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Subject: LordKuato vs ss730 (Dec 27, 2006 - 21:32) rss

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Ramon Garcia
Metro Manila
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The first in a series of confrontations between LK's Uktenas and SS' Fiannas. I was playing a very complex deck with a spectacular trick, unfortunately, I never got to play it. I did make SS' deck tactics turn against him, though.

Guides-to-Truth, Jacky Gecko, Lamurun

Bron Mac Fionn, Gloom at Midnight

Setup Phase:
Jacky Gecko grabs his 9mm Semi Auto Pistol

Turn 1:
Combat looms under the glare of a Full Moon. All Garou save for Jacky shift to Crinos form.

The Uktenas control the Bell Trees and spy a Nexus Crawler wandering through the Hunting Grounds.

A Childling hops around the Fianna's turf.

During the Moot Phase, the Fiannas try something funny. Bron thinks Guides is a Skindancer! That's obsurd, says Guides, with Gloom's voting disability, he's gotta have something up his sleeve. Guides forsees the future in SS' hand. Moments later, that future is revealed. Both Fiannas have a Glib Tongue. Guides is, indeed, a Skindancer!

For alphas, Lamurun and the Childling face off. After a little posturing, the Fiannas think the little faerie has had enough, they Geas Lamurun towards the Nexus Crawler. Lamurun plays it safe and withdraws.

The Childling doesn't like the Bell Trees but Lamurun likes them right where they are. The Ally's attack is defended. After seeing several devastating moves out of my hand, the Childling backs off.

Turn 2:
More Bell Trees for the Uktenas, more Childling for Fiannas. This game is stating to look boring... Then, something interesting happens... A lone Pack Fomori lumbers into view. An easy target.

Jacky and Bron confront each other next.

A Frenzied Bron attacks the Nexus Crawler. In his blind Rage, he plays a Leaping Rake, leaving him stunned till after the next round. The Bane takes the opportunity to slip away.

Jacky seemed stunned as well as he charges with gun blazing at the Nexus Crawler. He regains his senses in time to flee combat.

Turn 3:
Jacky's courage is rewarded by the great Uktena hero, Old Red Eagle, who allows Jacky to channel his spirit.

Lamurun finds the Mantle of El Dorado and the Fianna move into the Under-Barrows. A third Childling joins the Fianna.

Up next, Gloom vs Lamurun. Gloom goes first and attacks the Nexus Crawler. He walks right into a Mangle. I warn SS to withdraw or die. He is foolhardy and goes a second round. The Nexus is Distracted and Gloom takes the opportunity to slay it.

Lamurun won't let Gloom get away that easy. He attacks. Combat is feirce, but after both sides reveal a Leaping Rake, Lamurun is at a disadvantage and withdraws.

Turn 4:
Old Red Eagle is disappointed and vanishes.

The Fianna find William Wallace's Bones. The Uktenas find a bone too, Dark Moon's Femur near the Spring of Visions.

Gloom goes for the Fomori but is Shrouded by Uktena magic. Lamurun also wants the Fomori but Fianna magic sends him on a Geas to Guides in the Hunting Grounds. Lamurun turns on his former pack-mate and clobbers him. Trying to finish him off with a Telling Blow as the Fianna's Distraction failed.

Turn 5:
Lamurun is on a roll and gets the Fang Necklace of Fenris and a Mage's Talisman. A second, third and fourth Pack Fomori joins the one that's been lingering in the Hunting Grounds. All Garou lick their chops.

Expectantly, Lamurun creates an Alias of Himself. A 10 Rage, 9 Gnosis, 14 Health raging werewolf.

The Lamurun clone and Gloom face off for what we each feel is the final Combat Phase. Gloom goes first but is immediately Shrouded. That's the end. The clone takes down two Fomoris for the 20 VP's.

It was a close, exciting match.

Final score:
LordKuato: 20
ss730: 17
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