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Subject: A Tale of 5 Gunfighters rss

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Mark Slater
United Kingdom
Newport, South Wales
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Five rough and tough gunfighters gathered round the table.
I explained the rules and we got down to the game.

Players, Going clockwise around the table.

Mark (Me), Emily, Dave, Lucy & Antony

Showdown 1
I was sheriff, I chose Kit Carlson as my character. Emily was Suzy Lafayette. Dave was Sid Ketchum, Lucy was El Gringo, and Antony was Jourdonnais.

The game started with Jourdonnais gunning for El Gringo, Suzy Lafayette was taking on Sid Ketchum and sheriff Carlson. El Gringo was reduced to one life by Jourdonnais, then I the sheriff finished him off! One of the Outlaws was down.

Then Suzy turned on the sheriff, guns blazing, Using her “Volcanic” and her special ability “As soon as she has no cards in hand, Draw a card”. 4 Bang Cards took the sheriff down to one life in one turn with that deadly combo!

Jourdonnais fired a few at Sid Ketchum but Suzy called Sid Ketchum in a duel with her last card, lost on purpose to draw a card, which was a Bang!, then then proceeded to finish off the sheriff, using the combined “Volcanic” and her ability, she Played 2 more Bangs. Sheriff Carlson was down. The Outlaws were victorious.

Suzy was the second Outlaw, Jourdonnais was the Deputy, and Sid Ketchum the Renagade.

Showdown 2
I was Black Jack an Outlaw this time around, Emily chose Slab the Killer, Dave was Calamity Janet, Lucy chose Kit Carlson and Antony was Vulture Sam, the Sheriff.

My starting cards were 2 Bangs and 2 Missed!, I drew a panic and a Schofield, I didn’t want to show my hand in the first turn by going straight for the sheriff, so I foolishly used a Panic and stole a card from him instead. A big mistake, as Kit Carlson (possibly revenge motivated for me killing her in the last game ) and Sheriff Vulture, both came gunning for me.

Later, I drew a nice Range 4, "Rev. Carabine", so I was able to hit anyone, so, as everyone but Calamity Janet was after me, I used a "Gatling Gun" to hit everyone, it was not enough, I was jailed, then shot by Kit while in jail, and then killed by the sheriff!

Meanwhile Slab the Killer had been trading bullets with Calamity Janet, and managed to win, the second Outlaw was down.

Now down to 3, the sheriff had a dilemma, which of the 2 (Girls) was the Renegade?! Both were trying to persuade the sheriff that they were on his side. It was very funny, and very tense, especially as Lucy is Antony’s wife.

Slab was down to 1 life, Kit was on 4. So the sheriff let them fight it out, so he could finish off the renegade, if need be. Slab managed to wound Kit before being killed. Slab was the Renegade.

Victory for Sheriff Vulture and his Deputy, Kit Carlson!
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