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Runebound Adventures 2 – Giant Slayers: Chapter I

[Note: Text in brackets is out of character. Chapter I of Runebound Adventures was known as Sang's Runebound Adventures: The Journey of Mad Carthos. The ending was never written, but the game did cumulate with Carthos’ victory. Runebound Adventures, while enacted with the 2nd Edition Rules, will be using “Advanced Runebound’s” experience system, with minor adjustments. Characters must earn 8 experience points before “leveling up” – whereupon they gain two Experience Counters (they must be different i.e. one Range & one Melee, or one Range & one Magic, etc.]

[Also, Runebound Adventures will use the Character Class decks! This should be a first. Not having multiple copies of each to create “custom” decks, I will be using one deck per character. Although story-wise the Heroes are working together, I will be using the Character Class decks to their utmost, which includes cards vs. the other players!]

[Finally, we are using the “Scepter of Kyros” expansion.]

The Heroes:

1) Elaria, the Snow Elf Wildlander. She uses the Spiritbound Character Deck.
2) Ispher, the monster. He uses the Shadow Walker Character Deck.
3) Telvan and Orcbane, Halfing Rider and Wogren. He uses the Wildlander Character Deck.
4) Harthan Axecaster, Durgis Battlerager (Dwarf!). He uses the Blade Dancer Character Deck.


The four heroes have gathered together in Tamalir for a stout night of wine and women. Well, all except Elaria, the Elven Archer who preferred the company of men and no wine. They had gathered together to discuss the new threat that hovered menacingly over the land – the threat of the Giant Lords! Rumors had it that these Giants were from the colder climes of the North, and were descending upon Terrinoth.

“I hear they stand twenty feel tall!” Telvan the Halfling spoke as he drank a stout ale. He was known to exaggerate, but in this matter he was closer to the truth then he realized.

“I hear they are taller.” Elaria replied quietly.

“Matterssss not,” Ispher hissed, garnering a few glances from the other tables. “We have an obligation to defeat these Giantsss before they can conquer our landsss.” One of a rare breed, Ispher belonged to a lizard-like race that was not often seen in the world of man.

“Aye! All they need do is fear my twin axes!” Harthan Axecaster bellowed, placing one hand on the handle of one of his weapons even as he gulped down an entire ale.

“Hah. All they need to do is fear your breath.” Telvan replied chuckling.

“Aye, Halfling! My breath and axes together make a deadly combination!” Harthan bellowed, slapping Telvan on the back, causing the Halfling to spit up some ale.

“Enough,” Elaria spoke quiety. “Tomorrow our fellowship separates in four cardinal directions. Our Quest for these Giant Lords begins in earnest. Let us be silent for a moment, and pray for both our safety and success.”

The companions fell silent.

Ispher was the first to speak. “Ssso, Telvan. If you die… can I have your ssstuff?”

“Ah, shaddup!” Telvan laughed, lunging at Ispher.

The Companionship laughed and made merry for the rest of the evening, retiring at midnight to get some well deserved sleep for the trials that would meet them in the morning…

[They spend their last gold they have on room, board, and drink. I.e. they each spend their initial 3 gold on the Level 1 Talent Cards.


Turn 1, Player 1:

Elaria the Snow Elf Wildlander is the first to begin her travels, rising at the first spark of dawn and riding her steed heads out into the wilderness. The Companions had agreed not to speak again until the adventure itself brought them together.

As she travels through the plains near Tamalir, news travels fast across the land. In these troubled times, people are more likely to hoard their gold than spend it in the marketplace. The Merchant Guilds have begun to offer a larger selection of goods.

[Elaria drew “A Bountiful Harvest” Event which allows players to draw and add two market cards to the marketplace.]

Turn 1, Player 2:

Ispher is the next to leave Tamalir, and he heads off south. He travels through the plains searching for signs of the impending danger.

[Ispher draws the card “Curse of Ash” which he can use on another player so that they suffer a -4 roll on a combat or skill test roll.]

Turn 1, Player 3:

Riding out on his Wogren mount Orcbane before the stout Dwarf Harthan (who must be sleeping of all that ale!), Telvan travels northeast, following the edge of a river and finding himself entering the woods. As evening approaches, the Halfling decides to make camp. Asleep, Telvan senses movement and leaps up, weapon drawn to apprehend a member of the local thieves’ guild rifling through his bags. The thief begs that Telvan let him go and that the guild would owe him a favor. Liking the idea of favors, Telvan lets the thief go. One hour later he is fast asleep again.

[Telvan drew the card “Thieves’ Guild Contract” which allows Telvan to discard it at any time to have the Guild steal ANY one item from ANY market stack on the map! The item still costs you gold, but the guild will sell it to you at -2 its value. Not too shabby.]

Turn 1, Player 4:

Harthan woke up with a hangover, but the Dwarf was not one to dally. Riding upon his mighty warhorse, he rode out of town and headed northwest. He travelled farther than all the other heroes, riding through empty field, into a forest and continuing to ride his horse hard until the edge of the forest came into view. All of the sudden Harthan reigned in Thunder Hammer as a single figure stepped into view in front of him.

‘Damnable Elf, I almost ran you down!” Harthan swore as he beheld a elegant Elven archer who watched the Dwarf with a smile playing about his face.

“Hail, good Dwarf. I am sorry to have startled you like that but we have been watching you since you entered our forest. You seem to be on a mission of great peril, but we must all rest and night approaches. Come let us entertain you this evening!”

Considering the Elves’ words, Harthan nodded, and followed him deeper into the forest.

[Harthan drew an interesting card, “Desperate Times.” He rolled very lucky, because he needed a 13 or higher not to get attacked by the Elves, and with a 0 Intelligence/Magic he rolled a 16. Celebrating with the Elves he avoids taking a point of damage.]

End of Turn 1.


Turn 2, Player 1:

[The lack of encounters continues, as Elaria draws a second Event card! It is at this point in the game, that I realize that the “Scepter of Kyros” rules state that I must discard any Event or Encounter cards and play one from the expansion. I really like the “Bountiful Harvest” Event so I will keep that in play until it is replaced. Also, I already have “Curse of Ash” and “Thieves Guild Contract” in play, and will keep them in play until they are used. Following the rules of the expansion, I drawn the “Emissary of Forge” Event and immediately discard it. I draw from the expansion and get “An Ancient Treaty.” Elaria must test vs. an Intelligence/Magic test of 12. She has a 2 Int/Mag so she has to roll a 10 or better. She rolls a 14!]

Elaria is relaxing after another day of travel, and sets up camp. While relaxing near her campfire, a dwarven sage approaches and asks to share her fire. Elaria agrees, and as they sit together by the fire the sage rambles on about ancient history, describing an treaty between dragons and “the mighty ones from distant lands.” Elaria wonders if she is speaking about the Giants.

