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Subject: Star Realms: Revenge - An Original Solo Campaign rss

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Mark D
United States
New York
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So I've been playing this game and it's solo variants for a while - just love it. However, I was wondering if I could use the cards in a standard deck to come up with a new way to play, kind of an original solo campaign. I wanted something that only used existing cards, and offered a "conquer the galaxy" type feel.

I "think" I've got it. I've played through this a bunch - lost some and won some. Like the official rules, there is some luck, and some strategy, but it seems to be a fun ride. I'm definitely looking for feedback, but mostly wanted to share this as my first post to this site. Enjoy, and let me know if you find anything that breaks it!

Star Realms: Revenge
For one player


1. Separate the deck into the following stacks:

Blob bases
Blob ships
(Repeat for other three factions)
Explorer cards
Authority cards
Other cards

2. Shuffle the 8 faction decks separately.
3. Place the 4 bases decks face up, next to each other in any order, so you have a row of four decks.
4. Under the bases decks, place the ship decks face down, matching the factions. Leave space next to each one for a discarded ship deck.
5. Above the bases decks, place a stack face up of a viper, and 3 scouts, with the scouts on top.
6. In front of you, place 40 authority points (or use a different counter) and an explorer card.
7. To the side, place the remaining explorer cards, and authority points.
8. Reserve a space for a "trade" stack, which you'll be building throughout the game, and a "destroyed" stack.

The remaining scout cards will not be used.


You and your family have been peaceful explorers for years. You're studying a binary star system, when suddenly, proximity alarms and a strong jolt rock the ship. Your spouse jumps to tactical, while you take the helm. A battle has erupted around your ship. With your ship's scanners, you identify four different types of ships. Caught in the crossfire, your ship is damaged. You hail every ship with a plea for help, but you receive no response as the battle continues.

In the aftermath, you find your spouse dead and children crushed in your collapsed quarters. There's nothing you can do. You scan the wreckage and learn of four realms, each governed by different factions. Your grief turns to anger and rage. You vow revenge for your peaceful family. You will make each of these species pay for what they've done.

Travel to the different Realms, defeat ships from each faction, upgrade your explorer and destroy their bases.

Game Play:

You control the explorer, currently with 2 trade power and 2 attack power (disregard the scrap rule).

Your mission is to destroy all bases belonging to each faction.

The authority cards represent your ship's energy. You'll need energy to visit each of the factions' Realms. Energy will be depleted with each trip, and also during battle if you take damage. If your energy reaches zero, you lose the game.

Note: Throughout the game and for all cards, you are only concerned with the primary abilities of that card. Alliance abilities are not used with this variant.

Your Turn:

At the start of each turn, you'll decide which realm to visit. Once you've decided, lose one energy for the journey. If you start your turn with one energy, you may complete this turn. Next, flip over the card at the top of the ship stack for that realm. This is your encounter for this turn. After the encounter, you may be able to continue to the base, and have the ability to attack it, or upgrade your ship.

Important: At the start of each turn, you must visit a different realm from the turn before. If there is only one realm left, you may keep visiting that realm.


If the ship has a combat badge, it is hostile, and will attack you for entering its space. Honor the ship's combat badge for its attack value, and its cost for its defense value:

A. If your explorer has more attack power than the defensive value, you win the battle without taking damage. The defeated card is discarded, and you can proceed to the base (see base rules).

B. If your explorer's attack power is equal to the defensive rating, then you lose the battle, but do not take damage. Discard the ship card, and begin your next turn.

C. If your explorer's attack power is less than the defensive rating, you lose the difference in energy, and the battle is lost. Discard the ship card, and begin your next turn.

If the ship has a trade rating, you may purchase it using your explorer's trade power:

A. If you have enough trade power to purchase the card, you can add it to your trade stack and continue to the base.

B. If you do not have enough trade power, discard the ship card and continue to the base.

Note: You don't have to purchase a ship drawn as an encounter. If you choose not to, place it in the ship discard stack.

If the primary ability of the encounter card features an authority badge, add one energy to your energy pool, discard the ship card, and proceed to the base. Disregard the number associated with the authority badge.

