie to catch up."

"Nonsense. I'm going now. My wings will thaw soon enough. Where did I drop the Starbow?"

She turned to look for her bow. She saw that the Apprentice was holding it, as well as the quiver with arrows and her backpack. She went toward him. He put the things on the ground and took several steps back.

"Thank you," she said to him.

She pulled a shirt from the backpack and put it on. Then put her backpack across her back, the quiver across her left shoulder, grabbed the bow and ran off in the direction she had seen the villain disappear.

She followed his tracks. The ground was soft, so the tracks were easy to find.

She found him standing behind a couple of large boulders. He was tall and unarmed. He had large horns on his head, larger than her own.

"You killed my dragon," he said.

"It fought well. It died with honor."

"It was a she. Don't insult her by calling her an it."

"I apologize. She died with honor. I ate a part of her, so she will live on through me."

"Not after I have killed you she will."

"I am Arueshalae. I am not easily killed. Instead you will die. With honor, I hope."

Marthevok didn't answer that. He started to run toward her, holding his head low, aiming to spear her with his horns.

"Now, we can't have that," she said. Rapidly firing two magic arrows at the approaching barbarian, she set of the Mythic charge she had prepared on the way. Both the arrows and the charge hit. Jumping to the side when Marthevok reached her, she stabbed a magic arrow she held in one hand into his back as he ran past her.

Turning to see her enemy as he passed she saw him fall to the ground. He tried to get up again, only to fall flat again.

She went up to him, turning him over with one foot. He was dead, no doubt about that.

She felt kind of sorry for him. It was not his fault that he had been born with a deformed body, and a twisted mind. A barbarian wasn't normally an enemy of hers.

Cursing the architects behind the Worldwound she started to walk back toward Ekkie, Bundi and the rest of the party.

The end

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