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Subject: Volrik's adventure rss

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Vaughn Sandor
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The BBC series is far better than the excellent NBC one. Now go watch it.
This is not me but I have been known to dance like David Brent on occasion.
The night was dry, yet it was raining.

Volrik started out from the south east tower of the dreaded Dragon's Lair.

He had heard rumurs of a wondrous treasure trove in the center of the structure but no one he knew had ever seen it and lived to tell the tale.

He placed his magical ring of opening on his finger and proceeded to the north.
It looked like he was walking into a dead end but suddenly the walls started to rumble and he could sense the room slowly moving around him. When it finished moving only the way north was open and now there was no going back.

In the next room he encountered a horrible mountain troll. It was a fierce battle and the troll held his own for quite a while but eventally the creature succumbed to Volrik's sword.

Volrik continued north and then west. Another turn to the north and Volrik heard a 'click' at his feet. He knew he had sprung a trap. He quickly rolled to the side of the room which was filling up with a noxious gas. Crawling to the east he avoided any harm that may have come to him had he inhaled the fetid mist.

He wound up in room that seemed to have no exits apart from the trapped room he just came from. A quick search found a beautiful ring poorly hidden behind an old barrel in the corner. A more intense search found a secret door in the west wall. Pushing a loose brick the door had swung open for him.

The secret passage led down a long corridor and then it swung north into what would have been an empty room except hanging on the wall was a long dead adventurer. A victim of greed no doubt. Volrik swore an oath under his breath that he would not end up with the same fate as that poor soul.

He continued north and again the walls rumbled and the floor shifted under his feet. "Even the dungeon itself is against me!", he fumed. He raced north until a trapdoor opened just in front of him. His reflexes saved him once again and he avoided the door in the floor. In the middle of the room was a stone crypt. If he couldn't find a room full of treasure he at least hoped to find something of value in there. He moved the top from the crypt and was rewarded with cobwebs and dust.

He had seen enough. No longer were his thoughts on riches and fame. His thoughts were now on survival. There was no going back the way he came. Too many traps and deadends. He would continue on and hope to come out at the other side.

Volrik went north and came across a lone goblin. Volrik charged the foul beast and the goblin did what he knew he must to survive. He ran.

Volrik continued for a while heading north and then west. He thought that he may find the exit far sooner than the end of the day and that is when the lights went out. It took Volrik four hours to light his torch again. Each time he would put a flame to it someome or something would blow it out. Now there was no time to spare.

He must have alerted the denizens of the dungeon while trying to light the torch because a troll was waiting for him in the very next room. He dispatched that one much easier than the first one he had encountered and then in the next room a third troll surprised him from behind a staircase. A small cut from what could have been much worse. A quick battle ensued and another troll fell to Volrik's blade.

Beyond the staircase was a door. Volrik used his ring of opening to proceed through it. With no time to lose Volrik quickened his pace to a sprint. It was this pace saved his life because in the next room the floor opened up in front of him. With every muscle in his body he propelled himself across the giant pit and landed safely on the other side.

He vowed to be more careful but there were only a few more hours before he would be trapped in the dungeon forever.

Another trap door awaited him in the next room and again he managed to sidestep it.

He continued north and west and neared the tower on the opposite side of the dungeon. "Almost there", he said to no one. But someone heard him. A death warrior hissed that he would get no further. Volrik threw himself upon his opponent but this was no mere goblin. The warrior parried his attack and struck back with a vicious blow to the face with his sword hilt. The two traded blows for a while until Volrik saw his opening. He plunged his sword into the skull mask of his enemy. The warrior froze in place for a moment before he crashed to the ground.

Volrik was badly injured. The battle against the warrior had almost killed him and time was almost out. He made a desperate search for a door that would lead him out of this hell. He found nothing. He cursed his luck and seatched again. Then everything went black. This time it wasn't his torch. A death warrior had snuck up from behind and ended Volrik's torment with one blow.

The warrior gathered Volrik's head and the bejeweled ring that Volrik had found and slipped back into the dungoen.
"There would be more.", the death warrior thought.
"There are always more."

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