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I'm sharing this from the to keep people updated here. Please do join us there if you like and "like" the page to stay up to date on the launch happening soon....we are discussing the best time to launch this considering the holidays, and other factors....

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a great weekend and a awesome Halloween. I wanted to share some great news with you. So let's get on with this news...

1) First off, this HUGE "secret" deck of cards is finished! There is a total of 110 unique cards in this deck, and I have to say they look pretty awesome & charming. Let me explain this. These cards were sort of text heavy. I could have taken the easy route and just left it all text. But that's not me or my style. I took the time to create little animated pictures in the corner of ALL of these cards. So when you read these pieces of creative writings I wrote, and I will say these "game event" type of things, it will help you visualize what is going on, and draw you more into the world of Dungeon Crusade. I'm truly making this game highly thematic for all to enjoy. I'm very satisfied and happy how these turned out, and I think it will help immerse you more into the game.

2) I am on the last deck of cards for Dungeon Crusade, and it's the monster cards. So the monster cards are finished, except the stats. I'm entering the stats from all the playtesting, plus a few lines of special abilities on some and they are done. There are various monsters in the game. Low level, mid level, high level, and UBER high level! I just finished one whole set of low level monsters. I knocked that out in less than a day. So my point is this is not taking nearly as long as the deck I just mentioned. I'm moving at a brisk pace with these. And truly ....THANK GOD FOR ICONS! I created/designed a lot of icons that are a more informative & fun to place on the monster cards, than just writing text on them. In all honesty, now that these cards are coming together, they look great, and I think people are going to truly like the look for even the prototype game.

3) So my to do list....of course finish these monster cards and stats, maybe a week? There are ALOT of monsters in Dungeon Crusade. There are 44 different monsters just in the base game.

So after these monster cards, it's just a day of touch ups, and I have to re-write a few things. This will only take a day. Then I have to put EVERYTHING on the templates for the print shop. Go have it printed, and then my "crusade crew" will be assisting in assembly of the game. I believe last count there is 774 cards in Dungeon Crusade. Then some pics/video to show off the game and how it's played, submit to kickstarter and LAUNCH! But truthfully, this game is almost completely finished. I know it took awhile, but my name is on the line with this along with peoples great expectations for Dungeon Crusade to enjoy this. To me, the extra time was worth it to make it as best as I can, and exceed what people are expecting.

4) For people who know me, I'm all about excess with games such as this. I want to give fellow gamers and new gamers just a boat load of content to fully enjoy. As I have said before, this is going to be a WAY different kind of game that has ever been on kickstarter! There is so much to this game. The combat is radically different, and super exclusive to Dungeon Crusade. I'm dying to see peoples reaction to it. I really went outside of the box developing the combat system to make sure it was strategic, thoughtful and fun.

OK, back to work on the monster cards. I will be posting again when they are done. In closing THANK YOU to everyone for sticking with me, and I really think your in for a treat with this game, and just something different to look forward to in our hobby of board gaming. Take care all, talk to you soon....Rodger

And this is from a few hours ago >>>>>

Hello all! Hope your Monday is going great! Quick update....the lower tier monster/creature cards are totally finished. And they look REALLY great. I have already started the mid tier monster/creature cards.

These certain creature/monster cards will have very small origin stories of where they come from in Avalon. So when I do the big reveal of the land/map I created to immerse you in, you will see where all of the creatures/monsters came from. Did I mention I'm trying to make this highly thematic for everyone's enjoyment???

As I see the final product coming together, even in the prototype game, even I have to say, this game is going to be pretty damn slick. Talk to you soon, have a great day! Rodger

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