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I travel a lot and when I’m in a new city I located a local game store.
I found a nice Local Game store in Utah called Fongo Bongo. (Funky Name great store). Here I found this game King’s Gold from Blue Orange games.
It was a small tin game with Dice. Under $20.00 so I took a chance.
This game is in the same vain as a Yathzee or other push your luck dice style games where as you have 5 dice and can roll up to 3 times. Except some dice lock and sometimes you don’t want to press your luck.

Any game that comes in a tin. I'm always wary about.

Let's start with the basics:

The components:

5 Ingraved Dice – Nice Size- easy to read and 60 Gold Plastic Coin which are indented with a face and makes it look real. Rule Book easy to understand Back page gives you the formula for the dice. The Insert is set up looking like a kings pouch. Blue Orange knock it out of the park with this insert.

Rating A.


This is were the game shines for an very easy filler that can take less than 10 minutes to play You have to roll all 5 dice on your turn
You start with 60 coins in which is the King’s castle(Pouch inside the tin). I set the top outside the box and call this King’s Gold (It starts empty)
The object is to get the most gold. The games ends when the Kings Castle is empty
So how do you get gold?
Each turn you roll 5 Dice.
There are these (5) 6 sided dice. Each die has 3 of the sides of (Yellow)coins depicting 1,2 or 3 coins. One side has a (White)skull, One side has a (Grey) canon and the third side has a (Red) crossbones.
Let’s start with the Red CrossBones. You don’t want these however if you roll them they are lock. If you roll 3 of them your turn ends and you must pay “King Gold” 3 gold (If you have any gold if you have less than 3 gold you must pay whatever you have)

If you roll all Canons (All 5 dice) you take all the Gold in Kings Castle (Very Hard to do) ($ dice does not count)

If you roll all Gold (Any denomination) (All 5 Dice) you get to take all the gold from the Kings Gold

If you roll all Skulls (All 5 dice) you can steal all the gold from one person from the table

If you Roll a (any denomination )Gold and a Canon. You have to pair them up (One time use)
So for example I rolled a canon and a a 2 gold coin.
You have to take 2 coins out of the Castle and pay the kings gold than pay yourself 2 coins.
WE have a house rule that if we run out of coins it gets split between player and Kings gold. (Game Ends anyway)

If you roll a Skull and a coin you get to stela that many coins from any player.

It you roll 3 times and get nothing (No Combos,) You have to pay a 3 coin tax to the King

This game is quick and easy. Roll the bones, make your combos and try take as much gold as you can. Even stealing from a player is fun.
Most frustrating game I had 40 coins and only 3 coins left in the Castle Figured I had it won. I rolled 3 red crossbones. Cost me three next person rolled 2 Skulls and 3 coins on each stealing 6 from me. Next person had the same roll the next turn and I in true fashion rolled 3 crossbones again and had to pay taxes. Needless to say I lost the game..

Instructions give a great overview and is very well written.Some house rule which I spoke about earlier had to be written but other than that.

Gotta say didn't expect much from it a small filler, but it works.
This game is one of the most requested games in my collection. I do introduce it to families and non gamers and then they will play this at least 3 times in a row. With true gamers it’s a filler in the vain of No Thanks. My Kids 12 and 8 love it and play it all the time with there friends. I really like it as a lite filler.

Total Score
Is it worth under $10-13 Yes definite buy
$14-16 If you need a good small travel better than Yathzee game
$17+ I haven’t seen it this expensive. But I would buy a Copy up to $20
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