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Fraser Anderson
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Walkers of the Wild is a 30 card expansion to the Runebound game platform, containing 18 new Item cards and 12 new Allies. It is playable with the 2nd edition of the game.

Construction and artwork on the cards is consistent with the rest of Runebound. In general I wish all the cards were white bordered instead of black so that they would not show their age as quickly.

The Items:
Although there are 18 cards, there are only actually 15 new items. Where I indicate, there are doubles of specific items:

Winter's Woe (1) - Refresh step: Each time you refresh this card, you must pass a lore (13) test or discard. In melee after a successful attack, activate to +1 Damage

Horn of Plenty x2 (1) - Before moving, discard horn to discard all fatigue from heroes and allies. WOW!

Manticore's Tail (1) - Card counts as two weapons for item limits. in Melee, Activate before rolling dice to receive +2 bonus OR to inflict +1 damage if roll is successful.

Fang Dagger x2 (3) - In Melee, hero gets +1 to combat roll. In Melee, if hero defends, he gets +4 to combat roll.

Scorpion's Sting (3) - Activate after rolling to receive +2 bonus to climb or Jump. If hero attacks during Ranged Combat, add your mind value instead of strength to the roll.

Blade and Buckler (3) - Counts as a weapon and Armour - Hero recieves +1 to all combat rolls. Discard to cancel up to 2 damage on hero.

Razored Caltrops (3) - activate to test Hide (16). Succeed to inflict 1 damage and discard. OR, discard to automatically succeed at escape and discard this card.

Mirror of Copying (5) - Discard to copy and immediately gain the benefit of an activate to use or discard to use effect of an item possessed by another player.

Ramshead Warpick x2 (5) - before combat take 1 fatigue to test Jump(16)success inflicts 1 damage. During Melee activate after a successful attack to +1 Damage

Tiger's Claws (5) - After hero makes melee roll, activate to receive +4

Eagle's Talons (7) - the hero gets +2 bonus to ranged combat rolls. reduced to +0 when card is activated. During magic, if hero attacks, activate to add strength instead of magic to roll.

Wolf Pelt (7) - Any time 2 or more damage are inflicted, 2 of these become fatigue instead. When moving, the movement used to enter a town must contain a hills symbol.

Spiderweave Shield (9) - Activate to cancel up to 2 damage to hero. In Melee, activate to cancel 2 damage to hero and enemy's damage in the melee combat phase is reduced to 0 for the rest of this combat.

Sphere of Protection (9) - Activate to test Lore (15) Success means hero can cancel up to 2 damage being inflicted on hero or 1 damage to allies. Failure and damage occurs as normal +1 extra to hero.

Rune of the Earth Mother (11) - Activate and take X Fatitgue. For the first X rounds of combat, hero and allies ignore the first 2 damage inflicted on them each round.

Dirgov, Dragon Scion (10) - 5/5 - no other powers other than being a bad mofo. large man with a large axe working for you.

Terig, Wyvern Rider (9) - 5/4 - Hero automatically succeeds climb/jump/swim tests (thanks for the lift.) if you choose to move one space instead of rolling or resting, you may move two instead. This fellow rocks.

Orara Stone-Gazer (8) - 4/1 - Before rolling dice, she may take 1 fatigue to automatically succeed a combat roll. if she does this, hero and all allies take 2 damage.

Kirion Drake Blood (7) - 5/3 - If hero defeats challenge with "dragon" in title, discard Kirion. Wuss.

Umil Storm Caller (6) - 4/3 - Umil may take 1 fatigue to make a magic attack. Failure deals 1 damage to your hero.

Yara, Wind warrior (5) - 4/3 - Before combat, Yara may take 1 damage to increase her damage dealing values by 1 for this combat.

Byr, Forest Warden (4) - 3/2 - After rolling move dice, Byr may take 1 fatigue to allow you to use a single die to move 2 spaces. The spaces need not be adjacent.

Gyrik Tree Speaker (3) - 3/2 - If you end movement in a non-town space with no adventure counter, Gyrik may take 1 fatigue to allow you to enter a market step as if you were in the closest town, if two towns are equally close, you choose.

Crim, Wilds Smuggler (2) - 2/4 - Crim may take 1 fatigue to allow you to buy a weapon for 1 gold less than its cost (min 1)

Werrun Coin Counter (2) - 2/4 - Once per turn when hero received 1 gold as a reward for defeating a challenge, Werrun may take 1 fatigue to increase reward by +1 gold.

Nortric, Lore Feeder (1) - 3/2 - Nortric may take 1 fatigue to allow you to buy a rune item for 1 less than its cost (min 1.)

Tallag Beast Skinner (1) - 2/2 - Tallag may take 1 fatigue to allow your hero to buy armour for 1 less gold than its cost (Min 1.)

These items/allies can be added to any market deck to be used with the base game or any expansions. I am a huge fan of adding new elements to the market, so these are all ok for me. It is funny, but I actually find some of the cheaper items and allies to be the ones that I am more excited to use. The tougher allies seem decent but the expense seems to be greater than their possible contribution. The wyvern rider does seem to be pretty much awesome though.

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