[She keeps the card, which she can discard to give her a +4 bonus vs. any Int/Mag test.]

Turn 2, Player 2:

Ispher continues his search south of Tamalir, when he is attacked by a Serpentspawn Shaman! The vile beast leaps at Ispher as Ispher’s drake Firefox launches off his shoulder and tears into the lizard.

Battle 1: A master of “Shadow Stealth” (Ispher’s Level 1 Talent which gives him a +2 bonus to his first attack roll), Ispher needs a 9 to hit (14 -3 -2 = 9. He rolls a 10, and strikes the Serpentspawn for 2 damage!). Down to one, the Shaman screams as he summons some minor offensive magic and launches it at Ispher. Somehow, Ispher dodges the shower of electricity (17-2=15. Ispher rolls an 18 to dodge!)! As Firefox keeps the Shaman busy, Isphur takes a step back and throws a knife at the lizard, but misses (needs an 11, rolls a 7). The Shaman summons his magic again, and this time the shower of hot sparks strikes Ispher (he suffers 1 damage). As the Shaman chortles in delight, he fails to see Firefox dive down from behind and slice through his back! Gurgling blood, the lizardman collapses and Ispher finds himself victorious.

[He earns 3 Gold].

Turn 2, Player 3:

Telvan is slowly travelling through some thick woods when he hears something rustling in the underbrush. Spinning Orcbane toward the sound, he readied his bow even as a pack of Devourers rushed out and at the Halfling!

Battle 2: Telvan launches a hail of arrows. Had he been aiming better, he would have killed them all, but his arrows thunk into the trees and one merely grazes a Devourer (13-2=11, but Telvan rolls a 10). The Devourers rush Orcbane and start nipping at his heels, while the largest Devourer leaps at the Halfling! The Devourer strikes hard, tearing into Telvan (15-3=12, Telvan rolls a 6 defense)! Orcbane knocks the Devourers around even as Telvan strings his bow again and lets loose another volley of arrows. His arrows cut mercilessly through the Devourers, one shot after another hitting each beast dead center until they all lie dead around the Halfling. Not wanting to hang around, Telvan continues on. [Telvan needed an 11 to hit… he rolled a 20 - A critical hit in some RPG’s!]

[He earns 2 Gold].

Turn 2, Player 4:

Having celebrated all night with the Elves and once more ending up drunk, Harthan rides his warhorse due east, over some cresting hills outside the forest.

[He draws the “Death Does Not Become Him” Event. The evil Necromancer Vorakesh has been reanimated and has some dark new plot. Any challenge with the word “Vorakesh” in the title or flavor text nets the player an additional gold piece.]


Turn 3, Player 1:

Elaria’s travels across the plains is interrupted by the scurrying of tiny little feet – and she is attacked by Lizard Rats! They rush at her even as she draws back her bow and fires.

Battle 3: Her first shots miss her intended targets, and the normally calm Elf cusses under her breath as the Rats close in on her [12-4=8, she rolls a 7 and misses]. They attack and begin to nibble on her legs even as she tries to shake them off [11-2=9, she rolls a 7 and takes 1 damage]! She unloads several more arrows, missing again [12-4=8, she rolls a 7]. Again the rats tear into her [11-2=9, she rolls a 3]. Finally another volley barely hits, killing several of the rats [12-4=8, she rolls a 9]. Her luck is certainly a non-factor as the rats once more chew into her [11-2=9, she rolls an 8!]. Teetering on the edge of defeat she rallies her strength and fires again! The last of the rats die as her arrows slice through them [12-4=8, she rolls an 11.], and badly wounded she debates her next step.

[She earns a measly 1 gold!]

Turn 3, Player 2:

Ispher turns and travels westward, already feeling his healing factor kicking in, and before long he is healed from his last battle. He travels hard and fast on foot, and reaches the western border of the kingdom. As he begins to turn again to travel southward, he walks into a nest of Razorwing Larva! As they begin to hatch, Ispher strikes hard and fast.

Battle 4: He lifts Firefox into his hands and launches the drake forward. Before the Larva can hatch, Firefox cuts through the nest, killing all the waking larva [10-2=8, he rolls a 19]! Disgusted at the ooze, Ispher moves on.

[The card either allows the player to earn 2 gold or keep it for some weak effect. Ispher takes the gold.]

Turn 3, Player 3:

Orcbane tears through the landscape, travelling through forest, plains, even over a river to finally begin climbing up the side of a hill. Telvan grins, watching from above and petting his mount. As he looks at the horizon, an orc warrior appears, drawing near. He readies his bow, but the warrior is not evil, and begins to share stories with the Halfling. Before long, the two spar, and surprisingly Telvan holds his own. As they rest and relax, the warrior speaks of the rumor of mighty creatures that once walked the land and of heroes destined to fight them.

[Telvan draws the Encounter “Blood of the Mighty” which gives him a card he can discard to receive a +4 bonus on a melee test.]

Turn 3, Player 4:

Harthan rides his warhorse through a valley when he hears a rumble from above. It is a hill giant! The giant heaves a boulder at the Dwarf, who barely moves out of the way in time!

[This is the first use of a Character Deck card! Harthan has accumulated 4 Menace tokens, and Elaria’s player “burns” one of the Dwarf’s Menace tokens to have a hill giant attempt to hit the Dwarf. Obviously, it failed.]

As he rides out of the valley, he hears some inhuman screeching and a Ravenous Hatchling leaps out onto the road, attacking. It attacks with inhuman power…

[Since the first Character Deck card was used, Ispher’s decides to play one as well! He uses “Savage Assault” which gives the challenge (the Ravenous Hatchling) a +2 to melee damage. Harthan receives a nice +6 bonus to his first combat roll, but the Hatching could possibly put a serious hurting on the Dwarf!]

The Hatchling breathes a stream of weak fire at Harthan, who easily moves Thunder Hammer out of the way (10-2=8, he rolls a 12 defense). Roaring passionately, Harthan slams his spurs into his charger, and rides toward the Hatchling!

[Harthan Axecaster has a Before Combat Ability which allows him to go into a berserker rage. He gains +2 to his melee rolls, and does +1 extra damage in combat. He takes 1 stamina damage each melee phase.]
He rides into the hatchling, knocking it aside with his charger. At the same time, his axes fly free, cutting into the monster even as he passes. Wounded, the Hatchling barely rises again, but roaring it prepares to let out another stream of fire (15-3-2-6 (special bonus from “Savage Assault”) =4. Harthan should thank the Gods because he rolls a 6! He would have missed if not for that bonus!).

