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Ran through a solo of TOMORROW THE WORLD (TTW), a Ty Bomba black-comedy of WWIII in 1948 after the Nazi's and Imperial Japanese have won WWII.

FIRST IMPRESSION after Setup: The Imperial Japanese have MANY more units than the Germans. This is because most of the Japanese units are Infantry while the Germans have a large mechanized component. Germans set-up was first. The Germans decided on economic warfare, and set up large mechanized forces in the Eastern US and India (aiming for Indonesia) with a not-so-subtle intention of taking as many Japanese red areas (economic power) and starving the Japanese to death.

The Japanese were able to funnel the Germans in India into a narrow corridor between the shore and the "roof of the world" (black dots - mountain terrain - can only be entered by German Mountain troops (very few) and Japanese Infantry (many)). The end result in India was the German mechanized forces being stymied and outflanked. Attempts to move the Germans by sea were a no-go as the Imperial Japanese Navy quickly established sea supremacy in the Indian Ocean. This advance failed miserably.

The German attack in the western US was more successful, but still degenerated into a slugging match as the Japanese fortified their cities to make them hard nuts to crack. Again, the black areas - this time the Rocky Mountains - served to funnel the Germans into a North and South axis of advance, with the Japanese Army in the middle able to reinforce either direction. The use of naval gunfire support also helped the coastal cities to hold out.

In the meantime, the Imperial Japanese Army used its mechanized forces, liberally supported by airpower, to strike from Russia directly into Eastern Europe. The Germans had set up only token infantry forces to defend the fatherland. In order to avoid catostrophic defeat, the second-echelon forces that had been designated for the Indian front were quickly moved northward. Although this proved to be enough to slow down the Japanese advance, it also served to doom the Indian front to failure.

Once it was clear to the Germans the Indian front would go nowhere, the remaining mechanized forces were recalled to Russia. This forced the Japanese onto the defensive in Russia, and the front settled along the original "confrontation line."

The Imperial Japanese Navy was not just protecting Indonesia and supporting forces in LA and Seattle. The SNLF, with Army paratroop units supporting, was held as a Strategic Reserve until the Indian front collapsed. After waiting for the German mechanized units from the Indian front to commit themselves in Russia, the SNLF and paratroopers descended (literally) on the Persian Gulf and was able to seize Germany's oil supply.

At this point I called the game since the original German strategy was totally defeated.

Overall, a better-than-average gaming session. Used the as-published naval rules. Need to explore Ted Racier's naval variant next time.
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