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Subject: Mission 98 - Casarasa Italy - Tinker Toy - 509th Bomb Group rss

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Bryan Laird
United States
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Pilot: 1LT Jack Quick
B-17: Tinker Toy B-17G-70-VG 44-8532
Squadron: 78th Bomber Squadron, 509th Bombardment Group
MISSION DATE: July 6, 1944
TARGET: Casarsa, Italy - Railroad Bridge

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Position – Rank (Current Mission) [Previous Kills]

Pilot – 1LT Jack Quick (4)
Co-Pilot – 2LT Dana Lewis (4) LW
Bombardier – 2LT Ray Carlson (4) (0) **
Purple Heart
Navigator – 2LT Bennie J. Honeycutt (3) (0)
Engineer – M/SGT Caleb Singleton (4) (1.5)
Radio Operator: SGT Allan Becker (4) (0)
Ball Gunner – SGT Brian McBride (4) (1.5)
Port Waist Gunner – SGT Cory Sutton (4) (0)
Starboard Waist Gunner – SGT Frank James (3) (0)
Tail Gunner – SGT Homer Adkins (4) (6) *
Silver Star

* = 1 Kill This Mission
+ = 5 Kills This Mission

[u]Bomb Run:
On Target

2LT Dana Lewis - LW

[u]B-17 Damage:
Superficial x2
Rubber Rafts
Port Elevator Inoperable

[u]Peckham Points:

Safe at Foggia

Bf-109 (1) FW-190 (1) ME-110 (1)
2LT Carlson – FW-190 – Bf-109
SGT Adkins – ME-110

[u]Award/Promotion Requests:

[u]After Action Report:

Zone 2
It didn't take long, to be spotted by Jerry. Once we were out over the Adriatic we had a lone FW-190 diving on us, both Singleton an Becker missed their shots, but the 190 hit us. The shell flew in and hit the thermos sending coffee everywhere covering Dana and myself, but other than Jerry saving us from having to drink more of the swill that the cook made no damage was done. The fighter came around for a second pass but no more damage to or from and he broke off to attack other bombers in the formation.

Zone 3
Man, LT I sure wish our escort would show up....
Damn, 109's incoming an they sure look like they mean us no good
Alright cut the chatter, and keep those fighters away from us. Hold on gonna try evading them

I think I threw everyone around pretty hard, but despite the two aces the only damage done by either side happened when Singleton scored a hit on one of the 109's which kept coming.

Zone 4
Jerry still had it out for the Tinker Toy. In came four fighters, our friends finally showed up an drove away two of them. Carlson got a 190 and sent it spiraling downward. We missed the 109 that was still coming at us, but he sure didn't. Dana took a hit as the shells came into the pilot compartment again. Then I heard Becker come over the intercom, I hope you don't have to put us in the drink today, our rubber rafts just flew past me. The fighter came around for a second pass and no more damage by either side.

Zone 5
Intel was off again, there was no light enemy resistance, the sky over Casarsa was full of fighters and they all seemed to be after us.

Carlson let loose from the chin and set a 109 ablaze the pilot was forced to bail and our friends stopped a second one.

Then in came a second wave headed straight for us. A pair of FW-190's, our friends stopped one of them and left a green pilot coming at us head on. Both Singleton and Carlson hit him but he kept coming after us. He missed us and broke off.

Then in came a third wave of fighters. Carlson hit a FW-190 which exploded, our friends stopped another 190. The third FW-190 missed us and broke off.

There was no flak on the way in. With no flak the target was nice and clear for Ray, who dropped 75% of our eggs on target.

Turning for home there was light flak which hit us, and blew our Port Elevator apart.
Then in came a wave of fighters. In came a mixed wave of fighters, our friends stopped a Bf-109, which left two FW-190's and a ME-110. Adkins hit the ME-110 which went down in flames, but we missed both of the 190's which also missed us.

Zone 4
Nothing to Report

Zone 3
In came four FW-190's, one flying like and old pro, and another flying like it was his first time in combat. McBride hit the green pilot but he kept coming and it was the only hit that we managed to land on the enemy fighters. The ace was the only fighter that managed to hit us. We took a hit to the pilot compartment but it was only superficial. The ace came around for a second pass, but no damage was dealt by either side.

Zone 2
Nothing to report

We set down safely at Foggia, and saw the Jack Be Nimble sitting in her hard stand having made it home from the emergency landing field in Corsica. Doc Bowser checked out LT Lewis and said that it was only a scratch and would be treated and released.

Submitted By 1LT Jack Quick, Pilot Commander, Tinker Toy B-17G-70-VG 44-8532 , 78th Squadron, 509th Bomb Group (H)

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Bryan Laird
United States
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the poor Jinxed bomber went down on mission 100.
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