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May 1940 – Allies Strategic Warfare

First order of business, I realized that taking Raeder out of play at this juncture means giving up on any chance of launching an invasion of Great Britain. While I don't want to give anything away, I'm not actually going to try that in this campaign. However, among other things I'm trying to learn how this might work against a human opponent, so I'm going to continue to play as if Seelowe is a possibility, in case I ever get to play this beauty against human beings.

So Raeder still in command, Germany bought 1 SS step, and almost went for one long dreamed of green CA step to make one of their CA units a 5 steppers. Instead they bought 2 DD steps and a yellow CA step. Back to the action!

Strategic war in the NA Convoy Box:

Germany has:

2BB, 4DD, 3SS, 2SS, 2SS

UK has:
1CV, 2BB, 3CA, 4DD

GE has:

2BB, 4DD, 3SS, 2SS, 2SS

The Indomitable manages to run afoul of German AA guns, rolling a 1 and losing a step. UK DD's deal out 2 hits, one of which is shrugged off for Tech advantage, the other applied to the German DD's. The German DD's score their side's only hit, lowering the British DD's a step.

One hit on the convoys costs UK 2 YPP.

Strategic Bombing:

”HOW COULD YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME?!?!?” Goering had been railing on like this for nearly an hour, to one staff officer after another. It was simply Ludwig's turn on the rack. “Thanks to your incompetence, I must tell our Fuhrer that we have failed him! And I promise you, young Ludwig, if I incur his wrath, you shall find yourself manning a winter outpost in Norway!” Ludwig saluted and left, shaking his head. Perhaps if the rotund Reichsmarshal had no neglected building true heavy bombers, or if he had secured enough forward air bases, the attacks wouldn't have failed to destroy the enemy logistics. Now the British army might well escape. Ludwig couldn't understand why that would matter, now or later, the British Empire was certain to fall.

Germany now turned its attention to trapping the British BEF on the continent. Only able to send 6 air units, and with bomber fleets somewhat depleted, they would have to be accurate. They sent one bomber to attack the port of Antwerp, where the 2 step 1BEF waited for evac. They sent two others to bomb rail stations. The other BEF were not situated in ports. If the British can be prevented from using SRM to move them out of harm's way, they could be dealt with in June.

French fighters reacted, and in Antwerp rolled 6,6,6,6 in air-to-air!!!! Germans responded with three hits, but still! The three remaining bomber steps over Antwerp 0 hits, the 1BEF escapes!

One attack on rail capacity succeeded, but only 1. A second BEF unit could be safely SR'd to a channel port, and evacuated. German bombers lost 3 white steps total.
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