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Thibaut Palfer-Sollier
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Hi everyone !

Here is a variant for Mall of Horror. It makes it possible for players to play zombies and modifies the rule for the little girl. Don't be afraid : even if it may seem long, it is very simple in the principle.

Here it is :

Corpses and player-controlled zombies (addition)

When a character is eaten by zombies, he is not removed from the game. His corpse remains in front of the room where he was killed, waiting to come back from the dead. Flip the character's marker and place it in front of the room.
If there already is a corpse in play when a character dies, it comes back from the dead. This corpse becomes a zombie controlled by the player whom the character belongs to. Put a zombie on the marker. Such a zombie doesn't have any special power (whatever character he was when he was (trully...) alive), behaves like any other zombie and can't use cards.
A corpse is removed from the game if the room where it is is closed before it could have the chance to come back from the dead.

Rule for the little girl (completly replace current little girl's rule)

In a 3 player game, 3 little girls are put into play. In a 4 player game, 2 are. In a 5 player game, 1 is. No little girl is used in a 6 player game. Little girls put into play must belong to gangs (colors) not used by the players.
When everyone has put all of their characters into play, every little girl is put in a room chosen randomly that is not the parking (if the room is full, see moving a little girl to a full room).
Little girls don't count for victory conditions, neither particpate nor count for votes and don't block any zombie. However, they count in the number of characters that can be in one room. Players can vote for little girls during elimination votes.
Little girls aren't controlled by a player in particular. All players can move them and use cards for them. A little girl can never go to the parking whatever the case. However, she can always move to a full room whatever the case. If it happens, a character in this room that is not a little girl must move to the parking. A vote in this room will decide which character must leave.
If the corpse of a little girl comes back from the dead, no zombie is created but the room is immediatly closed. Every character in this room is moved to the parking. All zombies (including the one that are player-controlled) are removed. Every little girl is moved to a non-closed room that is not the parking chosen randomly (if the room is full, see moving a little girl to a full room).

Move (change)

In the move phase, a player can move one of his characters, one of his zombies or any little girl. He can chose freely among those possibilities but must make move if possible.

Votes (addition)

Any player with one or more zombies of his own in front of a room can participate to the elimination vote (if any) in this room. Each zombie under his control gives the player an additionnal voice.

Death of player-controlled zombies (addition)

Player-controlled zombies are removed from the game strictly in the same way as standard zombies are. This removal is definitive.
If there is a choice to make among the zombes to remove (weapon cards), standard zombies must be removed first. If one or more player-controlled zombies must be removed (no more standard zombies), one vote for each zombie to remove is made in the corresponding room. Zombies do not participate to these votes.

Attack of the zombies (completly replace current rule for zombie addition at the beginning of this phase)

At the beginning of this phase, the room which is the most girl-populated (pin-up + little girl) attracts an additionnal zombie. If multiple rooms are even, the one among them that is the most little girl-populated attracts the zombie. If multiple rooms are still even, the one among them which is the most populated attracts the zombie.
If multiple rooms are still even, no additionnal zombie is attracted.

Specific rules for the parking (addition)

A characted killed in the parking doesn't generate a corpse, it is immediatly removed from the game.
Player-controlled zombies eats before standard zombies and each one chooses its victim, beginning with the first player.

End of the game conditions (completly replace current rule for end of the game conditions)

The game ends when one of those conditions is met at the end of the turn :
- the number of characters alive (including little girls) is inferior or equal to the number of players
- at least 4 rooms are closed

Victory conditions (completly replace current rule for victory conditions)

The player with the most characters alive a the end of the game wins.
If multiple players are even, the one among them with a pin-up or without a gunman wins. If multiple players are still even, the one among them with a pin-up and wihout a gunman wins.
If multiple players are still even, the game ends with a draw.

This variant removes the rule for zombie addition on player elimination (no zombie is added) and the rule that close a room in a 3 player game (no room is ever closed a the beginning of the game whatever the configuration)

Tell me what you think about it !

Thank you very much !

PS : sorry for my english, I'm french
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