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Subject: Another fine addition to Munchkin rss

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Carl Anderson
United States
New Boston
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Adding a new race (Gnome) and a new class (Bard), as well as new monsters, treasure, and the like, this is the second expansion to Munchkin. Really, need I say more?

Note: With these expansions, I tend to be the type to open the cellophane and drop the cards into the box, without looking through all of them. In that way, I can see how the expansion affects gameplay in a normal situation, rather than concentrating solely on the cards--after all, you can't play the full game with just an expansion.

It's Munchkin, so what's not to like? Alright, I won't stop with just that. The Gnome and Bard additions are great (I'm glad there's just one race/class addition per expansion, though--more would be overkill). Each has its uses and of course its weaknesses. And of course you get the Hireling, which allows you to wield additional weapons with the aid of a helper character card (although I don't believe there are any bonuses applied to the hireling--this changes, I think, in The Need for Steed).

The additional monsters are lots of fun too, like the Auntie Paladin. Gotta love the bad stuff that happens on these cards!

This will sound silly, but it's a gripe nonetheless: My Munchkin box is getting to the point where it can't hold all of the expansions. What's that, you say? See, I got tired of sorting through all the dungeon and treasure cards, so I rubber-banded them together and set them on their sides. Obviously the box is not deep enough, so the cards cause the lid to remain aloft. This isn't so much a complaint with Clerical Errors specifically, but Munchkin in general.

As for Clerical Errors: I almost get the feeling like the difficulty was ramped up ever so slightly. It could be that with just two players (as my wife and I play) this will always be the case. Nevertheless, it wasn't a terrible detriment, and as I'll put in a session report, it's important to remember charity. (This certainly will help to balance the game and prevent it from being too one-sided.)

Each expansion adds more cards, and thus the deck grows taller every time. As I mention in THE BAD, this can cause logistical problems. I will be in the market for a large card tray soon; the game store chap said they had nothing in stock that would work for me, but suggested a 6-deck model. I'm not sure that will even be enough, as I intend to collect all of the Munchkin games and combine them all.

My wife and I have been playing with two piles of cards in each deck (so, four stacks, two each of treasure and dungeon), and simply draw from either one in turn. Given that the decks are well shuffled this really changes nothing, but we did run into some trouble when we began going with two discard piles--some cards call for rummaging through the discards and we were unsure which one to go with.

Just go buy it. Munchkin lovers know they'll have lots more fun with this expansion, and there's plenty to love. I see nothing terribly bad about the expansion, and plenty of good.

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