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Subject: Panzerblitz 2 scenario 1 - Russian combined arms assault rss

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Jason Cawley
United States
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This is a custom scenario for my Panzerblitz 2 variant, designed to help learn the variant rules and the tactics they promote and reward. It can be played head to head or solo as the Russians. Tne situation is a midwar Russian combned arms attack, consisting of a Rifle regiment with artillery and tank support, against a German infantry battalion defense of a static position.

German forces -

9 3-6-8-2 infantry platoons
2 3-12-3-2 81mm mortar platoons
2 13-6-2-0 75mm PAK batteries
1 12-8-9-8 StuG III platoon
2 0-0-1-12 truck platoons
2 40-32-2-0 105mm howitzer batteries (offboard)

All forces set up on board 2 on Hill 132, within the boundary of the red hilltop hexes, inclusive. Offboard 105s can support vs any spotted location, together or separately, but only as indirect and area fire, with an undispersed on board spotter (trucks excluded).

Russian forces on board

9 5-4-10-2 rifle companies
3 3-12-3-2 82mm mortar sections
3 12-5-2-0 76mm ATG batteries
2 24-20-2-0 120mm mortar batteries
1 40-24-2-12 132mm MRL battery (one fire mission only)
5 0-0-1-4 wagon sections

Set up on board 3 (Reversed orientation compared to board 2) in the towns of Grabyosh or Opustoschenia inclusive or along the road between them, or farther from map 2. Hill 107 should be ahead of this line, 3 hexes beyond the Russian start line.

Russian tank battalion force

3 12-6-9-11 T-34/76 companies
3 8-1-8-2 SMG companies

Enter turn 1 at hex 3Q1, SMGs riding the tanks.

Game length 14 game turns. Russians move first.

Objectives - The Germans get 1 VP per combat unit alive anywhere on Hill 132 at the time limit, including dispersed units. The Germans get 2 VPs per T-34 unit destroyed, and 1 unit per Russian infantry unit destroyed. The Germans get 2 VPs per hex of the town of Bednost occupied by a German combat unit at the time limit. For kills and live units, count reduced units as 1/2 each and round fractions up. Compare total German VPs to the victory levels below to determine the outcome.

5 VPs or less - major Russian victory
6-10 VPs - tactical Russian victory
11-14 VPs - draw
15-19 VPs - tactical German victory
20 VPs or more - major German victory

Rules to remember - the Russian rockets can only fire once, but their fire hits the target hex and all adjacent hexes with a 40 FP (H) area fire attack. This fire may not be combined with other direct or indirect fire the same turn. The target hex must contain a spotted German unit.

The Russian tank riders are DF 3 soft target until they dismount.

All infantry has 2 MFs, and each hex costs only 1 MF for infantry, regardless of terrain. Exception - infantry may use road movement at 1/2 MF per hex, but its DF is halved vs any opportunity fire (only) they take while doing so. Wagons have 4 MFs and pay normal vehicle movement cost (not truck movement costs).

Any German combat unit may spot for the 105s. Any Russian unit may spot for the 120mm mortars or the rockets. These weapons will always fire as indirect and area fire, meaning they hit all units in the hex, soft targets at 1/3rd rated AF each, armored targets at 1/5th rated AF each. Fractions round up.

Only 2 units other than I fire from infantry may hit one target in one fire phase. I fure may be added to any shot, in addition.

Opportunity fire is limited to 1/2 max weapon range; indirect fire (spotted, offboard e.g.) may not use opportunity fire.

Hilltop and slope give +2 DF. Town gives +4 DF to infantry and guns only. Woods and town give +1 DRM vs direct fire only - no DRM bonus vs CAT, overrun, or area fire.

I know to use this Russian force, and scored a 4 VP Russian major victory first time out. Let me know how you do.

Optional play balance - leave the VCs as written. Before the game, each side "bids" the number of game turns they believe the Russians need to win. The lower bid gets the Russian side and the game lasts as many turns as the winning bid. If both players give the same bid, that is the game length, but determine the sides randomly.

I hope this is interesting.
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