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Subject: Anyone know where I can get English rules? rss

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Marc Kob
United States
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I found this in a thrift store the other day and would like to give it a try. Anyone have a link to english rules, or would anybody be willing to translate and post?
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Samuli Mäki
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I added missing parts of the rules to the description of the game. I think the rest of it is easily figured out or made up. Ie. no horizontal movement allowed, no jumping over other characters, you can move only 2 tiles even if you got 4, opened gates go to explosion tile and the pedastal is removed etc.

If it still leaves you any questions, ask away.
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Carl-Gustaf Samuelsson
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I made an English summary a while ago:

Kampen om Naboo - summary in English

You play with two teams (or 2 players, plays two characters as they are two different players),

To open an entrance, 2 armies (one from each player of the alliance), must meet at the StarWars fields and there get a sum on the dice. The team (silver+gold against red+blue) who moves the queen to one of the bases wins.

- Each army starts with 7 armies at their base,
- Put the 4 gates on the grey circles
- Put he queen in the middle

Move the armies:
- Throw 2 dice
- Move 2 different armies UP TO one each of the die values steps
- Any direction, but not diagnoally
- May change direction
- No jump over another army
- Only one army on each square (exception at an attac)
- Alliance fields (StarWars fields) only allowed to be used if opening an gate
- You may not step on fields with a thick frame
- If dice EQUAL, you may move 4 armies (never add two dice for one army)

Attack and defense:
- Move to the square with the army you will attack.
- Both armies throw ONE die each.
- Attack value = white digit on black
- Defense value = black digit on white
- Add die with appropriate value
- Highest sum wins the battle
- If a tie, the defender will counterattack (the opposite values of course)
- Not allowed to attack armies on the bases
- Attack is always done last in the turn

To free a captured army:
- Move to an opponent's base with your army
- Move directly both your and one of the captured armies to your own base (the freed army may be the other player in the alliance, which will be moved to his base).
- None of the armies may be moved until the next turn
- If all armies of a player is captured, then the opponent may NOT move into this base, as it's now neutral.

- To get through the protecting shield to the queen you must open one of the gates,
- Must be two armies from two players in the same alliance on the alliance field (StarWars field).
- Move one army to the gate and wait for one of the alliance armies. This army must remain here either until the gate is opened or the army is attacked and defeated.
- If there is a single army on the field, an opponent army may attack and take over the field.
- If there are two armies from an alliance on the field, you may ONLY use the dice throw to try to open the gate,
- You must wait to the next turn to try to open the gate after the second army has moved into the field.
- They may not be attacked, while together on the alliance field
- An alliance may only occupy one alliance field

How to open the gates:
- Whenever one player's turn, both throw both their dice.
- If the sum of all 4 dice is 22 OR MORE, remove the gate. Note that doubles, are NOT doubled here.
- If failure, new try next turn.
- An opened gate, may only be used by the alliance, which opened it.
- After a gate is opened, you must wait to move until next turn

How to win the game:
- The player who first reached the square of the queen taes control over her. During this turn both the queen and the army is on the same turn.
- Next turn the player may move the queen as any other army. The controlling army remains at the queen's place and may not be moved or attacked,
- The queen may exit through any opened gate.
- Move the queen as quick as possible to one of the alliances bases.
- The queen may attack and defend as any other army, but with the values of the army at the queen's square.
- If an opponent army attacks and wins, this player takes control over the queen. The army in the middle is captured and the attacking army replaces the captured army at the queen's square in the middle. The queen remains on the same square.
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