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Hi all,

Apologies for the length of this post but I figure it is best to have it in the one place.

The date of the Expo this year is June 9th and 10th.

The Expo will again run with the 2 tournaments featuring Settlers and Carcassonne. Although I was looking for feedback (last year) on other possible tournament games, we feel that the time is too limited. Also these are the 2 tourneys that the sponsors are prepared to provide prizes for (trips to Essen). Hopefully if the event continues to grow we will have enough gamers to fill an additional tournament in years to come.

Gamers can still play in both tournaments if they wish in 2007 and the scheduling should be considerably easier.

We will still run both events over both days with the finals playing out on Sunday lunch time\afternoon.


Settlers will run using the same format as last year and the rules can be downloaded from the Expo website - (

In brief 4 rounds are played to qualify for the finals (based on wins).
Ties are resolved by calculating each player's total VPs earned over the 4 rounds.

Each player's turn will be limited to 3 minutes (we'll have easy to use chess clocks this year). Each game should finish within 90 minutes at the maximum.

Carcassonne will be different this year featuring 2-player games only and the standings for making the finals will be based on the number of wins.

We will use the Buchholz (Solkoff) method to resolve ties. This means that for every player the number of victories of his opponents will be summed up. For this the result of the weakest opponent will be discarded.

The qualifying rounds for the finals will feature 6 games per player. The first round will be decided by a random draw using our software. After that the schedule will be determined by the current ranking, where the players ranked 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 and so on will compete against each other. In addition to that we will take care that players do not have to play against each other twice (if possible). Then the next suitable player in the ranking will be determined (this actually will be done by a software solution). This can also be said for Settlers.

Each game will run for 30 minutes giving each player an average of 25 seconds per turn. Original Carcassonne will be used (not featuring the River).

Please note that Spielezentrum Herne have announced that there will be some changes for Essen 2007. We will post these as soon as we are aware of them. If they are not released before the Expo we will use the 2006 rules as they stand.

We will only have half the space of last year for the tourney area but we will use square tables to save space and we won't be quite as wasteful with our set-up. I don't see a problem with this although we have a 'Plan B' should we require more space.

An alternate entrance will be used to minimise the possibility of cigarette smoke entering the gaming area.

I can also announce that gamers will have their own social gaming section upstairs away from the general public area laugh. This can be utilised by non-tourney gamers or tourney players in between rounds.

The Expo will feature 37 vendors this year including Z-Man Games. Each vendor will have space for a demo table at their stand and this will serve the general public. This space will be almost twice as big as it was in 2006.

In addition there will be tables in the aisles between vendor stands for gaming. Any gamers that would like to teach games to the general public using games they have brought or possibly spare copies from vendors are encouraged to use these tables. We encourage everyone to bring a box of their favourite games for use at the Expo and in the evening back at the Hume Inn (see post on Expo Acommodation offer).

The Diplomacy Championships, whilst tied to the Expo, will not be held in the Expo building at this point. Further word is still forthcoming as the organiser is currently on holidays.

I hope that helps. I will be putting together an info pack for games clubs and e-mailing them out upon request. Anyone tied to a club that would like a copy should let me know and provide an e-mail address.


PS - This was posted in the Melbourne & Sydney Folders and will gradually be posted in all state folders over time.
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