He avoids another gout of fire, and firmly plants his axe into the Hatchlings head. The monster screams, sputters, and dies. Harthan Axecaster is victorious! And a mighty battle it was, indeed!

[He receives 2 Gold.]

As the mighty Dwarf screams his victory to the heavens, he suddenly finds himself quiet and a feeling of terror runs through his body. He shudders, pushing the sense of dread aside, and rides off as fast as Thunder Hammer can take him!

[DOOM! The Doom Counter advances to 1…]

To be continued…
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Jack Wraith
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Rex, you guys do realize that when you draw an Event or Encounter card from the deck, you resolve that but then continue drawing until you get a Challenge card, right?
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Jackwraith wrote:
Rex, you guys do realize that when you draw an Event or Encounter card from the deck, you resolve that but then continue drawing until you get a Challenge card, right?

*Completely* forgot! Thanks for pointing that out... I'll start doing that from the point I'm at. Grrr... can't believe I forgot that! Thanks agian, Jackwraith!
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Runebound Adventures 2 – Giant Slayers: Chapter II

Turn 4, Player 1:

Badly hurt, Elaria debates what to do. She could return to town, but she did not have enough money to heal properly. Without much of a choice, she travels south past the outskirts of Dawnsmoor and continues on. Perhaps if she earns enough money to come back, she would be able to heal then. Finding some dark caves, Elaria draws her bow and moves in. She is attacked by Bane Spiders! She barely avoids the spiders, web, and blindly fires at the approaching monsters!

Battle 6: [The “Nest of Bane Spiders” has a Before Combat test. Elaria had to test Sight/Range of (13-4) or suffer a wound. Seeing as the wound would kill her, she thankfully rolls a 9. She rolls to hit and rolls double 1’s! In most RPG systems, that would be a critical failure. All she needed was a 6 (10-4), but she fails.]

The Bane Spiders rush at her and she unsuccessfully tries to fight them off. They overwhelm the poor Elf, and she collapses under the vicious attack! Her vision blurs and goes dark…
… and she wakes up to find herself in Dawnsmoor, at a small hospital. Her entire body aches, but she feels better. Who saved her? Will she ever find out?

Turn 4, Player 2:

Ispher continues to explore the western edge of the continent, and briefly feels a dark shadow pass by him. He wastes valuable time searching for the shadow, but fails to find anything.

[He drew the Doppleshadow card, which requires a Resist test of Int/Mag 13. With his Int of 2, he required a 11 and rolls an 8. He discards the card.]

Turn 4, Player 3:

Telvan and Orcbane reach a small glade. Resting within the glade, he hears nearby movement. As Telvan rose, one tree in particular comes alive and attempts to wrap its limbs around the Halfling and his wagren! The Wrapwood Tree is made short work of as Telvan cuts into it. After the brief battle, he looks at the wood, and realizes that the Tree is made up of some hard substance that could prove useful. Unable to go to sleep, he works through the night. As day breaks, the Halfling is now armed with a hardwood shield, stronger then some metal shields!

Battle 7: [The Reward for Wrapwood Tree is a shield that you can use during Ranged combat to cancel 1 health if you get hit! It was an easy battle, as Telvan only had to roll an 8.]

Turn 4, Player 4:

As Harthan rides on, he feels the wind pick up. He feels that today will be a positive one.

[Harthan draws the “A Remembrance of Victory” Event card. The card celebrates the defeat of the Necromancer Vorakesh ten years ago. Due to this celebration, each player draws cards from the Market Deck, discarding until they find an Item. They keep that item for free!]

[Harthan saves a wandering merchant who graciously gives the Dwarf a Shield of Fire. Elaria, who is recovering at the hospital in Dawnsmoor finds that a small rune has been carved on her body – the “Touch of Death!” Ispher finds a body in his travels of a dead Minstrel, and takes up his “Harp of Tranquility.” Finally, Telvan meets some Elves who he speaks with, and by the time they part way, his new friends have given him a present – a Bow of Fire!]


Turn 5, Player 1:

Healed from her wounds, Elaria heads northeast. She follows the edge of a river the whole way, and as the river bends east, she follows it. Night falls, and in the distance she sees lit torches. She approaches, slowly, and comes upon a sect of Dark Cultists mumbling prayers to Vorakesh! But what is shocking is that they prayers are not simply about Vorakesh as their master, but the servant of some other power! The Lords of the Free Cities must learn this news…

[She draws the Event card “Vorakesh the Harbinger” which gives her +4 on any one skill test.]

Turn 5, Player 2:

Ispher continues his travels unchallenged.

[He draws the final Green Encounter Card for the “Scepter of Kyros” – “Rumblings in the Earth.” A council of Dwarves emerges from their mountain strongholds and seek a meeting with the Lords of the Free Cities. They have heard rumblings in the earth that something powerful was approaching, and offered guides for all explorers. Now, before rolling movement dice, if anyone tests Diplomacy of 12 they may use ANY movement die to enter a hill OR mountain space.]

Turn 5, Player 3:

Telvan and Orcbane continued to explore the rolling hills of the countryside. Suddenly, the land started to darken, and green grass turned to withered grass and broken trees as the duo continued. Finding a tunnel leading into the ground, Telvan jumped off his Wogren and notched an arrow into his Bow of Fire. “C’mon, boy.” He moved in, followed by Orcbane.

As he reaches the bottom of the tunnel, he sees a subterranean sea, stretching out under the earth. As he pauses to consider a nice bath, a hand slowly reaches out from under the water and grabs at his ankle! As he struggles, more forms begin to rise out of the water…

Battle 8: Telvan is attacked by the Drowned! They begin to attempt to pull Telvan underwater with them, to join their watery grave.

[At this point Elaria and Ispher hits Telvan with not 1, but 2 penalties. She plays “Curse of Ash” which forces Telvan to suffer a -4 to his skill tests, which is rough because the Drowned force Telvan to test swim (14) or suffer 1 points of stamina. If he fails, he must roll again! Elaria’s “Curse of Ash” bumps this to 19, but Telvan luckily has a card called “Blood of the Mighty” which gives him a +4 bonus to a strength/melee skill test, which drops the difficulty back down to 14! Ispher then hits the Halfling with the “Terrifying Visage” card, which gives the Hero a -2 penalty to all his combat rolls for each heart of damage he has on him - A terrifying combo of cards, indeed!]

Telvan struggles, but the grip of the Drowned is too strong! He finally is able to break away and lifting his bow, begins to fire at these forsaken monsters [He failed 3 rolls in a row in which he needed an 11, but finally rolled an 11 exactly to break free.]! To his horror he realizes his fire arrows do absolutely nothing, literally sliding through the bodies of the Drowned and disappearing into the murky water. He draws his knife and strikes! [The Forsaken ignore all damage inflicted by ranged attacks!]

