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Subject: Battlequest: The Quest for Lucre rss

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Jay Green
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This is a variant of Battlequest meant to be used by Gerard Matranga.

"Heroes" are always after things like justice, glory, and saving the world. But you, Gerard Matranga, refuse to be satisfied by anything less that the real power of this world: Gold. You want it, and the more you can get, the better. Unfortunately, the failure of your most recent ventures in selling war have left your coffers a little dry. So now you and your band of brigands are left to take on a variety of odd jobs in order to build your accounts back up.

Goal: Complete all 6 dungeons in Battlequest with as much treasure and gold remaining in your possession as possible.

Rules: Gerard Matranga is the only character available at the start of the quest, and must also be used in all dungeons. You do not receive any gold at the start of dungeons, except as noted under the "difficulty level" section. All Gold you have at the end of a dungeon carries over to the next one.

The dungeons are traversed in the following order:
1. Baroness Ancella's Crypt
2. Master Kilgrem's Laboratory
3. The Crenellated Spire OR The Temple of the Sun
4. Whichever dungeon you did not complete in step 3
5. The Well of Souls
6. Beyond the Gate

Recruitment: You can add more characters to your team just before entering a dungeon by paying their recruitment cost. You only have to recruit a character once throughout the quest for them to be available in any dungeon.

Alexian - "My Loyalty is not for sale!" - LOCKED
Voco - 0
Marmalee - 0
Lymn - 0
Cesar - 5
Rexan - 5
Clinhyde - 5
Luc - 5
Magelina - 5
Eligor - 10
Aria - 10
Adjenna - 10
Gaspar - 10
Heketch - 10
Demitras - 10
Rukyuk - 10
Zaamassal - 10
Khadath - 10
Shekhtur - 15
Pendros - 15
Mikhail - 15
Kajia - 15
Ottavia - 15
Oriana - 15
Lesandra - 15
Arec - 15
Malandrax - 15
Kallistar - 15
Hikaru - 15
Cadenza - 15
Endrbyt - 15
Runika - 20
Karin - 20
Clive - 20
Joal - 20
Tanis - 20
Hepzibah - 20
Vanaah - 20
Kehrolyn - 20
Kaitlyn - 40
Iaxus -50
Byron - 60

Easy - Receive 100 gold at the start of your quest, and 50 additional gold each time you complete a dungeon
Medium - Receive 45 gold at the start of your quest, and 20 additional gold each time you complete a dungeon
Hard - You start with 0 gold. You can only gain gold through Gerard's unique ability, and the bonuses that show up normally throughout dungeons.

Every time Gerard hit 0 life: -10 points
Every time you had to use a continue: -50 points
Unspent gold: 1 point for every gold
Trinkets and unconsumed potions: points equal to half their value
EX and Almighty bases used by Gerard: 15 and 40 points respectively
EX and Almighty bases used by anyone else: 10 and 30 points respectively
Henchmen (striker): 20 points
Armor: points equal to value of armor currently worn by any character. You don't get points for armor that you replaced with a better version.
Contracts and Higher Authorities: 35 and 75 points respectively. You don't get points for a Contract if you upgraded to Higher Authority with the same character.
Easy difficulty bonus: 0 points
Medium difficulty bonus: 300 points
Hard difficulty bonus: 800 points

If you make it to Beyond the Gate you can recruit King Alexian to your cause for 500 gold. If you manage to beat the final dungeon with King Alexian in your party, you get major bragging rights (although, this should be very doable on easy).

If anyone actually does this, post your score! I'm planning to see how far I can get on hard. Do you think you can do better than me?
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Jay Green
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So, I've finally made it to Beyond the Gate with these rules. I've been using a team of Gerard, ARIA, and Khadath up until this point. Still haven't decided who the last team member will be.

One thing I've noticed is that some of the later dungeons will be significantly easier in this mode than they will be in standard play. It feels pretty good to roll through several floors in the well of souls without too much trouble. Nabatina is still ridiculous though.

Based on my experience so far, I'd either play this mode on the "easy" setting or the hard one. You'll get enough gold and equipment by the final dungeon, if you play carefully, to have close to the budget for the easy mode there (which is still very unfair). Hard will make the first couple of dungeons tricky, but you'll have so much stuff from the spire and the temple of the sun that you outpace the limitations to be ahead of where you would normally be on the 4th and 5th dungeon of the sequence.

The first time I tried this challenge, I died. A lot. On early stuff. So I decided to start over and this run has been very smooth. No continues yet, one Gerard death against Nabatina.
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Jay Green
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Finished with a score of 1524. Managed to beat Oriana without taking a single point of damage in that fight.

Hard difficulty is not hard enough. I'd say if you want to amp up the challenge, you need to skip either the spire of amaloo or the temple of the sun. Too much loot from both of those places.

Feel free to reduce the cost of Byron, Iaxus and Kaitlyn. 30-40 is about the right range for them. They should make things easier, but the price is really just a penalty for how obvious they are. You can find broken combos just from the lower priced characters. ARIA and Khadath, for example, can do some mean things by nuking enemy priority.
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