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Subject: [G & J] March *SPOILERS* rss

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Gary G
United States
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"Luck never gives; it only lends."

-Rule X Implementation: [MILITARY BASES]- characters may take the military shuttle flight action between two military bases if their character has a dogtag symbol on it. Players cannot fly between military bases and any other types of structures.
-You now have SECRET clearance. Open Box 2. (7 military bases)
-Military shuttle flight reference card stickers.
-New scar options.
-Introduces Operations Expert character.

GARY G. (Medic) - [Gary]
SYREANE (Generalist) - [Jennifer]

East Asia Flame: Majority of sickness begins in Beijing, Seoul, and Manila.
Golden Stream Virus: Breaks out in South Africa.
Blu Ballz: Infections open up in Europe, and North American east and west coasts.
Black COda is all quiet on that front.

-We have been preparing for this contingency. COdA is causing panic so we've hired paramilitary assistant to help with the trouble spots. You are to partner with them to keep things under control until more research can be done on COdA. You'll also need to complete two objectives this month. We know you are up for this challenge.

-Discover cures to the 3 diseases.
-Eradicate at least 1 disease.
-Have 1 military base in each of the 6 major regions of the world.

-Gary G starts at Shanghai research station to begin the offensive against East Asia Flame. Syreane begins in Atlanta combating the Blu Ballz cases on both North American coasts. Gary G wipes out the Flame and Syreane heads to Europe. She pulls a [Epidemic] in Atlanta while stationed in Europe. Gary G meets her in London to Share Blue Knowledge and quickly flies back to East Asia to combat the re-flash of the Flame. -Blu Ballz is cured the following turns and both team members coordinate to meet up again in Hong Kong to Share Knowledge of the Flame.
-Another [Epidemic] in Los Angeles. Syreane cures and eradicates the East Asia Flame using the [Borrowed Time] event giving her 7 turns.
-Gary G heads to North America to focus on the re-shuffles.
-Another [Epidemic] in Baghdad! No big deal! Let's get this done! An [Outbreak] immediately drops in another Baghdad pick. COdA continues to spawn through the region from more Infection draws.
-Gary G is tied up trying to battle Blu Ballz. Syreane flies to Baghdad and starts Quarantining the surrounding area. Black COdA is maintained for now.
-[Epidemic] is issued for Shanghai. No-go! East Asia Flame is eradicated! East Asia breathes a sigh of relief as their virus is held back for now.
-At this point we both have a few Yellow cure cards in hand. The plan is made to meet in the South American city of Santiago. [One Quiet Night] is played to keep the Infection deck at bay. Gary G shares knowledge of Yellow Stream Virus with Syreane and ends turn. Only reaction from the Infection deck is a few quarantined Black COdA, and eradicated Red cities. Victory is in sight!
-Syreane flies to Beijing and cures the Yellow Stream Virus for the win!

[ENDGAME] Won. 3 Viruses cured, and at least 1 eradicated. Mumbai continues to be Collapsing. Delhi, Washington, and Miami are Rioting. Kolkata, Chennai, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Los Angeles, Lima, Kinshasa, Atlanta, Paris , Essen, Riyadh, Baghdad, and Beijing are Unstable.

-East Asia Flame receives Positive Mutation Level 1: [Common Structure]-No longer need to be in a Research Station to Discover Cure.
-Syreane(Generalist)-[Jennifer] receives [Forecaster]-At start of your turn you may look at the top two infection cards.

We did it! Felt good to complete a month on the first try! This game was alot of luck. Initial setup pulls, infection card Epidemic re-shuffles, and low Black COdA draws, but still awesome! We took an aggressive stance from the start and coordinated several times to Share Knowledge. We are still looking forward to see how military bases play into the equation, hopefully they provide more then just a pseudo-research station shuttle between military characters created.
Thanks for the read!
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Larry Rice
United States
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Yeah, military bases are there for a're about to find out why...
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Nick Sims
United Kingdom
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Nice work - though I believe that you're both meant to start in the same location. We missed this rule for at least one of our games
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