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Subject: Two Rooms, a Boom, and MURDER rss

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After my last game night with ~3-4 rounds of 2R1B with ~16 players, I thought it would be cool to try to mod the game to last significantly longer. To me, this means adding more complication to the game to keep people busy, while at the same time making sure no one gets excommunicated round one and ignored for 90 minutes (a problem in previous games).

I thought I would share it here for theory crafting before getting a group together. First post, so apologies on formatting/size/location.

Standard Roles:
President/President's Daughter

Modified Roles:
Ambassador/Detectives -- win conditions = team victory + identify murderer, immune to murder/accomplice, can travel between rooms
Lost Boys / Mediums -- introduced as Lost Boys but secretly Gamblers, immune, can't be hostages, required for Ghosts to communicate

Conditions / Secret Roles:
Ghost -- murder victims, keep same win conditions, can only share cards with medium and only speak through mediums, count towards room population, can vote, can be hostages. Lose card powers.
Evil Genius -- secretly assigned to one of gray players. Non-evil lover must break up with EG before end of game to win. Two non-evil lovers who break up lose.
Murderer -- secretly assigned to one of R/B players. All players fill out slips during Murder check 10-15 minutes into round, write either "innocent" or name the victim. Only players with whom the murderer has been alone (softly defined as isolated or in a separate room) can be targeted. Must murder 3 players across five rounds, including one during round 1, and not be caught by detectives to win. May recruit one Accomplice.
Accomplice -- may be verbally forced into recruitment by Murderer during full card share. Wins if Murderer wins, in additional to all previous win conditions.

Rounds (this is a total shot in the dark for ~14 players + 2 ambassadors):
Round 1: 30 minutes, 3 hostages. Murder check at 20 minutes.
Round 2: 20 minutes, 2 hostages. Murder check at 15 minutes.
Round 3: 15 mintues, 2 hostages. Murder check at 10 minutes
Round 4: 15 minutes, 1 hostage. Murder check at 10 minutes.
Round 5: 15 minutes, 1 hostage. Murder check at 10 minutes.

Total in-game time: 1 hour 35 minutes (not including hostage swap time, leaders running over, etc.)

Additional Rules:
-Can't tell Mediums they are Gamblers in your attempt to recruit them (upon pain of arbitrary house punishment).
-All full card shares must take place in isolation. Each "Room" will actually have several rooms, game will be played across whole apartment/front porch/yard.
-Murdered President/Bomber yield responsibility to Daughter/Martyr. If President/Daughter or Bomber/Martyr are killed, respective team loses.
-Secret roles (Innocent, Murderer, EG) will be assigned by clearly labeled small white cards inside card sleeves (all players except Detectives/Mediums). White cards are collected and destroyed afterwards (to prevent players from requesting proof).
-Ghosts get some kind of sign. ("Rekt", etc)
-Name tags for mixed company, especially for murderer to identify victims who are strangers.
-Pro tip: put snacks/drinks in both rooms.

-Lost Boy --> Gambler will only work once, but will keep crowd from just telling them which team they are on.
-Rule explanation has to be thorough, with references around the house, so secret roles can answer their own questions. There won't be a moderator.
-I'm hoping to convince them to fake cooperation with their enemies, not group up to obviously dominate a room, and avoid voting down party lines to keep the EG from winning. The Mayor and grays should help facilitate leadership change without imparting too much information.
-At the same time, I'm hoping the presence of the Murderer will keep the rampant color --> card sharing to a minimum. I'm considering putting in some negotiators/spies/dealers to help with this as well, and then burn from mayor/angel/negotiator/spy/dealer deck depending on attendance without too much imbalance.
-The Mediums are fairly restricted to keep the Ghosts in the game, but should be busy enough translating the ghosts to the room and trying to court offers from Red vs Blue team.
-The Detectives should work together to maximize odds of catching the murderer, but will also have to be careful to do so without helping opposite R/B team. I find the flavor from this dynamic and the gray lover breakups very amusing.

-I'm still worried the whole room will over-share and the next hour will be deterministic.
-I'm also worried with this particular group will shut out people who don't immediately share or have sketchy backgrounds. I'm hoping the threat of the EG will keep them from grouping predictably and some stern advice at the beginning of the game will encourage them to be more open minded.
-The mechanism for reporting murders is a little clunky. I would love to have the murderers leave clues behind at the scene of the crime, but I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't blatantly conspicuous. If anyone has some sly suggestions I would love to hear them.
-Some of the roles may be more challenging or less interesting, but seem necessary for balance. Because they are randomly distributed, some of the more complicated roles might fall to a less experienced player and throw a wrench in the works.
-The murderer's definition of "alone" may cause problems. I'm hoping a common sense definition with some example guidance will be sufficient: "If the victim protests because they never considered themselves alone, you done goofed."

I wanted to make a longer, slower, more complicated version of 2R1B to last 1-2 hours. I improvised some hidden roles and a (more) murderous theme. Any advice on mechanics/roles before I playtest would be appreciated.
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