His first knife strike misses as the Drowned continue to advance, one reaching him to knock him back and hard into the ground. Telvan can sense that these creatures fight with not just physical prowess, but magic as well (Telvan suffers 2 hits in the first round, failing a melee attack and taking 1, and then failing to defend in magic, taking 1!). Scrambling back up to his feet, Telvan dodges several more undead limbs and scrambles out of the tunnel with his loyal Wogren. Hurt badly, Telvan makes a mental note not to explore random tunnels filled with undead again.

[Telvan made an escape roll, and succeeded with a roll of 14 (he needed an 11).]

Turn 5, Player 4:

Harthan and Thunder Hammer are exploring the plains near Nerekhall when the ground gives under them! Thunder Hammer is able to keep himself upright even as they slide into what seems to be a newly disturbed Crypt. As Harthan begins to turn his mount to climb up the side that collapsed, he hears whispers in the wind and looks to the source. He draws his axes in the nick of time as an Oathworn Spectre rises from a central grave and screaming in an ancient tongue Harthan cannot understand approaches him, a real physical sword in its mist-like grasp.

[Not being very diplomatic, Harthan fails a roll of 14 which would have the Spectre fight fairly from the spirit world. He failed, and the mist-like body of the Spectre reduces ALL damage values by 1 (to a minimum of 0). Seeing as that would reduce Harthan’s combat damage to 0, the Dwarf once again goes into a berserker rage and engages the Oathworn Spectre in vicious battle!]

The Spectre doesn’t stand a chance as the berserking Dwarf lays in on it with axes flashing! One hit brings the Spectre to its knees, and a second sends it howling back into the grave. Harthan quickly wheels Thunder Hammer around and they leave the Crypt.

Seeing the city of Nerekhall close by, Harthan decides to relax and check out the market. He begins to head toward the city.

[At this point, Harthan is the richest of the Heroes, with 7 gold AND a Character Deck card that allows him to get an ally for FREE if there is one in the item deck. We shall see!]


Turn 6, Player 1:

On the edge of a river, Elaria feels the flapping of wings, and two Ferrox Bloodwraiths descend upon her!

As the Ferrox rocket toward her, Elaria raises her arms and activates her newly acquired Death Rune! (She spends 2 stamina to do 2 damage. 11-2=9, she rolls a 13!)! The Death Rune flares and both Ferrox screech as they die. She mutters about her luck as she finds a single gold coin.

Turn 6, Player 2:

As Ispher travels down the western edge of the continent, he is ambushed by Bandits of Blackthorn!

Ispher roars in pain as the Bandits arrows slam into him (16-3-2 for Shadow Stealth Talent =11, he rolls an 8 and takes 2 damage!)! Clutching his side, Ispher bolts for cover as arrows wiz by him, and he disappears, successfully escaping the ambush (Ispher’s main weakness is 3 health, and that one hit took him down to 1 health. The Bandits have some amazing ranged skill, so escape was the best option, especially since Ispher has 5 gold!).

Turn 6, Player 3:

Not wishing to chance another fight with the Drowned, Telvan and Orcbane continue south, intent on reaching Riverwatch for healing. On his way, he comes by a graveyard. Within the graveyard, a knight is knelt before a gravestone, crying. As Telvan prepares to continue on and not interrupt the knight’s privacy, he sees movement around the knight. The undead have risen and are attacking the knight! Telvan immediately pulls on Orcbane’s reigns, and the Wogren leaps into the graveyard and they attack the undead!

Telvan pulls back on his Bow of Fire, prays to the Gods, and lets lose his arrows. His arrows strike but do not hurt the undead. The undead strike but Telvan raises his Wrapwood Shield and deflects the hit. He still feels pain as spectral magic energy tears into him (He missed with his ranged but blocked with his shield, and failed to defend against the undead’s impressive 15 magic). His next salvo of arrows blast into the undead, and several of them light up on fire, returning to their graves even as the last few advance on Telvan. He attempts to dodge…
… and fails. The undead pour onto Telvan, and as he loses consciousness, the last thing he sees is the Knight cutting through the last of the undead. All he sees is darkness. When he wakes, he finds himself at an inn in Riverwatch, healing. His gold gone and his Wraproot shield shattered, Telvan feels that he has taken a step backward in his mission. But he rests, for he has to move on.

Turn 6, Player 4:

Harthan and Thunder Hammer arrive in Nerekhall and search the market. The Dwarf finds merely a bow and a cat and swears at his misfortune (the cat is actually a Demonic Cat, a familiar that adds 2 Stamina to a character. That would benefit Harthan and raise his stamina to 8, but healing would cost double in town!


Turn 7, Player 1:

Travelling fast, Elaria moves northeast. She starts making her way up a hill when she comes upon a dip in the hill that leads to a lake. She decides that she hasn’t had a bath in quite some time, and removing her clothing and armor, enters the cold water and begins to swim out. She senses movement and turning sees a Rakkon swimming toward her! As the monster bears down on her, she activates her Death Rune and the Rakkon screams in pain. Elaria swims quickly, reaching the shore. As the Rakkon splashes out of the water, she plants an arrow in its skull.

[Before she can fight, she has to test swim (14) or take 3 stamina. She already has 2 stamina damage, and if she takes more than one, she starts taking physical damage. She plays her “An Ancient Treaty” card to reduce the test to 10-2=8. She rolls a 16! Succeeding, she hits the Rakkon with her Death Rune and then rolls a 14 to kill it with an arrow!]

She curses her luck as she finds a single gold piece. Even as the curse escapes her lips, she shudders as a cold biting wind blows by her. The evil is approaching - she can feel it.

[DOOM! The Doom Counter advances to 2…]

To be continued…
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Runebound Adventures 2 – Giant Slayers: Chapter III

Turn 7, Player 2:

Ispher moves southeast, healing as he moves. He heard rumors that the elf Elaria had gotten in trouble in this area, and even though he knew he was too late to help her, he would kill that which had hurt his companion. Sure enough, he finds a dark cave and as he enters he is attacked by Bane Spiders! He thankfully avoids the spider’s webs and attacks.

