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Subject: [WIP] - Goblin-Balls rss

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Sonny Andersson
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Hello, this is a game ive been messing around with in my head and ive asked some people for feedback on my concept and so far the response have been better then i expected and i wanted to show you guys the project and see what you had to say about it.

Obviously it's unpolished to all hell but i want feedback to more easily
move forward I also want to know if you know of any other game like this one.

Here we go.

Goblin-Balls is a game about confusion and trickery of the mind where the players have a two-sided token each and atleast one of them is a bomb. The thing is you might not know where the bomb is because you play with the tokens face-down and may only watch them at certain conditions.

The players will have cards at their disposal to move around, look at, and deflect the balls thrown everywhere. There are also cards to include more than one bomb, increasing the tension and confusion a bit more.

The object of the game is to NOT have a bomb when the turn-based clock reaches zero and the loser/losers are revealed. This game is not as much about being the winner as it is about not being the loser of the game.

Feel free to pick a punishment for the loser/losers before beginning.

Each player randomly gets a ball-token which is placed face-down immedietly without checking if your token is the bomb or not and atleast one of the tokens in play will be a bomb. The rest of the extra bombs are placed at the side.

The players are dealt X cards to start with and the rest is placed where everyone can reach them. Save some place for the discard-pile.


Players start there turn by moving the clock forward one step.
Play X card and resolve
Draw Cards
End Turn

Game ends when the clock reaches 0 and everyone turns over their
Tokens to see who ends up with a bomb and that player is declared
the loser of the game.

Cards (Ideas, no card is set in stone)
Time-Something: Spin the clock just like in Twister and where the it points is now the new time that's left of the game.

Juggle: Take tokens from the players next to you and look at them together with yours then distribute them amongst you the way you want

Volley: Basic: When a player tries to trade you token with another, choose another players token to replace yours

Volley: Left: Like above but the player on your left is the target

Volley: Right: Like above but the player on your right is the target

Power: Smash: Play as an extra card when a player responds with a Volley to ignore the Volley

Stirr It Up: Shuffle all tokens in game and distribute them without looking at them

1/2/3: Check one/two/three Tokens

You Snooze You Loose: Make a player loose his/her turn

*****: Save your turn for when you feel like having it (Ends if a new round starts)

The Ol' Switcharoo: Switch one token without looking at it for one of the extra bomb-tokens.

Potential filler cards:
Cooking Rare: Turn the clock one forward
Cooking Well-Done: Turn the clock one bacwards

*Volley: Cards to defend yourself against unfavoravorable trades
*Power: Cards that ignore other effects
*To make the game a bit more complicated you could include character-cards that have a special power that only can be used once per game
*Although the full game-design is not there yet i would like to have some tricky way to get to play an extra card which is not having to use cards like "play 2 extra cards on your turn"
*Would maybe like some kind of filler-card^ that isn't very powerful but is still abit useful.

^A type of card that there are many of in the deck to make the others
feel a bit more rare.

I think that's about it, might have missed something due to being kinda

Have at it and please feel free to tell me what im doing wrong. Turn

23/9-15 - added potential fillercards
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Robert Wesley
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Re: [WIP] - Goblin-Balls yum? et al & find out!
Your 'target-rich audience' ought to consist with those folks "into": Cape Horn "just saying..." whistle
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Sonny Andersson
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GROGnads wrote:
Your 'target-rich audience' ought to consist with those folks "into": Cape Horn "just saying..." whistle

I.. I have no idea of what any of that meant.
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