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Todd Warnken
United States
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Q’raj Void Protectorate (QVP) is a sourcebook for Silent Death covering one of the twelve major houses of the Silent Death universe. This 112 page supplement was written by Sheldon Greaves. Miniatures are available for the ships.

The QVP is a collection of worlds settled by various cultures from the Middle East that somehow manage to live in peace with each other. There are seven semi-independent states in the QVP that eventually united for mutual self protection. A catalogue of the systems in the Protectorate is included along with a section covering some of it’s fighter squadrons.

A new optional rule is added that allows a pilot or gunner to operate more than one missile launcher per turn similar to the rule for firing multiple cannons. It is nice to see this in print since I have used a similar house rule in the past.

There are twelve scenarios in this expansion. The first three cover major battles between the QVP and the Night Brood. Scenarios 4 and 5 are fights between pirates and the QVP. The next six scenarios deal with the Dinar War, a conflict between the QVP and the Draconians. The final scenario is a raid on some QVP outposts by Colosian forces.

Three new related weapons are in this supplement. The Khanjar uses 2D8 for its attack dice. Its damage is low x 1D4 (no multiplier is used on low doubles or triples). The Sayf ad-Din is similar except the damage is medium x 1D4 (again no multiplier is used on medium doubles or triples). Finally the Evil Eye is a warhound class weapon that uses 2D10 for its attack and does all x 1D4 damage.

This supplement has more ship designs than any other. The new ships follow the design strategy from the Fighter Tactics Manual and have no armor but a high defensive value.
The Jambiya is a small one man fighter armed with a Khanjar and a missile launcher. It is very fast and hard to hit.
The Mujahadeen is a two man fighter that has good speed and defense. Each crewman has a six-barrel pulse laser; in addition, it has a missile launcher and ten torpedoes.
The one man Shedu has a 6 barrel splattergun, missile launcher and six torpedoes. It has moderate speed and good defense.
The Djinn is a large three man fighter. It carries a 6 barrel pulse laser, Sayf ad-Din, six barrel splattergun, missile launcher, and 15 torpedoes. It is slow but has a high defensive value.
The Lilith gunboat is a true monster. Its crew of seven has a lot of weapons to use: a turbo laser, Sayf ad-Din, quad pulse laser, five 5 barrel pulse lasers, and 30 Mk. 50 torpedoes. For a ship this size it has a very high speed and defense rating. Like the other new designs it has no armor.
The Saladin is a new escort used by the QVP. It is a lightly armed carrier. It has just four 6 barrel pulse lasers and three missile launchers. Its real power is the ability to carry eight 400 ton fighters into battle. Its speed is high for a warhound as is its defense. This is also the only warhound in the game to have no armor.
The Talon QVP refit has improved speed and now has a Khanjar, missile launcher and five torpedoes.
The Sentry QVP has a Sayf ad-Din and two 6 barrel pulse lasers. This ship seems out of place here since it is slow, easy to hit, and heavily armored.
The Black Widow QVP replaces the gunners’ weapons with mine sweepers and the torpedoes with four mines.
The Epping QVP is not intended for battle. It has a quad pulse laser, two mine sweepers and eight mines.
The Nemesis QVP mounts a Sayf ad-Din, two quad splatterguns, two 6 barrel splatterguns, missile launcher and 30 torpedoes.
The Megafortress QVP is a major refit to this escort. It has two evil eye cannons, three 6 barrel splatterguns, two 6 barrel pulse lasers and two missile launchers.
The Fletcher QVP also has two evil eye cannons. It mounts quad repeating blasters, two 6 barrel splatterguns, two 6 barrel pulse lasers and four missile launchers.
The Stingray QVP replaced the plaz projector with an evil eye cannon. It also has a triple repeating blaster, eight 6 barrel pulse lasers, two mine sweepers and a missile rack.
The Stingray QVP Mine Layer removed the blaster and the missile rack to add mine layers and 17 mines.

This supplement also added several satellites and outposts which will require the Space Junk supplement.
The Shomer Sha’ar satellite has dual meld laser, a missile launcher and 11 torpedoes.
The Ba’al Mapteach I has a splattergun, mine sweeper, missile launcher and one torpedo.
The Ba’al Mapteach II has a 5 barrel pulse laser, mine sweeper, and six torpedoes.
The Masada Type I outpost has two laztubes, three Sayf ad-Dins, six 6 barrel pulse lasers, and three torpedo tubes. Its magazine is filled with 120 torpedoes so it will not run out in the middle of battle.
The Masada Type II removes one laztube, 2 Sayf ad-dins, 2 pulse laser mounts and all the torpedoes. It now has the capacity to house one 1000 ton fighter.
The Golan outpost has a laztube, Sayf ad-Din, two 6 barrel pulse lasers, and 2 missile launchers. It also has a small cargo bay.
The Wasp Nest I has no weapons but can carry two 1000 ton fighters.
The Wasp Nest II changes the fighter bays so it can carry four 700 ton fighters.
The Wasp Nest III gains a turbo laser, dual meld lasers, a 6 barrel pulse laser, and a missile launcher. This version can house ten 100 ton fighters.
The Tachanah is a storage facility with five cargo bays. It is armed with a quad repeating blaster, two 6 barrel pulse lasers, two missile launchers, a mine sweeper and a single mine.

In summary the Q’raj Void Protectorate is a one of the best supplements for the Silent Death universe. The background is detailed and well written. The new technology section has just a few weapons but they can be quite potent with the 1D4 damage modifier. The main reason to get this expansion is all of the ship designs. While most Silent Death books have six to ten new designs this one has 25. This includes new satellites and outposts which increases the usefulness and value of the Space Junk expansion.
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