[Trying to cause Ispher’s demise, Telvan plays “Minotaur’s Strength” which instantly adds +6 to the challenges Strength/Melee bonus! This raises the Bane Spiders melee value to a staggering 18! Even though the Bane Spiders only hit for one, Ispher only has 2 health. It comes down to one roll – the Bane Spiders have a 10 Range, and Ispher has a 3 Range. Telvan also forgot that Ispher’s level 1 Talent gives him a +2 bonus on his first attack roll. If Ispher can beat a 5, he’ll kill the target. If he fails, he’s likely to get hit. He rolls a 16!]
Ispher lauches Firefox at the Spiders even as the spiders skitter toward him, and in a single swipe his loyal drake tears them apart! The Bane Spiders lie dead, and Elaria has been avenged! Suddenly, Ispher hear’s some sobbing coming from the back of the cave and goes to investigate. He stands amazed, witnessing a tiny little being crying in the corner, barely visible to Ispher’s torch.

“What are yo- are you… are you alright?” Ispher asks, realizing the irony of the question, as it is a question that he often receives when entering cities and towns. The little creature looks up, and Ispher sees the glint of horns and a green complexion.

“Fetch’s name is Fetch, master.” It croons.

“Master? No… no. While some of my race takes slaves, I do not. You are free to leave, Fetch.”

“No, master. You saved Fetch’s life. Fetch belongs to you. Life debt, master! Fetch served his last master well until he was consumed by spiders. Yes, I did.”

Ispher stares at the small creature and realizes it is an Imp. In the end, he decides that he could prove to be very useful.

“Very well, Fetch. Come with me, we are leaving.”

Fetch smiled and leaping up, jumped on a rock before landing on Ispher’s other shoulder. Firefox looked over, hissing. Fetch looked frightened.

“Don’t mind him, Fetch. He’s just jealous of you.”

“Fetch isn’t scared! Fetch is strong.”

“Yes, I’m sure you are.” Ispher smiles as he leaves the cave.

[The Bane Spider card had a very nice reward (of course, part of it is luck). Ispher earns 1 gold, but also gets to draw from the Market Stack. If he draws an Ally worth 5 gold pieces or less, he takes the card for free. In a stroke of good luck, he drew the Fetch Imp, a 5 gold piece Ally! The Fetch Imp is actually a *very* good investment because he saves you one of the most important things in Runebound… time! At the end of your Adventure Step (Which includes fighting!) the Fetch Imp can enter any Market Step of any City/Town 2 spaces near the Hero. Basically, it’s like a free Market Step! As his luck continues, Ispher is exactly 2 steps away from Dawnsmoor, and immediately sends Fetch to town.]

As they prepare camp outside the cave, Ispher looks at the Fetch Imp.

“Fetch… I need you to go to town.” He explains the types of items he is looking for. Nodding, the Fetch Imp disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving Ispher wondering why the Imp just didn’t escape the cave that way.

Fetch returns with no items. While a powerful item called the “Immolate Rune” was found in town, Ispher was seeking a powerful ranged weapon to compliment the power of Firefox.

Turn 7, Player 3:

Travelling northwest of Riverwatch, Telvan hears a rustling and lifts his Bow of Fire. A Carnivorous Flora breaks free from the camouflage of several bushes, its maw opening to reveal row upon row of sharp teeth ready to tear the Halfling apart. Concentrating on the approaching Flora, Telvan fires, and the flaming arrow tears through the living plant! The Carnivorous Flora shudders as it falls on its side and is easily defeated (Telvan needed to roll a 6 (8-2) and his hit would do 2 damage. By activating the Bow of Fire, he does 3, which kills the Flora in one hit!). Telvan sees something hanging out of the maw of the dead plant and leaping off Orcbane goes to investigate. He pulls out a cloak that upon his touch feels warm. As he places the cloak over his shoulders, small tendrils of flame lick up into the air. He has found a Mantle of Fire!

[Not a bad find – the Reward of the Carnivorous Flora is drawing from the Market Deck until you drawn a weapon or armor worth 6 gold or less. Edit: Later on the “GM” realizes that the Mantle of Fire is a Artifact and not an armor, but having already received the item, the adventure continues]

Turn 7, Player 4:

Harthan is travelling in the northlands and is due south of Greyhaven when he is attacked by a Sabrecat! The vicious beast comes out of nowhere, but Thunder Hammer easily leaps over the cat and Harthan drops a vicious axe blow on the beast as it passes. It tumbles into a heap, dead (Harthan had to test Jump (13) so 13-3=10, he rolled a 14. He then attacked, using his berserker fury, and hit for 2 with a roll of 16 (he needed an 8)). He finds a gold piece, and biting on it to make sure it was real, decides its time to visit the city.


Turn 8, Player 1:

Elaria continued her travels into the northlands when she reaches the edge of a forest. She spots the ruins of an ancient temple and decides to stop to explore. Even as she sets foot within the temple, he Elven senses pick up danger – a devotee to some elder God rushes at her, mumbling in a dark tongue and brandishing a dagger caked in dry blood!
[Elaria is still winded, having 2 stamina tokens on her. There is a “Before Combat” test that requires her to roll 14-4=10 to avoid taking 2 stamina. She can only take 1 before she starts taking health damage, so she uses the “Vorakesh the Harbinger” card she’s been keeping, adding +4 to her roll. Needing a 6, she rolls a 6! Combat ensues with a blast of her Death Rune!]

Her Death Rune misses, but her first arrow sinks into the devotee (11-4=7, she rolls a 15). He mutters ancient obscenities and the dagger shines with mystical power even as he strikes (he makes a magic attack – and hits for 2 damage! 15-2=13, she rolls a 6). Her second arrow hits him as well, and even as he rushes her, she mutters a spell and Phase Shifts! His magical attack completely misses (She used the Character Deck card – Phase Shift, which lets her skip a phase of combat at a cost of 3 Menace), and her third arrow flies true. The devotee falls to his knees and then collapses on his side. She finds two gold pieces and decides to continue on instead.

Turn 8, Player 2:

Ispher begins to travel north, when he is attacked by a Razorwing Hunting Flock! [Ispher rolled poorly with his movement dice, and in the middle of a hills hex, met with a random encounter – a hazard! Thankfully, the hazard is very weak. Also, with hazards you do not earn the reward for defeating them, but the Hunting Flock is only worth one gold piece]

Even as Firefox leaps off his shoulder, the Hunting Flock tears into Ispher. He is hurt, but quickly turns the battle around. Throwing knives sink into the flying bats, and Firefox cuts through the remainder. Soon all the Razorwings lie dead around the trio.

Turn 8, Player 3:

Telvan rides north. Orcbane dodges to the side as a spear thunks into a tree. Suddenly the duo is beset upon by a Hunting Part! (Telvar is taking a chance – he has gone after a Yellow Challenge! But before the Challenge, he plays the Character Card “Master of the Wood” which costs only 1 Menace and refills his Character Chard hand to 10 cards!)

