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Subject: 2 Player coop Variant rss

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Hi Witcher-Fans,

here’s my 2 player coop variant… what do you think? Some ideas are based on great stuff in this forum!!

Update 10-06-2015:
Some changes after playtesting
The game took about 1 1/2 hours and was fun to play... it was some kind of playing Legends of Andor (planing your steps together, wich monster should be slayed, where to go to not advance the track...)

My goal: Coop + more interaction + faster gameplay + Boss Battle

- Choose one player token. All victory points gained by the players contribute to advance the shared player token.

- Use a common token to represent the Wild Hunt (see below).

- Shared missions: The players have to finish 1 main mission of each deck (draw a card of each deck, no choice). The missions are shared right away. This way you can plan ahead.

- Support quests can be solved like this: A player of the appropriate color can’t solve it, i.e. playing Geralt and Triss: red quest card = only allowed by Triss; purple = Geralt and Triss can both solve it
- When a player completes a support quest, the supported player can choose to be awarded with 3 victory points or receive a single lead from the stock. The supporting player can choose 2 times in any combination (get 3 vp and 1 lead or 2 leads or 6 vp).

- Side quests can be solved by both players

- Get 1 common token for every solved side quest and 1 common token for every solved support quest. Common tokens can be used by both players to reroll one die of their choice (in battle or during the final battle). > Wasn't necessary at all

Players Win: the player token has 1+ vp more than the boss token and the players have finished the 3 main quests.

- Set up: place one of each leads on the empty space on the map (double lead locations gain 2 leads on each circle; monocolor locations gain 1 lead of the color on 2 1 circle). At the start of the next turn fill up the ONE missing lead of the missing color. This way you have to choose which lead is available, forcing different routes and...

- while investigating, a player is restricted to an Investigation deck corresponding with the color of the lead token he just picked up (= following the clue). If you haven’t picked up a lead, choose one color of the available leads at your location.

- You slow down the opponent's progress when slaying silver and gold monsters (-1vp for silver and -2vp for gold monsters).

- 1 action on the same location: exchange up to 1 lead (give one AND/OR take one) or any number of orens

- After both player have finished their turn add +3 vp for the enemy counter (or each round +1 oder +2?)

- Because it's coop you can have your turns simultanously, but resolve outcomes and fights one after another

- Each time the war track hits the bronze monster add +1 vp for the enemy counter

- Each time the war track hits the silver monster add +2 vp for the enemy counter

- Each time a gold monster spawns add +3 vp to the enemy counter

- Support during battles: Both players can fight together (silver or gold monsters). No restrictions (dice, development cards). Same spot or adjacent location. Any before rolling effects affect all players involved if the effect relates to their player sheets and not the location or regions. If the monster card effect affects the location or region it is resolved once (choose). If the players fail in battle, they all receive appropriate penalties if they affect their player sheets, otherwise the penalty is resolved once. Supporting players become delayed after battle but receive 1 lead corresponding with lead colors at the location of the battle.

- The final battle:
Before the battle begins, each player can perform 2 actions in any combination (i.e. special action twice). The strength of the final boss is based on how many VP the enemy marker reached, i.e.:

I think I’ll design 3 different encounters: Wild Hunt bosses

Card 1: Wild Hunt Eredin - King of the Wild Hunt > 3 swords, 2 shields, 1 ritual

Card 2: Wild Hunt Imlerith - Commander of the Hunt > 4 swords, 2 shields

Card 3: Wild Hunt Caranthir - Navigator of the Hunt > 2 swords, 4 shields

Draw a card and add (needs to be adjusted, in our game the boss was too easy). Maybe you have to hit him up to 3 rounds. This way you need strategy on when using what spell/equipment....

< 50: 1 swords, 1 shields
51-60: 2 swords, 1 shields
61-65: 2 swords, 2 shields
66-70: 2 swords, 2 shields, 1 ritual
71 >: 2 swords, 2 shields, 2 rituals

Players choose all special and battle dice and perform their rolls, one player at a time +using their equipment (after each players roll the player might change one or more rolls by using a gathered common token).

Winning: Solve 3 Main quests, have +1 more vp on the track, defeat the boss.

Feedback is welcome!

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Charles Lin
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It's a good starting.
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