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Subject: Another abrupt finale rss

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Justin Hwang
United States
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My gaming group sat down for 6p SoC.

There were a couple spots where one can be King of wheat, or wood. Being a second player, my initial settlement was a nice spot adjacent to ore, wood, and brick. This spot was not the spot with the best odds at the moment but this place is adjacent to both wood and brick, which will be very useful in the beginning.

Following placement, I got access to sheep, wheat, and another wood. My initial settlement was already mostly blocked out, with different color settlement all around.

For the first half or so of the game, it seemed gloomy for me. When the robber sat on my 6 ore, three consecutive 6's were rolled. When the robber finally moved to my 5 wheat, 5 was rolled. I couldn't produce for 4 straight turns.

Most players were buying development cards and cities due to serious lack of wood. This wasn't exception for me, so I upgraded my both settlements to cities fairly early in the game.

Brick was plenty in the game, but wood and sheep were scarce. Things started to ease up a little when cities started to pop up. I had the best access to wood, since 4 woods were produced when a 10 was rolled. This gave me the longest road right after 10 was rolled, enabling me to build 3 roads in a turn, with total of 5 roads.

I saw the victory in front of me. I'm sure all the other players were thinking the same with cities and development cards in plentiful. I prevented orange player, who was next to me, from taking the longest road card by building two more roads, to 7 roads, during the extra building stage. Hadn't I done this, I would have lost the longest road card since he built another road right after my turn.

After successfully defending my longest road card, I had longest road (2vp), 2 cities (4vp), 2 development cards (2vp), and a settlement (1vp). One more settlement and the victory is mine... but I need both sheep and brick. Why don't I have a brick? It was such a common resource in the beginning. Oh- I built that 2 extra roads. I easily got brick by giving away highly coveted wood. But sheep... I almost thought that I needed another turn- which is enough time for another player to snatch the victory from me.
But everyone was so absorbed in building their empire that they failed to see my hidden chapels and the reason why I'm desperate to give up 3 cards to get a sheep. With all my extra cards, I was able to trade in sheep.

Place the settlement, reveal the two development cards and the game's over.

Another abrupt ending- which is my small quibble on the Catan series.
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