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Brian M
United States
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With Mage Knight 2.0 on the way, my girlfriend and I have been trying out the new rules, and we've had some worries about the new capture rules being overpowered, so we decided to give them a good hard look.
We were testing a "worst case" scenario - a capture focused army vs. a melee army that's not berserk, battle-furied or commanding. We used all of the v2 rules we currently know of. What we were looking for was not who would win, but how much capturing would decide the battle.
Her BPR capture squad:
2 *** Amazon Mancathers
3 ** Amazon Mancathers
Amazon Queen
*** Leech Medic
*** Galeshi Ram Charger
*** Dwarven Ram Charger

My Knights Immortal swirling blades of doom:
Cornellian the Savior (the LE Heavy Cavalier)
2 * Heavy Lancers
1 ** Temple Blademaster
2 ** Elf-at-Arms
1 * Elf-at-Arms
1 ** Standard Bearer
1 ** Faith Healer
1 ** Shield Knight
1 * Gyre Falcon

We both picked two pieces of blocking terrain, and wound up with a sort of walled in area around the center objective (and my objective, which was 12" forward) with 3-5" wide channels between terrain/objectives.
We both advanced forward, her Queen taking a position behind one of the high walls on the side to magic blast over it. My cavalry moved to the same side, hoping to move quickly around it and take her out. On my second turn I chose to surge my Falcon in to try to tie up the Ram Charger a little, also sweeping at a Mancatcher. It hit both.
She failed to capture the falcon, but another mancatcher surged around the wall and got one of my Heavy Lancers. The AQ dished out a nasty five click blast to Cornelian, and her Ram Charger along with some other catchers moving with quickness formed into a position to make it very hard for me to rescue the captured lancer.
The rest of her mancatchers engaged my footsloggers, but were thwarted in their capture attempts by the Shield Knights 17 Defend, and took serious damage from my elves at arms in return.
As soon as possible, I freed up Cornellian and got her back and healed, while sending my Standard Bearer to valiantly sacrifice himself against the AQ (he died quite unimpressively) so she couldn't just blast me again.
While she had temporarily shielded me from rescuing my Lancer, her attempt to eliminate it failed, and my healed Cornelian cut down the galeshi charger, allowing an elf at arms to surge past and hurt the mancatcher so much she was unlikely to ever eliminate the captive. A while later, I had reduced most of the mancatchers to uselessness, freed my Lancer, and 3 almost perfect condition chargers ready to go. We decided to quit there with a Knight victory and proceed to a rematch.

The second round started out similarly, an I once again surged the falcon, this time aiming at the Queen and a Mancatcher. I figured the Falcon would die, but hoped it would get in some damage and keep my cavalry from being shot. However, it missed its attack completely and was promptly captured.
My foot troops stayed close to the left wall, hoping to form a defensive stance. The Dwarven ram and several mancatchers were sent against them, while the Galeshi ram tied down my cavalry on the other side.
Then things started to go badly for me. Instead of shooting at the cavalry, the AQ shot a magic blast across the field and fried my shield wall knight, leaving the poor defense 14 Elves at arms to be easily trussed up by the mancatchers. While I elminated the Ram charger quickly and dealt with a few of the Mancatchers, the AQ was able to then wound my cavalry with more shots while their support was floundering against the mancatchers. My Blademaster had gone in to kill one, missed and succeeded only in getting himself captured instead of one of the more expendible elf at arms! A turn or two later, I failed to save enough actions to heal Cornelian, she exploited the chance, pushing the AQ to take weaken my last lancer out of charge and then breaking the Dwarven charger away to base my Faith Healer.
Cornelian tried to rush over and keep the leech medic from healing the queen, but she was also captured by a mancatcher. My full health elf at arms prepared to assault the Ram from behind, and was suddenly attacked in melee by the Amazon Queen! Had his attack hit I might had a chance (well, a slim chance), but he missed and was soundly thrashed. From there on it was just a matter of her mopping up the pieces.
During the game, she captured and eliminated a Temple Blademaster, a Standard Bearer, a Gyre Falcon and Cornelian the Savior - a pretty hefty capture count!

These were both hard fought battles. We did a lot more surging than we have before - I couldn't afford to let her get in a capture attempt, while she couldn't afford to lose her high attack values. Luck played heavily into both games. In the first, she tried to capture four times, always needing an 8, and only hit once. In the second game I missed several attacks needing 5 or 6 by rolling 4s. However, in the second game she was very clever about directly attacking my weakest points, and I don't think I would have pulled it off even with better luck. Overall, while this was a "worst-case" scenario and the capture was hard for me to deal with, I didn't feel like it was too horrible.
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