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Subject: Opening theory: The West rss

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juerg haeberli
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Unfortunately in the beginning the West is the sick man of Europe.
You have few options and every unit type and step counts.
Fortunately this is good for analysis.

Here again the sentence that is your main concern.

If you loose Paris that is a set back.
If you loose London and Glasgow ( most of the time London is enough ) you are toast.

Set up :

First decision: Can and do you dow the Axis in spring 36 ?

Italian subs can't exit the Med without geting fired on by the fort.
If you move before Axis German subs have a long , slow and dangerous way to the Mid Atlantic Ocean.
No suprise for the Axis.
Axis production possibly not at max. in 37.

Costs one VP.
Axis industry costs one less.
No more peace dividends.
The advantage goes to Sowjets. Since the Axis knows this to you will have to see how he reacts. ( Could even work in your favor. )

You can either try a strong static defense or a flexible less solid one. If you dow I would go with the flexible defense.


If you choose the flexible option you set up 2 inf and a fleet in India.
Suez is difficult because of a possible attack from Tripoli, so you probabely need a ground unit. Inf or tank are more flexible in the future, fort is the safest choice.
Give the impression of turteling but place inf in Glasgow.
Place inf, AF and carrier with the home fleet in London.


In Paris fort and tank.
Inf in Marseille.
Inf, AF or fleet in Africa.

If you dont intend to dow you could use the static defense.

Britan :

Fort Glasgow
In London fort and 2x carrier with home fleet.
Fleet in Suez.
3 inf in India,

France :

Fort and tank in Paris.
Inf Marseille.
Inf Africa

Production 36

With dow you buy 3 ic and 4 cv.
Add to inf London and Glasgow and fort Paris.
Place Fort Gibraltar.

Without dow buy 3 ic and 4 cv.
Add to forts Glasgow, London, Paris.
Place fort Gibraltar.

If you dont cover Gibraltar this is an invitation to the Axis to take it from you even if it has to declare war on you in 36.

Goverment phase:

Hopefully build industry.
Put influence in the following priority : USA, Latin America,
Remove Axis influence in the following prority: US, Sweden and Romania, Persia.

Its more important to remove German influence if you dow and more important to place influence if you dont dow.

If you dow you have to keep a spring card.
If you dont dow a spring card would be nice.

Spring 36 with dow:

AF to North sea, Carrier to Channel, fleet to ?
Inf Marseille Paris.
Unit Africa Marseille.

Without dow there will be a carrier in the North sea and Channel and an inf in Marseille.

Now you will have to wait for the Axis reaction.

If you didnt dow be prepared for a production of 5 or less beginning after the turn the Axis dows you.

Good luck you will need it.

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Edward Kendrick
United Kingdom
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haeberich wrote:
First decision: Can and do you dow the Axis in spring 36 ?


Surprise season for the Axis when it dows you.

Once you've declared war on the Axis they can't declare on you - so they will never get Surprise against you (until you discover their Rocket Artillery and Heavy Tanks of course).
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juerg haeberli
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Thanks I correctet that.
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Gary Moody
United States
New Hampshire
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I do agree that the West is the most demanding faction to play. It is the only one really vulnerable to a quick military defeat, provided Axis and USSR properly garrison their capitals.

The way, I see, to counter the Axis going to war early to establish a full blockade is to focus the early West builds on the defense of England and prepare to only keep the trade routes to the US and Canada open. Until West IND is increased, they can supply the needed resources. Fleets and Air from London can strike at blockades between England and the US. And rebase to London for its defense.

What the cards give for diplomacy always matters, but the West should focus first on the USA, of course. Other diplomacy should concentrate on countering Axis efforts to gain resources. So an early declaration by the Axis does cut his production numbers. This could and should, the more so if USSR is also following a like strategy, force the Axis to go after neutrals, generating the Action cards needed by the West so that Tech cards and troops can be obtained in greater numbers.

If worst comes to worst the West must focus on England until the US forces arrive, then go for a military win. Rome and the Ruhr? Sounds familiar.

What I am saying is that the West is never really out of it as long as they can hold London and control the seas around it and to the US and Canada.

If things get really tough a deal with the USSR is an option. Offer him Delhi, which he might want to secure to keep the Axis from it and victory. With a DoW from USSR West IND costs are as low as they can get.

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