Marco Poutré
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Yes... I still like 'em 32 years later...
Are the orcs out for lunch or something?

Player 1's deck

Boromir (Tactics), Beregond and Gimli. Initial threat of 32.

2x Thicket of Spears
3x Blade Mastery
3x Veteran Axehand
1x Horn of Gondor
1x Stand Together
2x Citadel Plate
2x Horseback Archer
1x Swift Strike
3x The Eagles are Coming!
2x Rain of Arrows
3x Unseen Strike
2x Dwarven Axe
3x Gondorian Spearman
2x Feint
3x Winged Guardian
2x Blade of Gondolin
3x Keeping Count
3x Boots of Erebor
2x Quick Strike
1x Beorn
3x Khazad! Khazad!
3x Gondorian Discipline

Player 2's deck

Glorfindel (Spirit), Frodo Baggins and Éowyn. Initial threat of 21.

3x Renewed Friendship
3x Spare Hood and Cloak
3x Elrond's Counsel
3x Good Meal
3x Stand and Fight
1x Unexpected Courage
3x Late Adventurer
2x Northern Tracker
2x Strength of Will
2x A Test of Will
2x Will of the West
2x The Favor of the Lady
1x Fortune or Fate
3x Westfold Horse-Breaker
3x Lorien Guide
2x Hasty Stroke
2x Wandering Took
2x Power in the Earth
1x Dwarven Tomb
2x The Galadhrim's Greeting
3x Mustering the Rohirrim

First player token to Player 1.

Posting this before an errata comes out, although at this point, it's very unlikely. For those of you who read the few posts on this expansion, it's a walk in the park when using Tactics Boromir, even when playing 2-handed. I didn't bother to figure out the odds, but they're better than 50% as there are only a dozen Osgiliath locations left in the deck when you draw the only 2 encounter cards you'll ever reveal.

The decks might as well be filled with blanks and you'll indeed recognize most of the core set cards as I picked the first cards in the binder, apart from a few tricks who might help with threat reduction and thus, scoring.

Player 1's starting hand : Blade Mastery, Citadel Plate, Thicket of Spears, The Eagles are Coming!, Rain of Arrows and Unseen Strike.

Player 2's starting hand : Strength of Will, Northern Tracker, Will of the West, Mustering the Rohirrim, Westfold Horse-Breaker and Renewed Friendship.

Setup :

The Old Bridge, Ancient Harbor and 2x Southron Commander into play.

I chose the Commanders mainly because of their high threats and because their "When revealed" effect is nasty.

Round 1 - Resource phase

Player 1 draws Dwarven Axe and Player 2 draws Elrond's Counsel.

Round 1 - Planning phase

Every hero spends their resource to put 1 progress token on The Old Bridge, it is explored, Player 1 gains control of it.

Round 1 - Quest phase

Player 1 commits Gimli.
Player 2 commits Glorfindel (Threat to 22), Frodo Baggins and Eowyn.

Player 2 plays Elrond's Counsel targeting Eowyn, threat to 19.

Drum roll.

Encounter deck reveals Uruk Soldier and Orc Vanguard.

Willpower of 12 to a threat of 10.

Round 1 - Travel phase

No travel.

Round 1 - Encounter phase

Player 1 engages Uruk Soldier.

Round 1 - Combat phase

Beregond blocks Uruk Soldier, Shadow card is Pinned Down (No effect).
Player 1 exhausts/readies Boromir until Ancient Harbor is explored (Threat to 36).
Player 1 gains control of Ancient Harbor.

Round 1 - Refresh phase

Player 1's Threat = 37.
Player 2's Threat = 20.

First player token is passed to Player 2 (Yes I know this might be confusing).


Final score

Player 1's threat = 37.
Player 2's threat = 20.
1 complete round = 10.
0 wounds = 0.
-0 VPs.


As the card pool expands, it's becoming more and more likely a scenario can be broken with a gamey strategy. That being said, if you decide to go "full-flavor" with this one, you're in for a rocky ride as there are some pretty nasty stuff in there.
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Robin Munn

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Heh. I can just see Boromir's after-action report:

My lord and father,

As you ordered, my men and I assaulted Osgiliath to retake our city. But we found it almost deserted! There were two orc sentries posted near the old bridge, but they were easily dispatched. I personally searched every inch of the ancient harbor, but found no trace of any orc presence remaining; it seems they all boarded their boats and headed up the Anduin on some mission for their foul master. Perhaps the Enemy's attention is drawn elsewhere, and now might be a good time to retake other lands he has taken from us.

I must also report that we encountered a strange party of travelers near the old bridge: an elf whose every feature spoke of power and ancient wisdom, a noblewoman of Rohan, and a young boy dressed in elvish clothing. They appeared to be there on some quest of their own, and caring little about Gondor, for they gave us no help against the orcs. Neither did they hinder us in our mission, however. I await your orders: should I request these travelers to come with us to Minas Tirith, to inform you of the reason for their presence in our lands? Should I give them an escort as they leave? Or should I do nothing, and allow them to continue unhindered on their mission as they did nothing to help nor hinder mine?

I am, as always, your most obedient & loyal servant,

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