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Subject: Game 1, Early January (Spoilers) rss

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Robert Knapp
United States
Crystal Lake
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1st Half January

Dr Gray - Medic - Emily
Billie N. - Scientist - Bob

3x - Madrid, Karachi, Hong Kong
2x - Santiago, Seoul, Chicago
1x - Montreal, Taipei, Lagos

Starting Cards
Medic - 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 2 Funding
Scientist - 3 Blue, 1 Black

JANUARY MISSION BRIEFING: You know the drill, we've got four viruses causing us problems. They seem to be mutating faster than usual - we have someone looking into that. For now, keep it under control as one of them may grow beyond our capabilities.

OBJECTIVE: Discover cures to the 4 diseases.

After randomly choosing who would go first we decided that Dr Gray would go and cure one of the 3x places. Madrid was the closes so we got Dr Gray over there and removed those diseases.

This is where our game almost went south right at the get-go. An Epidemic was one of the first two cards pulled from the draw pile. Great! What's the card that was on the bottom of the infection deck? Atlanta. (This turn gets better and better.) After shuffling everything the first of the two cards pulled was Atlanta. OUTBREAK! So now, not even one turn finished, Atlanta is Unstable and Billie N has a scar, since he was sitting on Atlanta. The scar chosen was Fear Of Small Planes. (I figured it was the least worse scar to get.) The second card pulled is Karachi. OUTBREAK! So at the end of the first turn we have two cities that are Unstable.

Billie N went off to Asia to help clean up some of the red cubes and to get to Hong Kong, since it would be pulled the next time someone infects. Even though no one would be able to get there, it is nice to try to get there as quick as possible to clean up the reds that would be appearing. So after pulling my player cards, I had to do the infecting. And then there was Hong Kong. OUTBREAK. So we now have three Unstable cities after the first two turns. (Fantastic!)

We continued doing our thing, Dr Gray doing the big clean up while Billie N was removing one from the 2 or 3 cube cities until he got his 4th Blue card. On Billie N's turn he started on Bangkok, went down to Ho Chi Minh City, built a research station, and cured the Blues. (Yay we have one of our four diseases cured!) And the best part about this is that Dr Gray is sitting on Essen, which has Blue cubes.

Dr Gray moves into North America to start cleaning up the Blues so we can get our first eradication. She's also on her way down to South America because Yellow can just sneak up on you and are a little more dangerous since Santiago is connected to Buenos Aries. She ends her turn on Washington. There are still a couple more cities that have Blue cubes left. (So close to eradication!)

But then we received our 2nd [Epidemic] and we pulled Santiago. Luckily Dr Gray is on her way down to South America. Now we open our first hidden information envelope:

JANUARY MISSION BRIEFING UPDATE: Worst fears confirmed! The disease with the most cubes on the board is now classified as "COdA-403a." The cure for COdA can no longer be found using known techniques. Players can continue to treat COdA but it is drug-resistant and requires 1 additional action to treat.

We look at the board and it is a close match between Red and Black. Black has fewer cities but most of them have two cubes on them while Red has more cities but most have 1 cube on them. In the end, Red ekes Black out by a few cubes, so Red becomes out COdA-403a disease.

OBJECTIVE UPDATE: Discover cures to the 3 normal diseases.

Thankfully we already have a disease cured, so we're now two away from winning our first game. And Dr Gray has 4 of the 5 yellows that she needs to cure that disease. Billie N is working on clearing out the Blacks while Dr Gray is over in the Americas working on those diseases. After Billie N's turn is over he now has a few of each color and the Funding card which lets you remove one of the Infection cards. Santiago is now removed from the game. (I probably should have done a red card, but I didn't want us to have an outbreak over in the Americas.)

On Dr Gray's turn she decides to clean up the Blue cubes instead of going down to the Yellow area. So now Blue is eradicated. (I glanced over the rules for eradicating diseases and didn't read that you get to name the disease at that point. So that's going to happen right before we do the second game. I gotta think of an awesome name.) The good thing is that we did eradicate a disease, but the bad part is that the Blacks and Reds are starting to build up and now we can't cure Red. So, we decide that Dr Gray will go and help with Yellow and then travel over to Red while Billie N stays in the Black area.

At some point in the game we got another outbreak, this time on Baghdad.

Eventually we pull our third Epidemic card and Dr Gray decides to use the funding card that lets you remove two cubes from the board. One was removed from Lima while the other was removed from Seoul. When all was said and done we would have had a chain outbreak if Seoul hadn't had a cube removed from it. The card that we pulled from the bottom was Beijing. Dr Gray gets her fifth Yellow card and, on her turn, goes over to cure Yellow at the research station in Ho Chi Minh City. (Two of three diseases cured!)

We move onto Billie N's turn and he is still trying to prevent outbreaks in the Black zone. After he gets done with his turn he gets the final Black card he needs to cure the disease. We go to Dr Gray and finish her infection and the Black is looking pretty bad. (Luckily no more Outbreaks happen since we're looking pretty bad in Afric-Asia)

Billie N plays a Miami card to fly to Miami, then goes up to Atlanta and cures Black.

[END GAME] WIN. We now have four cities at Unstable level: Atlanta, Hong Kong, Karachi, and Baghdad.

[GAME END UPGRADES] You get to upgrade, regardless if you win or lose, so we chose:
-Positive Mutation Common Structure (You no longer need to be in a research station to Discover a Cure for the disease.) and put it on Blue, since it was eradicated
-Character Upgrade Local Connection (Once per turn, you may Treat Disease in a city connected to your city.) and gave it to Dr Gray.
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