[Telvan is very lucky that he only has 3 Menace on him. Harthan has some very nasty Character Cards, but they require 4 and 6 Menace. Ispher, on the other hand, plays “Plague Dragons” which can really hurt Telvan if he misses a combat roll – which could happen with the Hunting Party’s 17 melee skill! Even though this Hunting Party is strong, Telvan takes a chance. He channels his might into his Bow of Fire, and unleashes a vicious volley at the Hunting Party! He aims and fires! 14-2=12, needing a 12 he rolls a 12! His ranged damage is 2, and the activated Bow of Fire takes 1 health from him but does +2 damage. He hits his opponents for a massive 4 damage and kills them!]
The Hunting Party barely makes headway at the Halfling and his Wogren when Telvan cuts them apart with a hail of fire from his Bow of Fire. Searching the remains, he finds 3 gold pieces.

Turn 8, Player 4:

Instead of racing to town, Harthan decides to take a chance and moves south into the woods looking for a challenge (a Yellow!). Before he can even enter the woods, he is attacked by a huge orc warrior and his party! Battle is joined!

[Telvan decides to play a card against Harthan, to slow him down. He plays “Thakog and Attended” which removes 4 Menace off of the Dwarf’s card. Thakog is is going to be a challenge – he receives a +3 bonus to his range, melee, AND magic for every Undefeated Challenge – and there are three out there! That gives Thakog and his war party 21 range, 22 melee, and 19 magic! Telvan really threw a monkey wrench into the Dwarf’s adventure. Retreat was not an option, either, as Harthan would have to roll an 19 to escape!]

Thakog’s war party let lose arrows that thud into trees, and one grazes
Harthan, knocking him off his Wogren (he suffers 1 would). Thakog strikes hard with a mighty two-handed sword, but the stout Dwarf lifts up his Shield of Fire to block. Concentrating on the magic within the shield, he feels Thakog scream as the shield shatters! Fire rolls up and through the air, burning Thakog. The sword nicks Harthan even as he scrambles up, his berserker rage taking over and his twin axes ready (He failed his melee roll, but the Shield of Fire has an ability where Harthan can discard the Shield and cancel 2 damage, and do 2 to an enemy. Harthan suffers another 1 would, while Thakog suffers 2, bringing him down to 1 health).

The rain of arrows continues hitting the berserking Dwarf but he fails to notice (he takes another 1 damage). Still with an ace up his sleeve (A Character Card called “Parry” which would let him survive one last round before being defeated), he screams, leaping at the orc warlord. Perhaps the Gods were watching him that day, because one axe knocked Thakog’s two-handed sword out of the orc’s hands, and his second axe found a home in Thakog’s head (13+9=22-5=17, Harthan rolled a 17!!!)! As the mighty orc warlord looked dumbfounded and quickly collapsed, his war party stared at their fallen leader and broke, running for the hills before the angry Dwarf could get to them. Harthan screamed into the heavens, spitting out blood, “Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!”

[As you can imagine, he chooses not to attempt the Yellow Challenge at this time.]


Turn 9, Player 1:

Elaria travels north and finds tracks that resemble the hoof tracks of Thunder Hammer. Smiling, she realizes she is near her friend. As she looks for more signs of their passing, a howling fills the air. She turns and is already chanting even as Nigh Wolves rush toward her. Her Death Rune (Touch of Death) flares and the two wolves collapse before they reach her [Elaria uses 2 stamina to strike the wolves. 10-2=8, she rolled an 11 and struck the wolves dead.]. She once more curses her luck as she collects a paltry 1 gold piece.

Turn 9, Player 2:

Ispher continues his travels northeast, crossing close by Dawnsmoor when he is attacked by a Spore Spire! Firefox leaps into action, tearing into the Spire (13-5=8, he rolls a 10). The spore spews forth its vile fungi which touches Ispher, who pulls back, in pain. As the spore begins to open to finish Ispher off, he slides out a sharp throwing knife and plants it in the Spire’s center (13-3=10, he rolls a 13)! Ispher is badly hurt, but defeats the Spire.
Having an amazing healing factor, Ispher ignores the call of the city, and decides to continue onward…

[DOOM! The Doom Counter advances to 3…]

To be continued…
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Runebound Adventures 2 – Giant Slayers: Chapter IV.

[Note: Using the “Advanced Runebound” experience system has not worked out due to the “Character Card” decks. To upgrade a Talent requires 4 experience aka 1 level, and who would do that when you must accumulate 8 experience to level up twice and get 2 Experience Counters. From now on, the Heroes can spend 4 experience to level up. The only restriction is that like “Advanced Runebound” the 2nd level up must be to a different stat. With the new rules in place, Elaria, Ispher, and Telvan will level up.]

Turn 9, Player 3:

Telvan travels north, foraging over a river as he explores the wilds east of Tamalir. Suddenly, a man appears from the edge of the river, looking scared. After speaking with the Halfling, Telvan learns that this man was one of Vorakesh’s minions but escaped. Apparently, the Necromancer is pretending to resurrect the Dragon Lords, but in reality is telling his minions to destroy their remains! The mystery thickens. As soon as he reaches a city, Telvan must send messages to the other Heroes on what he has discovered.
As the man begins to stumble away, he trips and falls. A simple fall turns into a scream as a skeletal hand holds onto his ankle. Unable to do anything, the helpless man is dragged under the earth to his death! Telvan gulps, his arrow already notched. The Skeletal Horde is upon him.

The Horde pulls itself from the earth, three decaying skeletons bent on dragging the Halfling down with them. Raising his Bow of Fire, Telvan fires rapidly, sending flaming arrows thudding into the skeletons one after another. Buckling on unsteady limbs and missing bones, the Skeletons begin to fall apart and shatter under the intense heat of the Bow of Fire. Soon, there is nothing left except bone fragments all over the ground… and three gold pieces (12-4=8, he rolls a 14. Activating his Bow of Fire adds +1 damage and defeats the Horde).
Telvan smirks, taking the money and setting off again.

Turn 9, Player 4:

Harthan rides on through the woods when the path narrows and he comes out at the edge of another valley. But rather than an ambush waiting to be sprung, he is shocked to see an enormous crater in the middle of the road. The crater has an odd shape that Harthan takes a moment to take in, and he stares in shock as he realizes that it is a humongous footprint! If this footprint has anything to do with the strange sense of evil foreboding in the land, then the Heroes were in deep trouble. Keeping Thunder Hammer steady, the duo ride down into the footprint, and up the other side safely, and continue to ride (Telvan had to do a climb (13) skill check. Thankfully, the Dwarf has a +2 Climb. 13-5=8, he rolls an 18. He earns the card “Footprints in the Earth which lets him either receive a +4 Strength test or +4 melee combat roll).
Not too long after riding out of the Valley he his beset upon by a Spectral Razorwing! The sun was slowly sinking behind the mountains, and the blood-red glimmer of the Razorwing was very unsettling. Harthan didn’t care though, he was already losing himself in his berserker rage even as Thunder Hammer charged toward the monster.

