Brad Curry
United States
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I've been enjoying playing the Firefight Generator combined with the Solo Expansion the last few days (really enjoy these expansions!!). Anyways the other night I was going over the units and noticed that the ability to create a Polish Deck was there (Keep in mind it would only be able to work for Infantry/Light Armor scenarios, 16 card deck).

So I created what I feel is a deck that should be able to go toe to toe (I used comparable units in comparison to the Russian and German cards and their numbers) against the Germans or Russians in a Infantry to Light Armor Firefight. This isn't play tested but I will be trying it out with my Solo Expansion very soon (I also feel very confident that it will work fine). I mostly wanted to share this to spur the idea and creativity that other owners of POH can make their own decks to enjoy within the Firefight Generator.

I will be using RXX or GXX to reference the top half of the German or Russian cards and their Victory Point or Special Abilities, as it will save considerable typing on this post.

DC= Defense Counter

Polish Deck
P1: Rifle X2, BAR, LMG, Top Half=R1
P2: Rifle X2, BAR, +1CAP, DC, Top Half=R2
P3: Uhlan X2, Horses X2, +1CAP, Top Half=G3
P4: Rifle, BAR, 46MM Mortar, +1CAP, DC, Top Half=R4*
P5: BAR, 46MM Mortar, LMG, +1CAP, DC, Top Half=R5
P6: BAR, Rifle, Field Gun, Wagon, DC, Top Half=R6
P7: BAR, HMG, Truck, 82MM Mortar, DC, Top Half=R7
P8: HMG, AT Rifle X2, Top Half=G5
P9: MG Tankette, Field Gun, 82MM Mortar, DC, Top Half=G9
P10: 37MM AT, Wagon, Armored Car, DC, Top Half=R10
P11: MG Tankette, Armored Car, 37MM AT, DC, Top Half=G11
P12: 40MM AA, Truck, +1CAP, DC X2, Top Half=R12
P13: Vickers E X2, +1CAP, Top Half=G13
P14: 7TP X2, +1CAP, Top Half=R14
P15: 7TP X2, +1 CAP, Top Half=R15
P16: 20MM Tankette X2, Top Half=R16

R4* = This a Polish special event using the Russian #4 (R4)card and its special event rules.

Special Event: Uhlans
2 Uhlans and 2 Horses enter on round 2 from any one map edge that is chosen at the beginning of round 2.

I hope you guys like it! I'll be trying this out ASAP to see how a 3 way free for all works with the firefight generator.
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Ben Bosmans
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Great to see this. I will get my FF Generator by tomorrow, so I will test it as soon as possible.

I like the early war theme more than the mid-later hardware used on the Russian Front.

And yes, I am really hooked on the solo expansion, so fingers crossed this FF Generator works to let me play with my beloved Sdkfz's...

Also: I still didn't loose hope we would get early Western Fronts too by Academy games, but I guess I will need to live another 2 decades ...
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