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Subject: Victory from the jaws of defeat rss

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Scott Schmitt
United States
New Jersey
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After winning my first mission on my third attempt, I decided it was time to name my runners. I prefer the look of the male Human, but I accidently used the female as my Face in the successful run. Well, competence beats looks every time, so pink hair and a cybernetic arm it is! Here's the team in player order:

Karna: Female Ork Street Samurai (Karma: 3)
Sheila: Human Female Face (Karma: 3)
Brand: Male Elf Mage (Karma: 3)
Balin: Male Dwarf Decker (Karma: 3)

All excited by our first win, the team hit the Sprawl for another Crossfire run. As usual the first two scenes went relatively smoothly and the team entered Scene 3 with decent health, decent cards in hand, and a Crossfire Level of 4.

Brand the Mage was the only one dragging the team down. I think I did a bad job shuffling the Black Market deck and I didn't see a single spell until the end of Scene 2. And before Brand could buy it the evil Corp sent out a Bonelaced Adept to harass us and disrupt Brand's plan to power up. Lightning Bolt and Guiding Spirit both cycled out of the Market, right through his hands.

Losing Lightning Bolt made me think I would be lucky to eke out an Abort, but the team started hammering away. The Mage was facing both the Bonelaced Adept (Damage 2) and some Armored Troopers (also Damage 2) and fell back Staggered. The team focused on other obstacles, whittling them down. Sheila was able to stand Brand back up using a Doc Wagon Assist, which bought enough time to get down to two obstacles: the Armored Troopers and a Mage Hunter.

Of course the Crossfire events were messing with me. The previous one had healed all the damage I had on the Mage Hunter and the active one limited my runners to playing 3 cards each. That 3 card limit really screwed up my plans to eliminate the Mage Hunter and assure myself a nice safe abort run. I switched focus to killing off the Armored Troopers instead and was feeling reasonably confident I'd still achieve the abort.

Then I started the staggered Mage's turn and suddenly all the bad draws got balanced out. With a deck of 8 cards, the Mage drew the one card he'd been able to purchase from the Black Market: Hero Move. Ability: Each runner draws 1 card. He draws Quick Shot. The only combination of cards he could draw that would allow him to kill the Armored Troopers and avoid going Critical. Stunning.

The Decker had enough damage in hand to finish off the Mage Hunter and just like that an abort became a win.

What a roller coaster. It's nice to see that sometimes the luck of the draw actually breaks for the player!
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