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Subject: LordKuato vs Superman0048 rss

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Ramon Garcia
Metro Manila
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Christmas carnage. This was a strange game where the Uktenas were facing the Children of Gaia. Ironically, the Uktenas used tactics common to the CoGs to defeat them.

Pack: Lamurun, Jacky Gecko, Guides-to-Truth

Pack: Jennifer Moon Wizened, Harmon Truefriend, True Silverheels

Setup Phase:
Jacky Gecko Arms with a 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol
True Silverheels equipts with a Klaive

Turn 1:
Jacky Gecko comes out fighting, playing a Rank Challenge against Jennifer. Undaunted, Jennifer plays a Battle Song to even up the odds. She can't stop Jacky's attack, though and needs to follow-up with a Distractions to go with her Organ Puncture. Jacky Dies but his sacrifice is worth 1 VP.

Guides-to-Truth equips with a Mantle of El Dorado and Harmon Truefriend plays a Rite of Scarification, he then receives the Klaive from True Silverheels.

Lamurun faces Harmon as the selected alphas. Lamurun attacks Harmon. After a few rounds, Harmon gets worried and plays Friends In High Places. He then attacks Lamurun, brining a frenzied True Silverheels as an ally. Guides heals Lamurun's damage with Mother's Touch. After suffering damage in the first round, Guides again heals Lamurun, evening the odds. Later on, Lamurun sacrifices the VP's gained by Jacky to allow Guides to heal him a third time. This is all for naught as he's unable to hold off the attack. Lamurun dies leaving Guides to fend for himself against the three Children of Gaia.

Turn 2:
Guides takes the early offensive, attacking Jennifer with a Lord of the Jungle after looking into her Combat Hand. Supes is annoyed and says, "You just want to die don't you?" I reply with, "Maybe, maybe not." Jennifer flees to the Umbra. Guides looks at Supes' combat hand again, then Sneak Attacks Harmon. He takes an early hit and flips to Crinos form, then heals the damage. Harmon again, calls in Friends in High Places.

Guides equipts with a Medicine Bag and a Memory Ribbon. Supes prepares with a second Battle Song. Guides Sneak Attacks True. True panics and tries to frenzy. The Memory Ribbon prevents this. Guides Mangles him to death.

During the Moot Phase, Guides calls two Ritual Challenges between himself and Harmon, ironically having the voting advantage. Harmon also tries to frenzy and is thwarted by the Ribbon. Harmon is also Mangled to death. I now have 15 VP's against Supes' 11.

Turn 3:
Guides calls a Dreamspeaker Mage to his side, gaining the numbers advantage after falling three to one. He takes a second Medicine Bag. Jennifer plays a third Battle song. Guides attacks his last opponent. Desperately, Jennifer tries to Distract him but is thwarted by the Mage. She is finished off by a Telling Blow.

Final Score: LK: 24, SM: 11
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