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Subject: Dwarf Session report rss

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Matt Becker
United States
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Part savage, part savant, with a dash of satanic seasoning
Solo game playing the Dwarf

Optional Rules in play:
Optional Combat Rules
(Including the corrected Missile Table from the 3rd Edition)
Watchful Natives
Extended Treachery

Starting Location: Guardhouse

Victory Requirements:
3 points in Fame for 30 Fame
2 points in Notoriety for 40 Notoriety
Plus 23 Gold to account for my starting gold (10) and my starting equipment (8 for a Great Axe and 5 for a helmet)

Buy a backup helmet from my friends, the Guard, and seek out cave clearings.

On Day 1, I bought my extra helmet with one roll of the dice. By Day 3, I was sneaking into the Caverns. The monster roll for that day was 3, meaning Goblins could prowl to the board. Of course, I missed my Hide roll, and the tile contained a chit that summoned Goblins. I ended Day 3 unhidden and blocked by 6 Axe wielding Goblins.

I smashed a Goblin in Round 1. For the next 2 rounds, I missed and the Goblins L*4 attacks bounced off my helmet. With nothing killed, wounded, fatigued, damaged or destroyed for two consecutive rounds, combat ended. I escaped unscathed. I was lucky my enemy never flipped to their more dangerous M*4 attack.

I ran from the Caverns in search of better hunting. The nearest caves were in the Borderland. Along the way I was blocked by a lone Spider in the low lands of the Cliffs. That combat also ended from no activity. I could have continued it by playing a Move and Fight chit combination that caused a fatigue, but I didn't want to wear myself out trying to smack one Spider for 3 Fame and 3 Notoriety.

The Borderland had the Stink of Trolls and the Hoard. I moved into the cave clearing containing the Hoard and discovered it with one attempt. That night two Heavy Trolls walked into the clearing.

This was a very strange combat. For the first 5 rounds, all combatants missed their targets. I needed these kills, so I played chits to force a fatigue and continue the rounds. By round 6 the situation changed. I continued to miss, but they started to hit. My first helmet was destroyed and my backup was damaged. I finally prevailed and earned 15 Fame and 15 Notoriety, but I was down to 4 active chits.

I stayed where I was and rested up, knowing at any time the Tremendous Troll or the Tremendous Flying Dragon could appear and challenge me.

I started to loot the Hoard. I found the Toadstool Circle, the Map of the Lost City, and the Seven-League Boots. The Boots allow an extra Move phase and are a great find, especially for the Dwarf. But my 4th draw was the big one. I pulled the Golden Crown. This beauty is worth 50 Gold plus an extra 20 Fame when sold to the Guard. Selling the Crown to the Guard would pretty much lock up two of my victory requirements.

All this looting eventually got the attention of the monsters. I rolled another Troll summoning, but it happened to be on a regeneration day. Instead of the Tremendous Troll, his two little brothers returned for a rematch.

I was still a little fatigued and had only a damaged helmet for protection. I wouldn't last if this battle went long. Fortunately, the Dwarf was now an experienced Troll slayer. In 4 rounds both beasts were downed, and I earned an additional 15 Fame and 15 Notoriety.

With the Troll slaying and my treasures, all I needed was a bit more Notoriety for victory. I figured my easiest source would be another treasure from the Hoard. I grabbed the Scroll of Alchemy worth 15 Notoriety. Its -10 Fame penalty was easily offset by the Golden Crown.

I dashed from the Hoard and headed off to sell the Crown . On the day I left the Borderland was the day the Dragon would have appeared.

The Boots made the trip back to the Guardhouse a little easier. Along the way I stopped off to conclude some unfinished business with that Spider in the Cliffs. I marched into the Guardhouse, bearing the golden Crown. The Guardsman showered me with wealth and honor, and we drank to my successful adventure.


The Dwarf is an awesome combatant. He can hide beneath his helmet with a quick T*3 Duck maneuver and boost his alerted Axe to a devastating T*4 attack with a Tremendous Fight chit. He has the effort asterisks to last in a fight, so it's a question of getting that kill shot in before the armor or chits give out.

After the game I looked at the treasures remaining in the Hoard. The Scroll of Alchemy was the only single treasure that would have met my remaining Notoriety needs. I was lucky to get it, especially since one of the other treasures was the Mouldy Skeleton. Getting a curse that late would have changed the whole endgame.
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Andrew Young
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And if you never have, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.
I wish I could get to the point where I could play the game solo!
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