Notes regarding encounters:
1. If the primary ability of the card gives a choice, choose the option that is not combat. If combat is not a choice, choose either option, and treat the card accordingly.
2. If there are multiple attributes and one of them is combat, resolve the combat first. If you win the combat, you can resolve the other.
3. Only cards that have a primary trade, combat, or authority badge are used. If a ship card is drawn that does not include one or more of these, you can remove them from the game (alternatively you can remove them during setup, before you shuffle).
4. If part of the primary ability includes drawing a card, resolve combat first, then flip over the next card in the deck if combat has been won. You now have two ships to contend with at once. You can only have two encounter cards in play at any time. If your first card is a draw two, draw one only. If the second states to draw, ignore the draw. Resolve the cards in the order they were drawn. If at any time you've lost combat, you cannot proceed to the next card or base this turn. Place all ship's drawn into the discard pile.
5. Once all ship cards have been depleted, shuffle all discarded ship cards from that faction discard pile and replace the deck.


If you reach a base on your turn, you have three options. You can attack the base, initiate a ship upgrade, or pass. If the base has a primary ability of trade or authority, honor those on this turn. If you're choosing to pass, move the base to the bottom of the base stack.

To attack, honor the defensive rating on the shield for that base if you are neutral, or double it if you are hostile (see Reputation). If the base has a combat badge in its primary ability area, the base will counter attack with that number. Remove that number from your available attack power. If you do not have enough attack power to defeat the base, you cannot attack.

Important: Your available attack power is what's left after your encounter.

Once the base is defeated, remove a scout card from that realm (see Reputation), and destroy the base card.

To upgrade, count the total trade power of the cards in your trade pile only (your explorer's trade power is not counted). If you have enough ships to get to a combined 6 trade power, you can upgrade your ship. Place an explorer card on top of your existing explorer card. You've now been upgraded! If this was your first upgrade, your explorer now has four combat and four trade power. Once the upgrade is complete, place the base card at the bottom of the base deck, exposing the next base, and destroy the traded cards from your trade stack.

Notes Regarding Upgrades:
1. When upgrading, you must trade whole ships for payment. If you can pay the 6 points via three cards that total 7, you must trade all three.
2. Upgrading at a base is optional.
3. If a base presents a trade power for it's primary ability, you can use it toward an upgrade for this turn.
4. If a base presents an authority badge, you can receive the full amount of energy stated.


At the start of the game, you are neutral in all four Realms. They haven't gotten to know you just yet. The neutrality is represented by the scout card above each realm. If you attack an outpost during a visit to a realm, you will remove one scout card each time. Once all three scout cards have been removed, the viper card is revealed, signifying your hostile status in that realm. From this point forward, all base shields are now doubled!

Important: once you are hostile, you cannot trade or upgrade in that realm. You also can't receive any energy benefits, or purchase trade cards within encounters.

Defeated Realms:

Once you have defeated all base cards within a realm, you can destroy all cards associated with that realm. You cannot continue to visit that realm and have encounters.

End Game:

Continue playing turns until you are either out of energy or have defeated all bases and won.

Note: If you can no longer upgrade, and encounter a base that cannot be defeated with your current power, you lose the game.


1. Knowing the different attributes of each realm opens up different paths. Think about which realm to enter at any given time.
2. Make sure you're upgraded with enough firepower before getting yourself marked as hostile in a given area.
3. It's not necessary to upgrade every time you can. Get more value out of your trade stack by waiting until you have exact trade amounts.
4. Keep an eye out for trade bonuses given by bases, and make sure you use them before the base is destroyed.
5. Sometimes keeping a trade cards in the stack instead of buying them is a good idea, especially in late game.

EDIT: added the following rule to the "Your Turn" section to avoid repetitiveness (and add a bit more strategy):

Important: At the start of each turn, you must visit a different realm from the turn before. If there is only one realm left, you may keep visiting that realm.
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Mark D
United States
New York
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Update: The last edit regarding the switching Realms each turn has had more of an affect than I thought, in a great way. There's a lot more strategy involved when the game forces you to decide where to go next.

Just had a fee more games with this one rule and wow, what a difference. Couple of turns near the end and I was actually at zero energy, but was able to come back. Some really close games - won a few and lost a few.
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