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Xobs Arodnap
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Overall: (3.375/5)
A fun-ish game, but in order to really play it the board needs to be more crowded (perhaps a fourth player?). Or, you need to play with antagonistic people who prefer mucking others' games above succeeding in their own. It doesn't fit well with my game group, but I certainly know people who enjoy that sort of game. Good quality pieces, but executed with little imagination. Ultimately not worth it for me. I gave it away to a collector friend.

Setup: (4/5)
Setup for the game was pretty easy. I absolutely despise rule-reading and the rules for this game were pretty minimal. My only complaint is that the board can be somewhat difficult to put together. The fittings are a bit of a squeeze. I'll take that over putting it back together every 5 minutes, though.

Play: (2/5)
I found the play to be very simple and straightforward. You put down your lanterns and then use your mirrors/prisms to deflect the light into the trolls' eyes. This petrifies them and gets you points. You can use others' mirrors to your advantage (though you cannot just stick your mirror between two of your opponent's mirrors). Mirrors/prisms can be moved, though you are given fewer movement points until you've placed all your mirrors/prisms. Mirrors can be flipped (from an acute to an obtuse angle) by consuming all movement points only after you've placed all you mirrors/prisms. The game ended before we ever needed to interfere with each other, though. It felt a lot like I was playing with myself. In order for this to be more than group solitaire, you'd really have to put some effort into screwing with your opponents. Perhaps even passing up opportunities of your own in order to make them lose a troll. Essentially, you need to become the very thing you hunt, a troll.

Hardware: (3.5/5)
This game had such potential to be cool! The board is great, nice and thick and it really holds together during play. But the pieces! They could have been so much better than little cardboard cutouts. Little plastic gems, tiny lanterns, fierce troll figurines would have really added to the ambiance. What would have been SO COOL, though, would be to incorporate lasers and mirrors (a la Khet). I know this is all cosmetic, but I'm really all about fun pieces to get me immersed in the game. And this just didn't do it for me. Ultimately, I was just another token on the board.

Rules: (4/5)
We were able to read through the rules and get going in about 10 minutes. They were well-translated, and easy to read. We only had a few minor issues and most were sorted quickly with a re-read. They could have had a bit more detail, but did the job.

Player reactions:
Me: Didn't hold my interest. I was busily trying to play the puzzle, but my game-mates were just murdering trolls left and right. No finesse at all! It was ultimately discouraging for me. Needless to say, I got slaughtered.
The Pacifist: This member of my group does not enjoy actively ruining other people's games. They played their own game and steadily killed one or two trolls per team. They won, but didn't have any fun getting there.
The Average Gamer: This friend enjoys all types of games, but is not into heavy strategy. They did mess with our mirrors, a bit. But they were mostly too horrified at the thought of losing out on their own trolls to waste turns interfering with us.
The Avid Gamer: This person is non-existent in our group, but would probably really like this game. It's that person who builds cities on all 3 corners of the sheep tile in Catan. They do it because they can, winning be damned.
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