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--SCRAP MOST OF THIS: Look out for the upcoming World-Builder!

Okay to cut a long story short, we have all seen rule variants of Runebound before.
There are many of them, and many good ones at that, with some more complex than others.

And well, after having just seen the gamescon vid for 3rd Edition,
and venturing through TES-Skyrim modding community, i come with some new and fresh ideas to add some spark to your Runebound experience!

Where is this going:

An old-school RPG experience, combining the Fighting-Fantasy gamebooks series with DnD principles. Mixing this up with modern open-world/survival concepts.

Drawing main inspiration from: 3rd edition Runebound, Skyrim mods,
Possibly a bit of Dark Souls heheh.

Key features of the ruleset:

>> Food Rations [much like your survival gear bought in Frozen Wastes]
(idea is to combine this with resting locations random placed on the map, creating a more network-like structure)
Food rations and fatigue directly effect one another.

>> Quests with rewards [item awards&experience for player leveling]
(in result giving the board more polarity/and creating goals throughout the adventure)

>> --SCRAP--Item durability [chance for item-break]
(this is a check made after combat is finalized, whether you win or lose, now you won't be so keen to fight with your most powerful weapons/armor 100% of the time, adding versatility to the gameplay throughout.)

>> Inventory limit/Player lvl/skill requirement for weapons/items
(requirement can be handled with market deck variant to simplify the game)

>> --SCRAP--Hazard encounters would be added as per core rules variant/expansion

>> --SCRAP--Turn events which could slightly increase the hardships dealt to the player character (ie.fatigue/gold theft), and just maybe assist the player! Dice of Chance.

>> --SCRAP--Perma-death/death penalty

>> and of course, one of the many awesome market variants available!
(fantastic new one with some other ideas was posted a few months back)

Right now this is a rough overlook at the system.
The core of the idea is to create more of an economy in the game, working with the limited resources made available to you, and etching out your own hard-earnt victory.

As the age-old saying goes, it's not the destination, it's the journey!

Martin Wallace gave us a really amazing core combat system to work with here. It can put you on the edge of your seat, and even forces you into make drastic decisions. my aim is to push that feeling further.

The multitude of encounters/events/items in the game are really quite staggering, especially after you add a big box and a few booster packs.
All i feel the game needs now, is a little 2015 polish!

Feel free to share any of your ideas, or leave feedback. meeple

Other possible ideas:
>> Character skills/maybe even terrain bonuses/penalties in combat
>> Dice of Destiny [quest orientation/rumors/new discoveries]

You can check-out my modular custom-made Runebound boards here:
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Andre Sinten
South Africa
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--SCRAP ALL THIS, just keeping this for personal reference--

Alrighty, so i managed to pull the framework together.
Keeping it as simple as possible, it has not yet undergone any playtesting.

Consider this an alpha prototype atm.

Runebound Survival Edition

Food Rations/Fatigue:

Cost: 1 Gold (can be bought at any city/village)
No food cost: City/Rest location
(rest locations are random location placed on the map during set-up)

1 Ration: lasts you 3 days

when your fatigue level drops
your food intake increases

2 Fatigue >> 1 Ration: 2 days
1/0 Fatigue >> 1 Ration: 1 day

Penalty for no rations:
Day 1: Lose all fatigue
Day 2/after: Lose one health

Starting Rations:
Roll 1D10
1-6: 1 Ration
7-10: 2 Rations

Fatigue Penalty:
if your character entered a mountain/swamp hex this turn
Lose 1 Fatigue

Item Break:

This is a check made after every completed combat
whether you win/lose/flee

Roll 1d10
10 >> Item break
9 >> Item damaged
(it must be repaired at a city before being used again
pay half it's value, rounded down. If sold without repairs, it's only worth half its sell value)

note: it must be one of your equipped armor/weapons

Inv Limit:

Still to come


Find these in the base game/expansion/variant of your choice

Turn Events:

Otherwise known as the Dice of Chance!

2D6 rolled at the end of every turn

1-1 >> Lose one health from severe hardships on your journey

3-3 >> Lose one gold from theft during the night

5-5 >> Lose 1 fatigue from difficult terrain

4-4 >> Gain 1 fatigue after finding a quiet place to rest

6-6 >> Gain 1 Food ration from successful foraging


These are quests that are positioned randomly on the map.
They are hidden caves, overgrown forests, places breathing with evil!
(i can make a dice system or something similar for placing the locations)

A new one appears on the map after the current quest has been attempted.
(spawns may be increased with more than one player)

The nature of the quest is not known until arriving at the destination
(i got this idea from 3rd Edition, and i like that, element of surprise really adds to the adventure.)

Roll 1D10 after arriving at destination to discover your quest:

Quest One

Beasts have encamped in the wilderness. You must overcome difficult terrain and face many prepared foes! (skill check/random skill) if fail, lose 1 ration, 1 fatigue
First you must defeat a current lvl foe, and then fight your way onto defeating your next lvl enemy, the chieftan of the lair.

Quest Two

You are surrounded and ambushed by the very foes you sought!
They steal gold equal to your character lvl (pass skill check to avoid/random skill)
Now you must fight your way for survival and face two current lvl foes in a fierce dual encounter.

Quest Three

You are faced with making your way into the unknown dark depths.
Where no one has come out alive!
You may only venture forth alone, you may only equip one item as you go into the darkness. And take a intiative/armor penalty (pass skill check to avoid/random skill)
Defeat one current lvl encounter.
Your experience and loot reward is doubled for this quest.

Quest Reward:
Quests reward you with one random free item, boss loot (perhaps use relics here), and you keep all the experience/loot earned from the encounters.

Market Decks: Variant of your choice

Player exp requirements increase: Variant of your choice

Death penalty: (i leave this to your own discretion/available variant)

Well, that's it for now, very rough draft, but all the elements should be here.
It should work well together with Frozen Wastes. Perhaps integrating this with Mists of Zanaga would be an idea.

i have plans on making this into a decent looking A4-size rulesheet.
Perhaps expand on the quests, possibly including Dice of Destiny. But i don't want to complicate things.

Trying to keep this as streamlined as possible, so it feels natural to Runebound players.

Next step is to get my own Runebound out and give this a a whirl!
See if everything feels in place.
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Andre Sinten
South Africa
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Okay, i had time to think through the last ruleset i posted, i came to realize that many things were out of place, and others were just too challenging.

Here is the first overlook at the latest complete overhaul coming soon!
(this has currently undergone its first playtest, so i am confident that it is on the right track)

RUNEBOUND SEO - (Survival and Exploration Overhaul)

This is a tightly integrated system that works seamlessly together with Runebound.
Every care has been taken to use everything existing within the game. (Except for some few new additions)

-Food Rations
-Friendly villages
-Encounter Tiers
-Event Card-Drafting System
-Specific Terrain Effects
-Forgotten Swamps
-Runelord Temples
-World Builder

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