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Subject: A Mini Game - "The Ultimate Showdown!" rss

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Ian Lim
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I don't know if anyone have tried this before but How about we play this here on bgg?

If you have all the official cards of all Legendary and all its expansions including Villains. And you have to pick only 6 cards.

What those 6 cards will be?

The rules are simple:
- just pick 6 cards and play them one by one
- try to achieve highest Stars and/or Attack and total them (just like doing the final showdown

I know most Players will think of this. A very very straight forward pick:

Living Weapon (Iron Fist Rare) = 8 atk
Hulk Smash (Hulk Rare) = 5+5 = 10 atk
It's Clobbering Time (Thing Rare) = 5+3+3 = 11 atk
3 x Copy Powers (Rogue Uncommon)= copying thing's rare for:
1st = 5+3+3+3 = 14 atk
2nd = 5+3+3+3+3 = 17 atk
3rd = 5+3+3+3+3+3 = 20

so that's 8+10+11+14+17+21 = 80 Attack!

So with that, i think Rogue's Copy Powers is a bit overpowered. And also obvious pick will we those rares cards, so make the deck building more challenging we will add some rules:

- Rogue's Copy Powers is banned

- you can use only up to 1 rare card and only up to 2 uncommon cards, but you can have up to 6 commons cards as you want, but of course only up to 5 cards of the same name (i am not really sure about this rule So you may ignore this one)

so with rules tweaked, so maybe we cant achieve that 80 score, but maybe we can. who knows?

additional rules:
since there is no HQ/Lair you cant recruit and also there is no mastermind or villians so you cant fight them. Therefore if a cards tells you to recruit for free it does nothing, same as defeat a villian for free do nothing too,
- as per rules "if a card tells you to do something, do as much as you can, if you can't do it or some of it, do nothing"
- but other card stacks are there. shield officer, madamme hydra, new recruits and sidekicks stack exists so if a card tells you to gain those you can gain them
- and also Bystanders stack also exists, but the stack only have regular bystanders(no bystanders with abilities). when a card tells to you rescue/kidnap a bystander grab one of them and add 1 point to you total score per bystander you rescue/kidnap.

(of course when you have your 6 cards you choose in hand, your deck and discard pile are currently empty, but it can have some cards by effects)
And to make some potential to cards that draws and other cards' abilities, we will adding this rule:
- When an effect tells you to draw card/s and your deck and discard pile is empty. you get either Shield Agent, Shield Trooper, hydra agent or hydra trooper of you choice and put it into your hand instead.

Maybe i mislooked something here. but for now let's try this.

Honestly, even me right now is still thinking of that 6 cards i want.

So let's see who will be the most Legendary and win on this "Ultimate Showdown" variant.

The prize for the winners will be: Bragging rights of course

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Tomer Mlynarsky
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Sorry for being a smartass, but some rules issue here:
How are the schemes, master strikes? Considered played or not? This changes Rocket's rare.

Are we allowed to use Villains? If so, how are mastermind tactics go (changes Bullseyes)

How about the bystander deck? That kind of changes how Black Widow works (Thanos too)

And isn't Daredevil rare basically inifinte draws? Or at least lets you draw your entire shield deck?

Also I'm assuming any infinite loop based on Dodge is also out of the question?

Anyhow, I'll assume your answer would be that there is no bystander deck, they all escaped? No tactics for Rocket and Daredevil is banned?

If so, I would probably just go for

the rares (in this order) of:
1) Iron Fist - which is actually 10 attack by your rules since I draw 2 shield troopers

2) Hulk - 10 attack (total 20)

3) Iceman - 7 attack (total 27)

4) Captain Marvel - 5 attack - I can't find any other decent range card other than iceman to trigger her fully (total 32)

5) Thing - 5+3+3+3 = 14 attack (total 46)

6) Drax the destroyer - Double everything (92)

This is just of the top of my head. You can probably replace Captain Marvel with another big strength card to boost Thing even further but don't have the cards in front of me at the moment (and I wanted to see if anyone else have a better idea for a range card).
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