The Dwarf’s axes strike the Spectral Razorwing hard, but the monster continues to fight (14-5=9, he rolls a 12! The Razorwing has 1 health remaining). The Razorwing breathes a gout of black fire which strikes Harthan and knocks the Dwarf off his charger. Hurt but unphased due to his rage, Harthan rises quick and launches into a last strike at the monster (15-0=15, he rolled a 7. The Razorwing hit Harthan for 2!!! Harthan has 1 hitpoint left… not good!).

Screaming in pain and anger, Harthan leaps forward, and firmly plants his axe into the Razorwing! The monster attempts to retreat, but the Dwarf’s second axe finds its home in the Razorwings head… and it collapses (Amazing rolling on the part of Harthan. 14-5=9. If Harthan had rolled poorly, he would have been knocked out and lost 10 gold! Desperate, he used his recently acquired (recently as in this turn!) “Footprints in the Earth” card to earn a +4 on his melee swing. 9-4=5, he rolls a 16! One minor plus about the combat is that he takes the card, which allows him to use the card to gain a +4 attack on any other Razorwing).

Coming out of his rage, he searches the remains and finds 3 gold pieces. It was definitely about time to go to town, Harthan thought. He was battered, bruised, and bleeding (but he leveled up!).


Turn 10, Player 1:

Due south of the city of Greyhaven, Elaria encounters an ambush! Blood-curdling screams alert her to an attack by Vorakesh’s minions, and she lifts her arms up to concentrate. Her Death Rune flares, and the assassins all fall back, the powerful energy of the Rune killing them all (9-2=7, she rolled a 10 and had used 2 stamina to kill the assassins. She needs to be careful, she has accumulated 7 Menace and no one has used many Character Cards in a turn or two)!

Turn 10, Player 2:

Ispher takes the hard road… not a road at all, but runs as fast as he can through the rough hillside country near the Mountains of Despair. The hills here are especially rough, but Ispher makes his way far and fast, approaching Riverwatch on the east.

[Ispher plays a Character Card, “Dragon Eggs” – if he defeats a challenge this turn, he takes the card. He can discard it during Market Step (with Fetch, no doubt!) for 6 gold pieces!]

[The world has gotten a LOT more dangerous all of the sudden, as Ispher draws the “Of Dragons and Men” Event card – Vorakesh has gathered the bones of the Dragon Lords successfully. Also, at the end of each Hero’s turn, if he or she is on a plains or river, they must roll a D10. If they roll a 3 or less, they encounter a hybrid raiding party and must engage it in combat! A very powerful raiding party for a Yellow challenge!]

He hears a flapping of wings, and a Subterranean Razorwing appears flying toward him from the direction of the mountains.
The monster flaps toward him, but before it can reach him, Firefox tears into it, hurting it badly. It screams in pain, and only flutters about long enough to feel a sharp throwing dagger sink into it. The Razorwing dies extremely fast (9-7=2, rolled a 12 to do 2 damage. 13-2=11, dodged on a 13. 9-5=4, rolled an 18 for the kill! Shockingly, he gains 4 gold for the Razorwing, and 6 (SIX!) for the “Dragon Eggs” card he played because he can go immediately into Market Step. Ispher now has 16 Gold!).

Fetch finds a valuable item, and using his ability to teleport with things, brings Ispher an amazing suit of armor – the Champion’s Plate (Champion’s Plate may be activated at any time to cancel up to 3 hearts being inflicted on the Hero!). Ispher immediately straps the armor on… it feels strong, powerful. He will definitely be able to fight more powerful beasts in this armor!

Turn 10, Player 3:

Telvan makes his way to Forge, but as he takes a lesser travelled path, he comes upon a cave. He can hear a rumbling as a mighty Cave Troll comes out, approaching the Halfling and Orcbane. Long, sharp claws extend ready to attack! (Elaria played her 4 point Menace card, Cave Troll!)

The Troll is little work as Telvan’s impressive Bow of Fire once again makes short work of an opponent. Several arrows thud into the Troll and it collapses, its cracked skin heating up and burning under the magical flame of the fire arrows (11-4=7, he rolls a 12 and activates his Bow of Fire for 3 damage!). He collects 3 gold.

Finally reaching Forge, he takes a look at the market. Amazing deals are to be found, one being the powerful warrior woman Jirta the Fierce who rests at the Forged in Iron Inn, who costs 10 gold to hire, yet has amazing melee abilities. But Telvan only has 9 gold on him, and instead buys the Thief Lizard. A very nice pet, if trained by a thief (Who, me? Telvan looks around innocently), has a chance to steal an item from the market deck. [A nice thing is the Thief Lizard is also a Familiar and doesn’t count against the Ally limit!]

Turn 10, Player 4:

Finding himself in the city of Greyhaven, Harthan heals for 4 (out of 5!) health and buys an awesome mace [Lightning Mace – Melee: Your Hero receives a +4 bonus to his melee combat rolls. 6 Gold].
Having heard rumors of a powerful warrior woman in Forge, Harthan knows where he and Thunder Hammer must travel to.


Turn 11, Player 1:

Elaria moves south. Suddenly, she is beset upon from the sky by something that she did not expect to see. She paused in shock and swore even as an Emerald Dragon descended upon her! (Ispher had noticed Elaria had built up her Menace, she had 7 on her character (of course, he has 7 so someone might be striking him back), and Ispher slaps her with a 6 Menace Emerald Dragon!

Emerald Dragon: 18/1, 12/2, 12/2. Before Combat: Test Magic/Intelligence Resist (12) to gain a +4 bonus to all magic combat rolls. If you fail, your Hero takes a -4 penalty to all magic combat rolls.

[Elaria slaps down the Character Card “Spiked Pit Trap” which immediately activates. It costs her 2 Menace, but until the end of her turn (which would include fighting the green Challenge if she chooses to), each Challenge takes 1 damage during the “Before Combat” stage.
Cursing, Elaria channels all her power into her Death Rune and fires a massive burst at the Dragon. She barely succeeds, and strikes the Dragon. It screeches at her, but remains in the sky (She siphons her last 2 Stamina into the Rune of Death and hits. 12-2=10, she rolled a 10 and dropped it to 2 health!). The Spiked Pit Trap (which, ironically should only affect monsters on the ground) does 1 damage to the Dragon.
Elaria pulls back on her bow, takes aim, and whispers a prayer on the winds… she fires (18-6=12, she rolls a… 13!). The arrow pierces the heart of the Dragon and it screams in pain as it flaps in the air. Unable to hold itself airborn, the huge Emerald Dragon spirals downward and slams into the Earth.

