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Scenario 4.5 The Nahyndrian Mine - Party Arueshalae, Ekkie and Arabundi

Very short about this session:

Turn 2:
Ekkie defeats Henchman Fiendish Minotaur. Then defeats Henchman Brimorak to close the Abattoir.

Turn 7:
Arueshalae defeats Henchman Kralisq. She then closes the Forsaken Cloister.

Turn 10:
Arueshalae defeats Villain Hepzamirah, who then escapes. Closes the Locust Shrine.

Turn 15:
Arabundi defeats Henchman Melazmera. To close the Torture Chamber Melazmera is shuffled into a random open location, the Harvester's Pit. Because the villain is in the deck the Torture Chamber is not closed.

Turn 16:
Arueshalae defeats Henchman Melazmera. To close the Harvester's Pit Melazmera is shuffled into a random open location, the Torture Chamber.

Turn 19:
Arueshalae defeats the Villain Hepzamirah at the final location.

When the game ended Ekkie had 3 cards left in her deck, Arueshalae 6 and Arabundi 2.

In the card game defeating the villain is the only win condition, and then the story of deck 4 just ends.

The RPG has a more interesting ending, and that is why I wrote the scenario 4.4 from Nocticula's point of view.

In the RPG the heroes win by defeating Hepzamirah or by forcing her to flee.

Then her father, Baphomet, steps in. Her body rips open, and a partly real projection of Baphomet, the demon lord, appears. He tells the heroes that he will kill them now. "Your bones shall join those of millions more within the walls of my Ivory Labyrinth."

Then Baphomet is attacked by Nocticula. "No, lord of slain daughters. This is my realm, and these are my guests. You are the intruder here, and your bones shall decorate my palace walls if you choose to remain."

Baphomet leaves and Nocticula speaks to the heroes. Then she helps them to leave the Abyss.

And finally, something about Arueshalae.

When she is set free during a scenario from box 3, one gets the impression that is she is vital to the rest of the campaign. The same impression is giving in the RPG book 3.

That is not correct. She in not vital to anything going on in set 4. She in mentioned, but that is all. In set 5 or 6 she has no role to play.

The reason for this is that Arueshalae is a NPC in the RPG, which means that she should have been a cohort in the card game.

Why Paizo decided the make her a playable character instead I don't know.

She is a fun character to play. She is a little to weak in the beginning, because her powers aren't that helpful to herself. When the Fallen alternative is chosen, and she has gotten enough powers to manipulate the corrupted effects, she gets better, but she is not too strong.

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