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Sean Chick (Formerly Paul O'Sullivan)
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Fag an bealac! Riam nar druid ar sbarin lann! Cuimhnigidh ar Luimnech agus feall na Sassonach! Erin go Bragh! Remember Limerick! Remember Ireland and Fontenoy!
Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?
Since I’ve played each of these battles several times I thought it appropriate to provide some thoughts on strategy.

Issus – This was Darius III’s best chance to defeat Alexander and this game certainly does a fine job of simulating this dangerous situation.
Greece: You’ll have to slug it out for the first few turns, trying to hold back the initial Persian tide. Use your awesome cavalry to pick away at Persian units and prepare to counterattack. My favorite strategy is to pull back and make the Persians chase you a bit, then hit their exposed and disjointed lines.
Persia: You have the Greeks out flanked with a large force of archers on their right. Concentrate on this flank with as much weight as can be brought while fighting a defensive battle with the rest of your forces.

Metaurus – One of my favorite battles of history, the engagement that doomed Hannibal
Rome: Strategy depends on how the Carthaginians play. If they attack you, shift forces to the left and eat away at their Spanish formations (not always easily done) while isolating their attacking units in the center. If the Carthaginians retreat apply pressure on the center. Most likely the enemy will be wheeling out and such a wheel can be broken with a strong attack. Also have men ready to react to any Carthaginian counter thrusts.
Carthage: If you attack it must come at the beginning when the Romans are a little out of place. Don’t throw away your precious elephants or cavalry in a piecemeal assault. If an all out attack is unsuccessful by turn 4 retreat, because you’ll probably lose if you stay engaged. I prefer to begin the retreat on turn 1, wheeling towards the main river and using counterattacks to put the Romans off balance.

Carrhae – “Blood and Sand” describes this Roman disaster perfectly. Not much strategy but lots of fun!
Parthia: No brainier. Shoot, keep your distance and be prepared to launch opportunistic attacks. If the dice screw you this can get close crazy though. If this happens I’d sacrifice a few speed bump units to slow the Romans down, because chances are you still destroyed enough units to win.
Rome: Go for the baggage train and pray. Also don’t let your men become isolated.

Idivisto – One of the toughest battles of ancient history, ultimately futile and mostly forgotten. A fun game if you want to fight a slug fest with a Mountain in the middle of the battle.
Rome: Go right at the Germans and use your second line to exploit breakthroughs and plug in holes.
Germania: Go right at the Romans and use your second line to exploit breakthroughs and plug in holes. The mountain is a good place to set up defenses and watch the Romans bounce off(er …usually…)
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