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Subject: LordKuato vs Superman0048 (Dec 25, 2006 - 15:20) rss

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Ramon Garcia
Metro Manila
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Supes was in a bad mood, I had totally laid waste to his pack on Christmas day and he was looking to draw some Uktena blood. We were happy to oblige...

LordKuato (24)
Pack: Guides-to-Truth, Jacky Gecko, Lamurun

Superman0048 (5)
Pack: Diem, Harmon Truefriend, Jennifer Moon Wizened, Runs-to-the-Sunset

Setup Phase:
Jacky Gecko arms with a 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

Turn 1:
Jennifer Moon Wizened pulls out the Mantle of El Dorado and the Children of Gaia call in the Unicorn. Guides pulls out his Elder Stone, boding of the evil he has planned. Meanwhile, a lone Pack Fomori stumbles into the Hunting Grounds.

Supes decides he's not gonna slow this game down any more than it has to be. Jennifer tries to Sense Wyrm and finds a Skull Pig. Harmon jumps it with a Sneak Attack. After suffering minimal damage, he finishes off the Pig.

When the Moot Phase comes around, the Uktenas play their hand. Calling that their exploits be forever immortalized in the Silver Record, winning the Moot and displaying Legendary Leadership.

Lamurun and Runs-to-the-Sunset face off during the Combat Phase. Lamurun goes after the Fomori. Making short work of it with a Telling Blow. Runs calls in Harmon as a Surprise Ally then promptly Frenzies. Lamurun realizes he can not resist the attack a Throat Bares. He is mercilessly slaughtered by the CoGs, who gain no VP's for their ruthlessness...

Turn 2:
The full moon rises and all Garou shift to Crinos form save for Jacky. The CoGs hold the Caern of the Western Eye. A second Fomori and a Skull Pig enter the Hunting Grounds. Harmon has the gift of Luna's Armor.

Harmon and Guides come forward during the Combat Phase.

Guides attacks the Skull Pig. The Pig is no match. LK is at 16 VP's. Harmon calls Runs to help him attack Guides. He gets Mangled for his troubles. Surprisingly, the CoGs push the attack. Guides ask Harmon if he wants it in the Head or Gut? Head it is for the now dead Harmon! Runs is being persistent as Guides steps sideways into the Umbra.

The Throat Bare ruined Supes game and helped keep the CoGs a bay as the Uktenas run away with the win.

Final Score:
LordKuato: 24
Superman0048: 5
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