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Subject: Mercury Impact site. rss

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Jonathan McGowan
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Incident Report: RP10039

The Party that went in search of the impact site.

Prof. Pelham and Chief Desoto discover the alien crash site, They ready their atomic rifles.

'Exploring strange new life.. and crushing them under heel!'

The Professor's scanner comes to life as it beeps and flashes, analysing what was behind the airlock
door, it pick up an unusual energy signature, now known to be a proton blade. The life forms it
detected beyond the door, were definitely alien. An Alien leader and his 2 bodyguards. He takes a deep breath and
opens the door, the Aliens are armed! The Professor takes a shot at the 'Saucerman closest to him.

That was the first Alien blood to spill in the conflict with the Saucermen, he takes aim at the Leader,
Killing him instantly and watches the remaining Saucerman fall to the ground screaming in agony.
It would appear that the creatures are linked mentally somehow.

The Chief's scanner buzzes and beeps as it scans the open section beside him, it it immediatly picks up
on some kind of bizarre helmet that protects the user from Psychic attacks! Sadly he would have to investigate
that later, as out of the far corner of the room emerges another leader and his two guards! Without delay, the chief
sprays the Atomic rifle fire directly at the Leader. Another victory for the Humans, he then uses the opportunity to
strafe the stunned alien, unable to defend, it's exterminated instantly!

He locks onto one of the confused Leader's guards and makes short work of him with his Atomic rifle.
The lone Saucerman tries to get his weapon ready but the chief already has him in his sights, one quick pop of
the trigger and the Saucerman ceases to be..

The ship falls silent interrupted only by the hiss of the automated doors closing up.

Who are the invaders again?!

Professors scanner beeps again indicating it's found more of the Alien Tech, this time what it suspects to be a
heat ray is being guarded by 2 Saucermen.The Professor runs to collect the Mentality Helmet and takes a
blind shot at the 2 Saucermen. What luck, he kills the first one and while dodging into cover, realises how
the internal doors operate! he hacks the panel to open the door for the chief.

The sole Saucerman distracted in seeing the Chief standing there, takes his eyes off the Professor!
'The last mistake he'll make', thinks the professor as he clears the discharge off his rifle.

The ship goes eerily silent again.

Until the chiefs scanner comes to life beeping and buzzing. It appears to have detected a device for creating
gravitational waves, an incredibly useful device. Sadly it's safe in the clutches of another Leader and 2 more of
it's underlings. The chief plans on changing that.

He steps through the hatch and picks up the proton blade. He takes aim into the newly discovered area and
shoots at the leader, putting him to the ground with his first shot!

Confidently the chief, remains in the open and holds the trigger down to dispatch the 2 remaining Saucermen.
Then Disaster, His Rifle doesn't fire!! He looks down frantically in hopes that he can remedy whatever the problem is!
In his peripheral vision he notices a number of bright flashes.. right before feeling the seething pain high on his arm,
that puts him to the floor.

DeSoto has been shot.

He crawls to the nearest cover but as he does, his mind is violated by another entity, like knives been driven
through his skull.. a pounding headache, like something is trying to take over his mind!
He can see the Second Saucerman move out of cover to try and finish him off. "This is how it ends DeSoto"
thinks to himself, but his fate as it would happen, had other plans.

The Saucerman takes aim but his weapon's misaligned and the scorches all around Desoto but doesn't
actually hit him! He takes the opportunity to get into cover!

Sweep and clear.

The prof's scanner reveals some more new tech, this ship is a treasure trove of Alien weapons..
The latest being a forcefield belt like the ones you'd see in comic books!
His time for marvelling would have to wait as 2 more Saucermen enter the fray.
The Professor overrides the Hatch and takes aim at the two lifeforms.
-Click- -click- The professors gun fails to fire.. He ducks back and tries to clear out what's jamming his rifle,
he blind fires around the corner and with some luck manages to
remove one of the Saucermen from the equation.

It's up to the Chief to help take the remaining Saucerman out.

The chief scans and finds a time warm tech and 2 more Saucermen.
Out of sheer anger and feeling the need for revenge, he fires at the Saucermen that wounded him,
blowing a hole through the little green man.
The psychic scream was obviously loud as the chief hears one of the Saucermen in the newly
scanned room screaming in pain.

The Chief proceeds to strafe the alien in the room facing the Prof, without cover to his side, he's quickly dispatched.
Still suffering from his mind probe, he slumps to the wall and tries to take on the remaining Saucerman in sight.
He pulls up his rifle, aims and shoots, the little green man will bother him no more.

The only incapacitated Saucerman psychically opens the hatch moves into position and takes aim on the chief
but his shots fail to connect with his target.

Something stirs

The newly revealed area has another interesting piece of tech, the telepathic band.
The scanner makes an unusual noise, Another previously unknown lifeform, a massive beast of some kind.
The creature now known as The Sentinel!
The Professor's moves quickly to the pass off the Mentality helmet to chief, he blindly fires up the corridor
at the Saucerman in between them and the creature, vapourising him instantly.
He moves into the room next to the remaining saucerman where he collects the Heat ray and wastes no time
sealing the door closed.

The Chief's scanner beeps to indicate the entire ship is scanned, the final area of the alien probe revealing
two more Saucermen and what the scanner indicates to be Xray goggles.
Little precious time is wasted, as he raises his Atomic rifle up and sets sights on the lumbering Sentinel,
one perfect shot that hits the Sentinel in the chest, staggering it and knocking it back onto the
two Saucermen at the Probes bow.

With a bit of a reprieve, he opens hatch next to the Professor, so that the professor will be
able to attack anything coming down from the side.
The Chief tucks himself into an alcove and tries to patch up his wounds a little.
With the blaster shot bandaged up, he begins to feel a bit better now.

Unwilling to let the Rocketeers stop their planned attack, the Saucermen manoeuvre into position,the two from
the bow start moving up the ship. The Other saucerman realising that the door has been sealed moves to the corridor
and spies upon the Chief.
He takes aim and shoots at the partially hidden Rocketeer.
a glancing hit off the wall alerts the Chief, right before he's stuck in the side by the second lazer blast,
wounding him!
He ducks aside and then notices that the Sentinel has started moving up the corridor but conveniently
hasn't noticed the professor flanking him or the chief directly in front.

Just as the creature starts looking around, the doors reclose.

The unintentional trap

The professors knows the Chief probably won't last long against the creature, so he readies his Atomic rifle
and opens the hatch.
Standing directly in front of him is the gargantuan beast a good 5 foot over his own height,
with glistening fresh blood trickling from a wound in it's chest.

He pulls the rifle up and lets loose a volley of shots into the Sentinel's side.
The blast tears a gash across it's hip and causes the creature to stagger!
Not content, he takes aim again at the behemoth, this time, leaving the Sentinel severely wounded
lying against the wall.

Noticing the stricken state of the beast, the Chief pops up from behind cover and gently squeezes the trigger.
The first a clear shot to the head, the creature instantly slumps over and the blast continues down the hall
and rips apart a Saucerman behind it!

With the Sentinel dead, the remaining Saucermen flee. The Rocketeer's decide to get back to thier transport
and call into base.

The people of Earth need to know what happened here.

The path to the founding of the 'Rocket Patrol' was now laid!
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