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Subject: Stargrunt (One Scenario In A Campaign) rss

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Kris Miller
United States
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Stargrunt: Rebels Attempt to Assassinate Premier Ko.

My sci-fi game club wanted to play a campaign using Stargrunt and some other sci-fi miniature and board games. The setting for the campaign was on a planet with two countries existing in a cold war state: Aasun and Konra. Each nation was conducting espionage and fomenting rebellion against the other country. We played this scenario a few years ago, but kept notes on it. Since Stargrunt currently has no session reports I thought the game could use at least one session report.

This was the first scenario in the campaign. Aasun supported rebels are about to make an assassination attempt against Premier Ko, the dictator of Konra.

Order of Battle:

Rebels (Erick):
-Cadian Platoon (Green): command section, heavy machine gun team, and 3 squads. All these miniatures were Games Workshop Imperial Guard. A nice feature of Stargrunt is that you can use any 25mm miniatures.
-Two snipers (Green). These miniatures were made by Ground Zero Games.
-1 large satchel charge: 6" burst radius, d12 x2 contact penetration, d12 blast penetration

Konra (Glenn, Chris-mercenary):
-NAC Mercenary company (Regular): company command section, platoon command section, 3 squads. Miniatures by GZG.
-GOK police (Elite): 1 command squad, 2 police squads
-GOK police sniper (Elite) The GOK police miniatures were made by MegaMiniatures.
-Premier Ko's convoy (Regular): police grav flyer, Premier Ko's limousine, police armored van. These vehicles were toys that one of the players had picked up in a market.

A number of inverted counters were scattered around the table. These represented possible threats to Premier Ko. The Konra players needed to move a unit next to a counter to reveal what it was. It could be a dummy counter, loyal citizenry, rebel sympathizers or booby traps.


Turn 1
Rebel snipers fire on police in city. One sniper is discovered (he failed his concealment roll when moving). Police take casualties.
Mercenaries move north toward city to support police. Rebel squads attack near city in an attempt to draw mercenaries closer to city.

Turn 2
This turn started with lots of close assault. Mercenaries push rebel squad back and take prisoners. Stargrunt has some good rules for handling POWs and interrogation of prisoners. Interrogated rebel prisoner reveals information about rebel placement.
Police continue to take casualties from snipers and withdraw into nearby building leaving wounded comrades in the street. To leave wounded comrades behind a unit must pass a morale check. This is a nice touch: the game focuses on the attitudes of the grunts (hence the game's name).

Turn 3
Mercenary troops move in on second rebel position. Unarmed civilian rebel sympathizers attempt to pick up weapons from fallen GOK police officers. Police fire on them causing casualties and suppressing them.

Turn 4
Ko starts trip on table; does a combat move every time. A "combat move" gives allows a unit to take a chance on moving faster with the risk of accident.
Rebel squad 2 does suicide attack, charging Premier Ko's vehicle. They roll a "1" for the satchel charge, blowing themselves up prematurely without hurting Ko! cry

End of Game Report:

Premier Ko survives. Next scenario will be one of Konra retaliation against Aasun in a "police action."

Squad 1: 2 KIA, 3 wounded, 5 broken
Squad 2: no casualties
Squad 3: 3 KIA, 3 wounded, 1 POW, 3 broken

Squad 1: 3 wounded. One out of action for good, 2 of them will return to duty in five weeks. Stargrunt has some nice campaign rules for the grunts.

Individual players issued statements for their troops to add flavor to the campaign.

Konra statement:
"The Minister was disappointed with Our Beloved Leader's security
arrangements in [redacted]. Do you understand? Dee I Ess Appointed!!
Armed terrorists were observed within fifty meters of Our Beloved Leader's
motorcade! Get this insurgency under control promptly, or you will be
replaced. Do you understand? Are Ee Pee Laced!! [Unintelligible]."

Rebel statement:
The intolerable scum that call them selves the GOK will pay!
Konra will be free. Ko WILL pay for his crimes with his life.

Post Game Suggestions:

Our group always has a post game "after action review" so that we can improve our future games. Players suggested:

-more dummy counters for rebels. The dummy counters were used to conceal hazards the GOK police needed to investigate in order to make the city safe for the Premier's visit.
-Ko could show up on turn 4, or maybe randomly
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Ethan McKinney
United States
El Segundo
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Good session report. I particularly like how you pointed out the special features of the game as they came up. Helped make it a bit of a review as well.
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Chris Carpenter
United States
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Good report. Where is the next scenario?
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