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Dev Sodagar
United Kingdom
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The Ragados
The Tale of Agnes Baker
This is a story about bad things happening to good people. Agnes Baker was a good person. She was born in Battersea and worked hard as a waitress at the Lyons Corner House on Tottenham Court Road. The hours were long but the House attracted a lot of the Avant Garde and she got to hear all of the latest gossip of London's nouveaux riche. It was the fashion at the time to be seen in these more 'bohemian' but still conveniently located tea rooms rather than the more prestigious venues such as Claridge's, The Ritz or The Savoy. For Agnes this meant a taste of the high life could be had second hand at work and she loved to be in the know.

Set Up:
It was a Saturday, and the afternoon rush had died down enough for Agnes to sort the stock room. Climbing a step ladder to get another box of Tea off of the top shelf, her hand alighted on an old dusty tome. The mere touch blasted her back off the ladder to the floor. She was hit with recollections of a past life, living as a sorceress in the ancient world of Hyperborea. Visions of great serpentine creatures flying in the air, their tongues flicking in and out, tasting the world around them, and one, one in particular... the great Yig.

Many know that Yig's punishment for those who harm his progeny is a terrible curse, but few know that long ago, the serpent people betrayed Yig and suffered his wrath. Now the survivors return, eager to conquer for their true master.

When she came to, Agnes knew that she was no longer safe, that this hum drum life she had built for herself could no longer persist. Armed with the book she had uncovered, clamped tightly in her hand and a knew found knowledge of formerly forgotten lore, she set out looking to change the terrible fate confronting the world.





First Mystery:

Starting Gate & Clue:

Turn 1:
Agnes returned to her home in Battersea and packed a small valise, all that she would be able to carry on the journey ahead of her before catching a train to Dover and then a Ferry for France. There she continued on another train to Rome. She knew she must confront the herald of Yig, the great dragon Mappo no Ryujin and everyone knew that dragons were to be found in the East.

Fate has little patience and Yig has already been made to wait too long to take revenge on this world. As ever when Eldritch Terrors awaken, Arkham is the first place to feel their touch. People lock themselves in their home as the veil between worlds rips open, horrors burst forth to roam the streets before the gate closing again. The pressure builds at the back of Agnes' head as she feels the growing restlessness of Yig, the time is approaching fast.

Heading to Rome:



Clue Spawn:

Gate Close:

Doom Advance:

Turn 2:
Agnes races across Europe and Asia. Her life savings wiped out for a single journey. If it had been in another time, for another reason this would have been a thrill to Agnes, the chance to see the world, live the life of the 'Wild Young Things' but it was all overshadowed by the ominous pressure of impending and all to real doom... not that anyone would believe her. Passengers on the train had already taken to avoiding her, moving to other tables lest she should start spouting forth about 'the end of the world' again.

Alighting in Singapore and walking out of the station, Agnes is startled by a crow hitting the ground in front of her. Within a few moments, some unknown catastrophe causes an entire flock of crows to just fall lifeless from the sky. When you look up, there is nothing but cold stars and a baleful moon. Events are coming to a head even faster than she had anticipated.

Race across Asia:



Doom Track:

Gate Spawn:

Turn 3:
Still shaken by the flock of dead crows, Agnes wanders the streets of Singapore. She had spent the last of her money on the train tickets, but in one street market she spotted a talisman that she knew she must have. A stall holder with only a small amount of English, clearly pandering to the sailors that frequent the British colony had a pendant bearing a sigil of clear power.

She had to have it... she tried bartering but he wasn't interested. After a while, he took her to a back room in an opium den where some greasy looking gangsters were willing to lend her the money to get the item. She didn't like the terms of the Debt, but then who would, the default terms weren't being specified and the interest was pretty steep... but then she didn't know if she was ever coming back, once she left she could just keep running... Still watching her shadow, she took a round about route to the docks and snuck onto a steamer bound for Tokyo.

It wasn't long after getting into Tokyo before she found it, flying across the city in the dusk, it was pretty hard to miss. Agnes was ready, this is what it was all about. It came down to her vs it. She readied herself as it closed in. The creature looked like a parade float, something from a celebration rather than a horrific creature, but it didn't stop the talons. Even as she was chanting the call to spirits of her ancestors, Mappo no Ryujin hurtled down from the skies and lashed out slashing through Agnes' flesh and leaving her a whimpering heap on the street.

As Agnes returned to consciousness, shadows cast over her and she looked up to see human figures hovering over her.
"Help me, please!" She called out, knowing they almost certainly didn't understand English.
"We have come to collect on your debt" they respond, eerily in unison.
It was only as they were leaning down that she noticed the long, pointed needle-like teeth before they started ripping into her body to claim their pound of flesh... so ended Agnes Baker.



Mappo no Ryujin:




Debt Collection:


Edits: Made to fix broken Image links.
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