Elaria breaths a deep sigh of relief.

[She collects the 4 gold and wisely decides not to challenge the green with no stamina or Rune of Death].

Turn 11, Player 2:

As Ispher travels in the southlands between Riverwatch and Vynelvale, he is beset upon by a woman. It’s the Death Witch! Ispher feels very confident going into the battle, and as they say – overconfidence can be your undoing (13-7=6, he rolls a 4)! The Death Witches magic misses, and Ispher spins around to successfully plant a throwing dagger into the witch with his second throwing dagger. As he retrieves his daggers, he finds a single gold coin on the body.
Fetch tells Ispher of a strong warrior woman in Riverwatch, but he still seeks a weapon that would help him in his battles. He will travel south to see what Vynelvale has to offer him.

Turn 11, Player 3:

Follow the river out of Forge, Telvan narrowly avoids one of Lord Vorakesh’ hybrid raiding parties. Instead, he continues around the bend to discover his path blocked by Giant Beetles, who are busy munching on a corpse. Telvan blanches even as the Beetles turn toward him, but his Bow of Fire is already notched, and he fires. He has no doubt in his mind (10-4=6, he rolled a 6!).

The Beetles shudder as fire consumes them. Telvan smiles as he finds 2 gold coins, and taking them continues on his way.

Turn 11, Player 4:

Finding his path blocked by a heavy forest, Harthan and Thunder Hammer ride hard and fast south to Tamalir. From here the next step is East to Forge.


Turn 12, Player 1:

Elaria is attacked by a Ghoul Search Party! She defeats them quite easily (10-6=4, she rolls a 14. 12-2=10, she rolls a 12 to defend. 10-6=4, she rolls a 4 to hit. The Search Party had 2 health and is defeated). She finds a single gold coin. Needing to heal, she planned on travelling north to Greyhaven.

Turn 12, Player 2:

Ispher travels south, crossing a swamp that was part of the Morshan River and nearing Vynelvale. As he is leaving the swamp, he is attacked by a Direspawn! But this is no ordinary Direspawn, it appeared to be a mutated kind, with tentacles that attempted to grasp Ispher even as he fought (Harthan played a “Grasping Tentacles” Character Card on Ispher, which made the Direspawn even tougher. If Ispher missed a melee roll, regardless of damage, he must immediately defend in melee again until he succeeds or is knocked out! But even as Harthan plays the Grasping Tentacles, Ispher uses his Harp of Tranquility, which if successful renders the Direspawn’s damage in the first round of combat to 0. Fingers crossed, he rolls… if he succeeds the Grasping Tentacles will have become relatively useless! He needs a 13, and by the skin of his teeth Ispher rolls a 13!)

Direspawn – 9/0, 14/2, 11/1.

Firefox tears into the Direspawn, badly hurting it. He dodges the Direspawns strikes (15-2=12, he rolls an 18!), and avoids its acidic breath (magic attack 11-2=9, he rolls a 17). Finally, Ispher spins and heaves two throwing daggers at the Direspawn… and kills it (9-4=5, he rolls a 9)!

A dangerous animal, a dangerous game, but Ispher is not only victorious, but he feels stronger!

[Ispher has leveled up! He must spend his Experience Counter on either Melee or Magic since he cannot upgrade the same stat twice in a row. Does he want to be a stronger mage or warrior? There are a lot of good magical items on the Market Stacks now, but in the RP spirit, since Ispher walks around in Champion’s Plate, he decides to concentrate on his melee ability. This card *would* have moved the Doom Track up, but the Reward is keeping the card. Discarding it would give Ispher an *automatic successful melee attack* AND inflict an extra +1 melee damage. This was one impressive card, and one impressive round for our friend! ]

[Ispher’s impressive round was not to end as he sends Fetch into Vynelvale… to discover a suit of RUNE PLATE! While the Champion’s Plate allowed it to be activated to remove 3 health damage, the Rune Plate could be used once during “Before Combat” and once PER COMBAT ROUND to cancel 1 health damage. While it protected from less damage at one time, the Rune Plate was never activated and was a constant effect. Ispher sells his Champion’s Plate for 4 gold and buys the Rune Plate for 15 gold (that’s the most expensive item any of the Heroes had ever seen). Ispher was once more poor, but happy.]

Turn 12, Player 3:

As Telvan explores the northlands, getting very close to the edge of Terrinoth and Frostgate, he once more avoids another of Vorokesh’s parties and disappears into the nearby forest. It is here runs into a most disturbing site – Ferrox gathered around a huge cauldron of blood, pouring down the dies of a central statue made of bone and sinew. Bone and… it was then that Telvan realized that it was not simly a cauldron but a living entity. It was one of the mystical Bloodmothers – a monstrous creature that nourishes the Ferrox even as they bring her prey which they strangle and drown in her bloody belly. Telvan watches until the horrific ritual ends and the Ferrox disperse. The Bloodmother is unguarded and vulnerable…

Blood of the Bloodmother – 15/0, 11/1, 14/2.

Telvan notches a single Fire Arrow into his bow and takes aim. A single shot and he can light the Bloodmother on fire. He aims from the shadows at the heart of the beast… and fires.

And hits (15-4=11, he rolls a 16!)! The Bloodmother screams as the Fire Arrow lights her afire, and within moments the monstrous creature collapses on its side, never to feed the Ferrox again. Finding 3 gold pieces lying around the dead monster, Telvan collects them and quickly turns toward the cold climes of Frostgate. It is time to see what the northernmost city in the realm has to offer a traveler (Telvan also levels up! He takes a melee experience counter…)

[DOOM! The Doom Counter advances to 4…]

To be continued…
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A lot of writing, a lack of replies. Thanks for a few who enjoyed the story, but I won't be finishing this. Took a lot of time and still had a ways to go!
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Brian Sherry
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Well, I think it's great. Stories like these are what made me think Runebound was the replacment for Magic Realm I have been looking for.

Would you perhaps consider giving us the endgame so we know how things turned out? Your characters seem to have taken a long time fighting green challenges...I'd love to hear how the final onslaught of the Giant Lords went down!

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Well, I think it's great. Stories like these are what made me think Runebound was the replacment for Magic Realm I have been looking for.

Would you perhaps consider giving us the endgame so we know how things turned out? Your characters seem to have taken a long time fighting green challenges...I'd love to hear how the final onslaught of the Giant Lords went down!

Thank you! Unfortunately, I don't recall exactly how it ended - but if I find the notebook I was writing in I'll post more concrete results I think the Dwarf won =)
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