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Subject: Are coins limited? rss

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Rob van Wijngaarden
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Are coins limited? The rules say ressources are not, but coins are not resources.
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Maxime Gelinas
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I believe they are limited. Under Production Actions in the rules, the following can be read:

Rules, Page IV wrote:
Coins may be used as marble, iron or gold whenever necessary.
If the bank has no more coins, the player may choose whatever
other type of resource he wishes instead.

I would assume the same ruling goes when you should get a coin in other circumstances. In short, the coins are limited, but you can take a ressource of your choice instead.
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Hidden trackable information in games sucks!
I play games for fun and pursuing the goal to win the game is fun! :)
Yes, as Maximnicov has already pointed out, coins are supposed to be limited in Antike Duellum.

And the limit is 14.

Here is a more detailed posting I made about it on

There is the following deviation of Yucata's Antike Duellum implementation from the rules of the face-to-face game:

The game includes 14 coins. On p. IV of the rulebook, it says: "If the bank has no more coins, the player may choose whatever other type of resource he wishes instead."

The same is not true for resource chips (which do not include coins). On p. I of the rulebook, it says: "Only resource chips are unlimited. In the rare case the resource supply is not sufficient, you may use other counters such as pennies to indicate chips are now worth double their denomination."

The coin limit is not implemented in the Yucata version, there doesn't seem to be any limit on the number of coins allowed: I made a test game last month and the game allowed the sum of coins of both players to be larger than 20, at which point I aborted the test.

One *might* say that it is a limitation not necessary in the online game which doesn't have scarce coin chips, but it seems that although this situation shouldn't even occur in games too often, the game designer made a deliberate choice to include a limit for coins. In contrast to that, he declared resource chips as unlimited in spite of the game obviously only including a limited number. Maybe he wanted to avoid the possibility to amass large amounts of the flexible coins.

There is also a limit for both players' sum of cities for each of the resources (10 for gold, 12 for marble and 12 for iron) and for their sum of temples (12), which is implemented correctly on Yucata as far as I know.

So in the interest of staying true to the original version and its designer's intention, I'd say to treat this as a bug and implement a 14-coin-limit - at least if this is not too difficult.
So whenever the sum of coins of both players is 14, a player who would get a new coin should need to choose a resource instead.

Thanks in advance if this is possibe, ArkTheLad!

The bug isn't fixed yet on Yucata, but the programmer told me that he put it on his list of issues to fix when he has time.

Maximnicov wrote:

I would assume the same ruling goes when you should get a coin in other circumstances.

I agree that should follow from the cited rule without explicitly saying so in the only other case there is: the event card Charity.
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