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Subject: Complete Card Count & Overview rss

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Thomas Gaczkowski
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I went over the Kickstarter (pages), the Kickstarter Updates, and the rule book to get an overview over all the cards in the game. Not sure if I got everything. If you catch something missing let me know.

Hero & Specialist Reference Cards:
Core Game: 6
KS-Backers: 2 (Folklorist Minsk & Hercules "Herc")
Fireteam Delta: 6
Fireteam Echo: 6

Hero Action Cards:
Core Game: 64
Hero Deck Pack: 64 (same as in core game)
TOTAL: 128

Hero Upgrade Cards:
Core Game: 64
KS-Backers: 64 (Fighting Zeroes, Lonely Guns, No Surrender, V for Victory)
The Africa Cycle: 32 (not sure about that. Kickstarter says "Comes with two 4-card upgrades for each hero")
The Europe Cycle: 32 (see comment above)
TOTAL: 192

Hero Focus Cards:
Core Game: 24
The Africa Cycle: 4
The Europe Cycle: 4
Hero Deck Pack: 24 (same as core) (not sure if the Hero Deck pack also inclues the focus cards from both expansions (which it should in my opinion))

Monster Reference Cards:
Core Game: 9
KS-Backers: 9 (Corrupted Soldier, Exhumed Fetch, The Mangled, Malignant Vermin, Marrow Fetch, Maggot Hounds, Splinter Fiend, Thorn Skulk, Lunger)
The Africa Cycle: 3
The Europe Cycle: 3
10 x Unique Monster Pack: 10

Monster Twist Cards:
Core Game: 24 (3 decks x 8)
KS-Backers: 30 (Spawn of the Infernal, Sleepless in Shadows, Darkness Rising)
The Africa Cycle: 8
The Europe Cycle: 8

Objective Cards:
Core Game: 21
Red Sands: Multi-Squad Location Pack: ??? (did not find any info)
Stalag: V: Multi-Squad Location Pack: ??? (did not find any info)
Mission Generator: ??? (did not find any info)
TOTAL: 21+

Recon Cards:
Core Game: 55
The Africa Cycle: ??? (these are the Gear Cards which are mixed in with the Recon Deck) (not sure how many there will be)
Red Sands: ??? (did not find any info)
Stalag: V: ??? (did not find any info)
Mission Generator: ??? (did not find any info)
TOTAL: 55+

Specialist Power Cards:
The Europe Cycle: 24

Mission Generator Set-Up Cards:
Mission Generator Pack: ??? (did not find any info)

TOTAL CARD COUND: 600 (there will be more as I did not have info on some cards (see comments above)).

If you leave out all the double cards from the Hero Deck pack you will reduce this number to 512.

Anyway, this game features a whole bunch of cards, which may surpise some folks here I am certain. There are two things which I am disappointed overall:

1. I hate to see the the 8 variant heroes do not offer any kind of distinction to the core heroes. At least some special ability would be nice to have. As is stands now from what I gather there is no difference whatsoever except a cosmetic one. I see that they have a "preferred weapon" description. Does this have any implications on game play?
2. I also think that the Recon deck is somewhat too small and we will probably see repetitions very quickly.

What I really like however is that it seems we will have 192 hero upgrade cards (base: 64, 4xstretch goal: 64, Africa&Europe: 64). That will hopefully allow for quite some customization.
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Kelly N.
United States
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That was a lot of work. Thanks for that!

I'm sure this will be a nice reference when we get our stuff.
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