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Rules Lawyer is a party game by Victory Point Games. The rules are super simple and this can be taught very quickly to new players.

The game is designed to make you do silly things and a lot of the enjoyment of the game is going to come from you doing silly things. If this sounds like fun, then you will like this game. The game itself is super simple and not a huge challenge.

To score victory points, you need the right cards at the right time. There really isn't any strategy to this game. You just have to pay attention. This is a party game so it is all about the fun you are having with your friends. This sort of game will either attract you or not.

This sort of game is not a genre I enjoy. My wife likes these games more than I do. I see their place in the gaming world and if you like this sort of thing this is just as good as any of them. To each their own.



The only components in the game are the cards. The art work is simple, but it works great. The cards are really good quality. The cards are really good and better than expected from Victory Point Games. I am super happy with the components, the art work and the design. Great job!

Rule Book:

The rules are printed on a folder paper that is the quality of a nice business card. It lacks color and pictures. The rules are simple, but the book is clean. The rules are super clear and it takes 2 minutes to learn the rules.

Flow of the Game:

Goal of the Game:

The goal of the game is to complete 3 goal cards.

How it plays:

Players take turns playing cards, moving cards, taking cards, swapping cards and following the orders on the cards.

Turn of the Game:

1. Draw/discard to 5 cards.

2. 2 actions: move a card in the sequence, place a card from your hand, take a card from the sequence, or swap a card's position

3. Obey the laws: You must do them all; if a player has a goal card that matches it can be played now to claim VP

* If you fail to obey a law you lose a goal card and thus VP

Should I buy this game?:

This is one of those party games that try to make you look stupid or forces you to do dumb things so people laugh at you and calls it a game. This is for people who like these sort of games (not there is anything wrong with that!). Most gamers may play this as a filler or at a conference.


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