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Mochara C
Thunder Bay
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I first want to assure you that we do not intend to play and report on each of the 20 scenarios in this game!

After a lukewarm start with Scenario 1 we laid out the second scenario, noting that there were more units on the map this time and hoped that events would unfld in a more interesting manner this time around.

Big difference! With more counters came more choices, a greater ability to mass firepower and we actually enjoyed a close-fought and entertaining little battle. Lessons learned from Scenario 1 made us more mindful of keeping platoons closer together so that they could, if needed, form a firegroup. As the US player my short term goal was to weather enough opportunity fire to launch an assault on the 105mm gun and accompanying platoon & leader. We soon learned that using assualt is not only the most effective way to eliminate your opponent's forces, but it's also an excellent way to tie up your opponent sufficiently to allow your other platoons to scoot past without having to worry about op. fire from *that* particular enemy stack. This proved to be key: once I was able to successfully engage the stack with the 105mm my other guys made swift progress to their goals - the two villages in the top third of the map.

Alas, I fell a turn short on this one. On the final turn I was left with a para platoon and leader within movement range of one town, but not IN it, and with a big kill stack in the midst of an assault on the second village. Unfortunately, some grenadiers survived the first round of assault, control of the village did not pass to the US and the German side won - but only barely.

Thus far we have found the Panzer Grenadier rules quite easy to learn. The layout of the rules could be a bit better, as "bits" of info seem to be scattered in different areas of the rulebook, but this is of small concern as the rulebook is short and finding the "bit" you needed to double check takes little time, anyway. Soon, I expect we won't need the rulebook much at all, as the system ticks along pretty smoothly and has little in the way of exceptions to consider or memorize.

We're ready for a big one! I was looking at Scenario 20, but Rich is leaning toward #8, so any advice & input is welcome!
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Wes Nott
United States
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I've just played this scenario Solitaire and I think it's way better than the first Scenario for the reasons you mentioned.

The initial choice of whether to attack the 105mm gun or attempt to eliminate the units in the Southeast was an interesting choice. I opted to have the Americans move on the German platoons down there. Obviously due to the terrain down there it quickly became a close and nasty fight with much of the combat being through assault.

Becoming adjacent to Germans early on in the southwest made for some interesting decisions for the German side with regard to the 105mm gun. Because the American platoons were so close to the Germans (some adjacent and some assaulting) there was always the chance that firing the 105mm would result in friendly fire. The germans then had to carefully weigh the their options.

Fun little scenario.

I'll probably teach my friend how to play this week and start off with this scenario, unless I find some of the other ones are more fun.
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