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Subject: Turn 1 rss

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Teun Spaans
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Tet offensive

We played one game turn several months ago. The rules are a mess and no reply has arrived on One of the contested rules is what to do with attacks at odds worse then 1:2. Should they be allowed or not? We decided to play them on the 1:2 column, but have the impression that not allowing them improves realism.

ALLIED Description
I deploy all units. Area 4 looks weak with just one American infantry unit. I wonder where the Vietcong and the NVA will hit.

The VC deploys big troop concentrations in the south of zone I (area 15), zone III (area34), and zone IV (area 42 and 44). There are also huge concentrations at Snoul and the Iron Triangle.

VIETCONG & NVA: Description
All regiments and battalions of the NV army have managed to sneak into the most southern region (#15) of 1st Corps zone, as allowed by the setup rules. All NV army divisions have taken sanctuary at The Iron Triangle in 3rd Corps zone, at a two turn distance from Saigon.
Let's hope any of our troops survive the American bombing raids, and we have enough NV and VC left to inspire a revolution in the cities.

ALLIED Description
zone I: The towns of Chu lai and Quang Ngai are attacked. NVA troops move south to area 22.
zone II: Tuy Hoa, da Lat, and Boa Lac are attacked.
zone III: The troops from the Iron triangle move to area 34. Snoul troops move to area 31, An Loc, Phuan vin, Saigon and Xuan Loc are under attack.
zone IV: All coastal cities are under attack.

The situation looks serious. I understand how the American command must have felt.

VIETCONG & NVA Description
Some of the NVA in region #15 attack Chu Lai and Quang Ngai, the rest move into 2nd Corps area, region 22.
The NV divisions move from The Iron Triangle into the Saigon region (#34). The VC in all regions move into the cities.
VC stored up in Shoui move to region #31 to, in a later turn, support the NVA in attack on Saigon.

ALLIED Description
In Quang Ngai, 2 NVA divisions of power 6 and 8 attack a RFPF of 2. The defender may fire first. The rules do not make clear if the RFPF with its ration of 1:3 or 1:4 may roll on the 1:2 table. We assume they may. One level 3 city is in insurrection.

An American 6-2 is chased away from Chu Lai.
The RFPF is eliminated from Boa Lac.

Another rule problem: allied mechanized units are halved in the highlands. One line later: the reduction does not apply in highlands. We will apply the reduction does not apply in plains/lowlands.

At the end of the VC / NVA combat phase, all 4 coastal towns in zone IV are in insurrection. 1 American and 3 SV units have been eliminated, totaling 17 points. The VC lost 9 units, with a total combat value of 20.
In zone I, the NVA have taken Quang Ngai, but only VC units may bring a town in insurrection.

In zone II,Boa Lac and Da Lat have been lost. In zone II, Saigon is still under attack, and an Loc is lost.

VIETCONG & NVA Description
Relative success in region #15, attack on Quang Ngai was a success, Chu Lai still fighting. Unfortunately, the NVA do not incite revolts, so no insurrection in Quang Ngai. The insurrection is succeeding in the south, along the coast. We will see how many NVA, at the gates of Saigon, will be found and bombed in the next phases. Fighting has broken out and is continuing in Saigon and surrounding cities. Unfortunately, Bien Hoa Long Binh remains an American stronghold.

ALLIED Description
Allied 16-2 moves to Iron triangle. Bombing takes place in Phuoc Vinh
VIETCONG & NVA Description
(no description)

ALLIED Description
A big concentration of NVA troops in area 34 is successfully discovered in area 34.
VIETCONG & NVA Description
(no description)

ALLIED Description
The bombing in area 34 goes completely astray. In the subsequent ground combat, two USA units are destroyed as well as one 24 strength NVA division.
Boa Lac is secured.

VIETCONG & NVA Description
Lost a battle in Chu Lai in the North, NVA army in region #22 are still ok.

Main NVA army near Saigon was discovered and bombed by a Tac Air, no significant casualties. Discovered units had to fight heavily against American and South Vietnamese troops in the area. Heavy casualties (combat strength 24) due to the retreat to the Iron Triangle sanctuary being blocked by American tanks. The fighting inside Saigon itself continues, South Vietnamese currently outnumber the Vietcong forces 2 to 1.

On a lighter note, the last opposing forces were removed from Lai Tho, and the city is now in insurrection. Boa Loc was lost to an American helicopter attack; Troops in Phuoc Vinh lost to bombing.

ALLIED Description
At the end of the allied combat phase, losses are:
3Aamerican units strength 30.
3 South Vietnamese units strength 9
10 RFPF units strength 11

3 NVA units strength 40
15 VC units strength 46

In Zone I, Quang Ngai is completely controlled by NVA. Chu Lai is still contested despite air and naval support.
In Zone II the situation looks most stable with just Da Lat in insurrection.
In Zone III, the situation is still serious. The large NVA army in area 34 is undefeated. Saigon, Tay Ninh and Xuan Loc are contested.
Zone IV is still a disaster. The South Vietnamese look like loosing in that area. All coastal cities are still in insurrection.

VIETCONG & NVA Description
Due to the cities in insurrection and the first casualties coming back, American and South Vietnamese morale have a taken a serious hit. However, North Vietnamese and Vietcong recruiting morale have been hit hard as well, if not harder.

Time was over six hours at this point, so we decided to call it quits

USA: 32/160
SV: 22/100
NVA: 40/130
VC: 38/130

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Teun Spaans wrote:
Another rule problem: allied mechanized units are halved in the highlands. One line later: the reduction does not apply in highlands. We will apply the reduction does not apply in plains/lowlands.

It's specified that "this reduction in attack value does not apply when the unit is in city in a delta or highland province".
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