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Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?
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Turn 7: 16/06, Morning (French morale 2, Allied morale 9)
Weather = Showers, Worsening

(random event = ‘Never interrupt your enemy …’ Cards reshuffled)
With 4 units scheduled to arrive, the French player again voluntarily decides to delay 2 of said units, with the other 2 also failing to arrive.

Kellermann moves to Velaine, with d’Erlon moving through Fleurus, Reille into the same , Exelmans towards Frasnes, Vandamme to Gosselies and Milhaud through Gilly towards Gosseleis.

With no force marching or combat, the French player then declares this a lull turn (+1 French morale)

(random event = ‘Frederick’s Corp’. Frederick also immediately arrives (+1 Allied morale)!)
Frederick immediately moves on Nivelles, with Pirch, Zieten and Von Hobe all moving to engage d’Erlon as Thielmann moves up road towards Sombreff

Pirch, Zieten and Von Hobe combine to attack d’Erlon, breaking them outright (-1 French morale, +0 Allied morale as already maxed out), with Von Hobe losing command control and advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 7

Turn 8: 16/06, Mid-day (French morale 2, Allied morale 10)
Weather = Cloudy, Improving

(random event = ‘A change in the weather’. That's the reason it's now Cloudy, Improving!)
With 4 units now scheduled to arrive, the French player decides to voluntarily delay 3, allowing Res Art to move through Charleroi towards Gilly as Vandamme moves to Frasnes, Exelmans towards Tilly, Milhaud through Gosselies east of Frasnes and Kellermann to engage Von Hobe (-1 French morale for early Guard commital)

Reille and Kellermann combine against Von Hobe, routing them a single hex. This is a hazardous retreat, which they fail and so break instead (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale), with Kellerman retaining command control and opting not to advance, unlike Reille.

(random event = ‘Just like to old days’. Associated roll = opponent may countercharge with a single Infantry unit this turn)
Thielmann moves to engage Kellermann as Frederick moves through Nivelles with Collaert also moving through that location towards Quatre-Bras.

Kellermann countercharges Thielmann, suffering an exchange (morale +/- cancel out) as Reille countercharges Pirch, breaking them outright (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale) and advancing after combat.

Zieten (is forced to) attack Reille, but are themselves forced to withdraw: another hazardous retreat which (again) is failed and so they break instead (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale), with Reille advancing after combat into Ligny.

Situation at end of turn 8

Turn 9: 16/06, Afternoon (French morale 4, Allied morale 7)
Weather = Showers, Improving

(random event = ‘Michel Ney’. Exelmans immediately moves towards, and attacks Orange (still in Quatre-Bras), and are routed 5 hexes (-1 French morale), managing to – somehow – make the required hazardous retreat successfully)
With 3 units scheduled to arrive, the French player opts to voluntarily delay 1 of those 3.

Milhaud moves to engage Roeder, with Res Art moving to Gosselies as both Gerard and Garde arrive, both moving through Charleroi.

Roeder countercharges Milhaud, forcing Milhaud to withdraw and advancing after combat.

Milhaud attacks Roeder, but are themselves forced to withdraw (to Tilly), with Roeder again advancing after combat.

(random event = ‘Rally on Old Nosey!’. May spend 1 morale point on Anglo-Dutch for free)
That free morale point is spent on force marching, allowing Collaert to move to engage Milhaud (now surrounded by Zones of Control and in Tilly) as Reserve moves east of Orange (in Quatre-Bras), with Frederick moving west of the same and as Uxbridge heads down road through Nivelles.

Milhaud countercharges Roeder, forcing Roeder to withdraw, maintaining command control and opting not to advance.

Collaert attacks Milhaud, remaining engaged.

Situation at end of turn 9

Turn 10: 16/06, Dusk (French morale 3, Allied morale 7)
Weather = Showers, Improving

(random event = ‘Intelligence Gathering’. Next card will be ‘Coordination crisis’)
Reille and Exelmans both move to engage Roeder, with Vandamme moving west out of Frasnes allowing Res Art to enter that location as Gerard moves through Gosselies, Garde into the same and the newly arrived (and final) Cadre to move through Charleroi.

Collaert countercharges Milhaud, but are themselves routed 6(!) hexes (-1 Allied morale), immediately failing the first hazardous retreat and so breaking (+1 French morale), with Milhaud losing command control and advancing after combat out of Tilly. Roeder then countercharges Exelmans, but are themselves forced to withdraw, with Exelmans advancing after combat.

Exelmans attacks Roeder, forcing Roeder to withdraw and again advancing.

(random event = ‘Coordination crisis’. Not going to have any effect!)
Uxbridge moves towards Tilly as Hill moves down through Nivelles and as Bulow moves up road past Tilly

Exelmans countercharges Roeder, remaining engaged.

Roeder attacks Exelmans, forcing Exelmans to withdraw, maintaining command and opting not to advance.

Situation at end of turn 10

Turn 11:16/06, Evening (French morale 4, Allied morale 6)
Weather = Showers, Worsening

(random event = ‘A change in the weather’. Hence the worsening! Cards also reshuffled)
Gerard and Garde both move along the road past Tilly with cadre moving through Gilly as Reille moves to engage Uxbridge, Milhaud moves to Bouseval and Exelmans to Sombreff.

Uxbridge countercharges Reille, remaining engaged.

Reille attacks Uxbridge, routing Uxbridge 5 hexes (-1 Allied morale). This involves a hazardous retreat (outside Quatre-Bras), which Uxbridge fails and so breaks instead (+1 French morale). Reille then opts not to advance.

(random event = ‘Rally on Old Forwards!’. Zieten rallies in Gembloux, Pirch rallies in the LoC outside Sombreff, Thielmann remains broken and Von Hobe rallies in Mont St Guibert)
Pirch moves along road to engage Exelmans, with Roeder moving to do the same as Bulow moves on Tilly, Zieten moves to road to their north-west and Von Hobe also moving towards Tilly. Further west, Hill then moves into woods to west of Frederick.

Roeder and Pirch combine to attack Exelmans who commits reserves ( -1 French morale), but are still forced to withdraw (to Ligny), with Roeder losing command control and advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 11

Turn 12: 16/06, Night (French morale 4, Allied morale 5)
Weather = Showers, Worsening

(random event = ‘imperial Indecision’. May not spend morale points this turn)
Cadre moves down through Fleurus, with Vandamme, Res Art, Garde and Gerard all moving west, Reille moving east of Gerard and Exelmans south-east of Reill.

D’Erlon remains broken, as does Kellermann and Pajol before the French forces then regain a single morale point from rest (+1 French morale)

(random event = ‘Just like the old days’. No effect)
Bulow moves into Tilly, with Von Hobe and Zieten each moving along the road past the same, Roeder north-west out of Sombreff and Pirch into the same.

Thielmann remains broken, with Collaert eliminated for good and Uxbridge rallying in Plancenoit before the Allies drive down the French morale by 2 for holding both Quatre-Bras and Sombreff (-2 French morale) before regaining 2 points from rest (+2 Allied morale).

Situation at end of turn 12

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Lance McMillan
United States
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Your French are definitely having a tough time of it. The bad staff work (poor reinforcement entry rolls) really undermined their opening, and they now find themselves down in morale and up against fully concentrated Anglo-Dutch and Prussian armies. Unless the third day gives the Corsican Ogre some decent luck with the die in a series of aggressive attacks, I don't see this ending up anywhere but St.Helena for him...
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