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Subject: [G & J] 2nd Half February *SPOILERS* rss

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Gary G
United States
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2nd Half February
"Love is in the Air"

GARY G. (Medic) - [Gary]
MYSTERIA (Scientist) - [Jennifer]

Majority is Yellow strain again in Africa.
Couple Blu Ballz in Germany.
Couple in Iraq.
Couple in East Asia.

-We have to get ahead of this new COdA virus as it is unlike any we've seen in nature. We've managed to get authorization to start quarantining the hot spots. Treat the viruses we know about and keep COdA under control until more work can be done on it.
-COdA has mutated again and not it can no longer be treated using 'ANY' know techniques.

OBJECTIVE: Discover cures to the 3 diseases.

-[EPIDEMIC] on first draw of the game in Ho Chi Minh City! Of course Yellow is re-drawn. Gary G immediately heads to South America to shut all the Yellow re-draws down. Mysteria makes her way to Africa to do the same. She gets her 4th Yellow cure card and Airlifts to Shanghai to find the cure and focus on the Red hot spots that have sprung up.
-Gary eradicates Yellow as we breathe a sigh of relief right into a second [Epidemic] in London. [Outbreak] in Beijing!
-Blu Ballz is starting to expand into Europe. Gary G heads over to intercept. Mysteria is still locked down in East Asia battling Red. With enough pressure Blu Ballz is maintained enough for Gary G to take a flight to Beijing to meet up with Mysteria in Seoul to Share Knowledge of Red.
-Red is immediately Cured and eradicated the following turn. Paris receives another [Outbreak] though. Mysteria heads to Europe to start putting pressure on the Blue strands. She awaits Gary G's arrival to Share knowledge of the 5th Blue city card and pulls another [Epidemic] in Montreal. All re-shuffled Infection cards drawn are Eradicated! The luck is swinging our way!
-From our earlier February lose, we did not learn our lessons. We are feeling pretty good with only a couple Outbreaks taken so we hold on to Blue cure. Immediate [Outbreak] in Paris! Chain reaction into Essen, Germany. We are too stubborn though! We are holding off victory for the glory of eradicating all viruses!
-Next Epidemic is in a eradicated region. Everything is good...or so we thought. Infection pulls have an [Outbreak] targeting Riyadh and breaking out into Baghdad. Mysteria is on-site and quarantines Baghdad just as she pulls it again in the re-shuffle!
-Gary G has all Blue city cards in hand. Wipes Blu Ballz out of London and New York and simultaneously Cures and Eradicates.
-All able diseases are eradicated!

[ENDGAME] Won. Mumbai continues to be Collapsing. Delhi, Washington, and Miami are Rioting. Kolkata, Chennai, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Los Angeles, Lima, Kinshasa, Atlanta, Paris , Essen, Riyadh, Baghdad, and Beijing are Unstable.

-Blu Ballz Virus receives Positive Mutation Level 2: [Efficient to Sequence] -No longer need to spend an action to Discover Cure.
-Yellow Virus receives Positive Mutation Level 1: [Common Structure] -No longer need to be in a Research Station to Discover Cure.

Another confidence boost. The extra Funding comes in handy quite a bit. I think mostly this game was all Luck. We had a few great turns of City Card draws with some early Cures and eradications combined with lucky Infection draws gave us our win. We thought it was all going to crumble as soon as we decided to hold off victory for the Blue eradication. Our luck held though and we successfully eradicated all diseases and chose the positive mutation on Yellow seeing as how we've been getting strong initial pulls of that region in all games. Looking forward to see how military bases play into the fold!
Thanks for the read!
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